And now we come to the beach, Polynesians, I bring a jacket that I’m going to remove now. The weather is great, I mean, it is not so hot, you know that on the beaches of Mexico you are sweating terrible, but here it is great and look what I bring here. What do we bring? Look, we’re going to surf, they’re going to teach us because I’ve never been on a surfboard before. No, neither me. We’re going to take a surf class Here in Los Angeles, to see if … then I got this and it’s super good because I was so afraid I had to wear a bathing suit and fly around. Fly! And this will be a little more agile in the water, so we’re going to change and we’ll start. Ready, Polynesians, we are ready for classes … I mean, it’s the most thight I’ve ever been in my life. seriously? Yes, you get it until here and you feel like you’re going to suffocate. It feels great the suit, right? It is like too tight, it takes all your air away. Do it like that, look. See, you can’t grab, it’s like skin. It’s amazing. And I’m very afraid because I’ve never gotten into the beaches in USA and I think they are not as hot as those of Mexico, then we will suffer a lot. We’re going to do it in the sand until we can do it in the sea because if not it is going to be dangerous. They’re teaching me hot to swim. Well, when we get the board in the sea this is what we have to do. Faster! I already passed the test, but Karen and Lesslie still not They keep trying. Polynesians, ready, we’re done with the practice classes. Now we have to get into the sea. now it’s time We had the theory, now it’s practice, exactly!. But hey, an instructor is coming with us in case something happens. Yes, I mean is the first time we do this, We need someone who knows, with experience to be able to do this. And Lesslie is going to be the first. I just got tied up. I’m doomed. Oh, yes, that’s right. Good bye! Here is Lesslie suffering a lot with the waves. She has already fell twice from the surfboard, but there she goes, I think she will make it this time It seems Lesslie made it, she is there standing on the surfboard Oh no! She was making it and suddenly she said ”bye, surfboard” and she threw herself to the water Okay, now it’s Karen’s turn Karen you are leaving now? Karen, is it true it’s the first time you surf? hey, aren’t you scared? Some people on channels were saying you are scared of water No. It’s very tuff getting into the sea and in 2 seconds it pulls you out and the you have to get in again. It isn’t…you tired? Are you tired? Very tired. No Bye, Karen. She is far away, look. This is our instructor I am super cold, but this is thermical, so you don’t feel when it is cold, how cold it is Because my feet are freezing. No, i mean, really. You don’t feel it, it is very hot There is Karencita, there she goes She made it Karen. She made it for a few seconds She is coming, there she is. Oh, she just made it Karen, yes! We are very far away, she is until….Karen, you just fell, what happened? I made it like during one milisecond, but I made it Polynesians, look, Rafa made it. And he is coming He fell. Rafa polynesian, is it true you surf now? Yes, I’m the best, actually I am going to competitions here in LA, I represent Mexico team No, no, It is great because I made it for a lot of time, but I am tired. Yes, Polynesians saw everything You saw it everything? yes. Polynesians, there goes Rafa, there he is…Oh my god! wow! Rafa, how do you feel you have stepped out and yes, I mean, It’s increadible I got excited because I said ”yes, I made it” He is the first one that does everything always. He beats us in sports What happened Rafa? You had already acheve it 2 times. The first 2 times I made it, then you get tired…the thing is that you have to stop really quickly. And now I can’t, like ah, and then the wave pulls me. We have great pictures of your stands Go to my instagram and see the picture, coment ” I saw the volg”. Search me out PPTEAMRAFA Polynesians we just got to the museum of the Grammys and actually they are going to close. According to this museum It’s like of epic things that have happened in the Grammys, oh yes? Yes, sure. Then what did you think it was going to be here? A lot of grammys No, those are taken by the people that…I said we are going to see a lot of Grammys here What are you doing, Lesslie? I am singing No, really, I mean come and listen. Lets put on this It is great, Polynesians. It is super cool this museum Here are more instruments. Look, here is this, that over there, this. And here is Karen being a guitarrist or that she always wanted to be, or a bajist…What did you always wanted to be, guitarrist or bajist? She don’t here anything What was it you always wanted to be, guitarrist or bajist? Guitarrist. Here you have my performance. Lets see You don’t play anything, Karen, you only move your hair It doesn’t have strings, if you can see Ah, It’s a different guitar Polynesians, this are all the costumes Michael Jackson used for the Grammys. I am super in love with him eventhough he is already dead but I’m in love ”He is already dead” Ok, they already closed the museum. It is the museum that we have visited faster of all our lives. During 16 minutes we traveled everything Ah, Karen is already down here, we thought she was hidding Oh, Karen, What are you doing here? Now lets go to eat something because I am very hungry and you have to be always runned out from every place I know. Polynesians we are now walking in a very nice street. We just found it. I had never seen it. It’s like a mall because it looks a lot like Universal’s DownTown. Oh yeah. So similar. Yes, it’s true. the same Okay, and now we are going to look for a place to eat because we are very hungry where? We will eat japanese food? Now Lesslie is the receptionist here. And this girls are sitted here, I mean, I have been looking for you and you here I mean. Leslie kepps eating and eating, what is happening Leslie? (Lesslie) I am eating veggies
