Surf Trip to Hendaye

Surf Trip to Hendaye

hi guys Miko here today is in surf adventure day I’m here with Teemo Teemo is from Finland is it ok if I call you Teemo of Finland yes or do you prefer yeah Teemo those are both names that I registered officially what’s the name of the place we’re going today I have no idea to be honest it’s a Hayden or who away or Hyun died all day it’s right on the border of Spain yeah we are waiting for our friend Julius but he might be dead first of all he’s German and he’s late I think that punctual and efficient Germans it’s a racist stereotype yeah they fail and you pretty much thing I got you can put your stuff here are you excited Julius yeah super excited that German excitement Finnish excitement is is very similar I’m super excited about this yeah that’s that’s finished both Finnish and German excitement okay next up we’ll get Morton [Music] the conditions here in Biarritz are kinda stormy so we are going to the Port of Spain to vendhya Hanoi we shouldn’t die yeah let’s get going oh yeah but I can’t turn there [Music] [Music] boom we are here it’s 50 minutes walked at the beach right so we’ll go check out the conditions it’s gonna be good chance Evan said that it took him like it was really hard to get out okay okay I mean I’m not putting all my hopes up you can always go surfing tomorrow because I think the way there’s better it’s more [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] so that’s it that was our surf trip to hand is south of France big thanks to team of Martin and Julius for making this possible I realized I didn’t feel much of the social interaction it’s an interesting challenge for a filmmaker once you pull out the camera everything gets awkward and no one can be natural that’s something for me to practice how to make the camera less awkward for people also it doesn’t help that I’m usually a bit different in front of the camera than I am without it so that adds an extra level of weirdness to