(Karen)They are a lot of vegetables (Lesslie) They are a lot of vegetables and that is what I love. Giant plate of good sushi No, you don’t want? Give it to me Okey, no, I want. It is great, looks like the sushi in Japan. It is super nice. It looks really good, I don’t know what I want What I like is that It has like a lot of different colors, It’s super cool (Lesslie) It is because there are a lot of different fish Polynesians, we are on Skyspace. We are going to climb a few slides … which are 300m high.Ah, so, It is not 300m high? Not 300m is what the building measures. So, will I be able to see the whole city? Exactly. But look what a nice view of L.A in the night that we have right now. Lesslie, run they are waiting for us now Run (x4) brother. Come. Get in. Welcome We are in. I want you to see this place, It is really like if I am in space because according to this it is being like stars no? We are already in the elevator, but really, I mean, we went up and my ears feel blocked But look how great it is. I got dizzy It is cold. Interactive experience what is that? The city is like 360°, it’s like the 360° camera. Los Angeles in 360°? The caos, the transit, you can see evrything, everyday there, look, everything Brothers, I don’t want to tell you that…Everything is dark, What is this? Can I step in it? It’s an abysm Lets see… what happened? I will step in No, no, don’t step in. Wuuu, yes it feels bad But is is great. We are here and it’s this here. You have to place your feet right here. Go, we will be formed, but there is like a monster lets see, here we will come out with the camera. There is the camera oh, I appear incomplete. Polynesians, we leave the elevator and we have arrived to the floor 70. Oh my god, this is so pretty, the lookout, Polynesians! This is the best view, look at this. It is outdoors, yes it’s very cold It is as cold as in the Eiffel Tower. Not either, I mean we were in winter It was snowing, I mean, it was cold. Polynesians, we are in the most interesting part of this place and it is like an slide next to the building and it’s transparent (Lesslie) It is made of crystal. (Karen) I mean, It is of crystal and It seems you will fall to the city and I, with my vertigo, do not know if I can do it. Now Karen is getting ready. (Karen) oh, I don’t want to see (Lesslie) In this that I told you, Polynesians. Karen, we love you a lot, Say goodbye to the Polynesians! You can do this (Karen) No (Lesslie) Come on! Come on! (Karen) I am going to die. I love you, Polynesians Karen what happened? (Karen) So much adrenaline in just one floor. It’s my turn, Karen aleady did it. I am scared, actually. Now? Ok. Go Polynesians, I love you, if I die, I leave you Aria and Kler. Ok, Im going, Here I go Oh my god! Everyone laughed at you, Lesslie (Lesslie) I know… (Karen) You were an entertainment From the scream that Lesslie gave everyone was laughing down there, I mean Lesslie, how was it? What did you feel? I mean, it felt really bad, actually, but but the funniest thing , I mean, It was….why did it felt bad? Because you are going down and it’s a crystal and you think it can break. That isn’t the worst. When I got down it happened the same of Raiza, I was so ashamed because everyone started to laugh, they even approached. They were laughing of your scream Because I screamed a lot…I’m sorry! Ok, It’s my turn, I am going Karen, I’m going. Are you ready? Yes. I just push myself? yes, you push yourself, that’s how you will disappear Oh, I can’t. There he goes. The view is super cool Lets go! Yes, I know How was it? How did Rafa do it? How did I do it? What do you think? I liked most yours, and then mine and then Rafa’s. It is very cool It is incredible, feels great, like, I mean, you have to turn down to see the city, It’s incredible, I mean, I loved it, I loved it Polynesians tell us in the comments which was the activity you liked the most of today, and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and give it a like Poplynesians if you liked anything we did here. I really liked the most the surfing, but eventhough I am super tired we loved it, didn’t we? (Karen) My armpits hurt. Me too, My shoulder hurts and my neck a lot. Yes, Polynesians and the next video will be really interesting so subscribe to don’t miss any other Exactly, Polynesians, we will see each other in the next video, bye I love you

Antonio Breitenberg

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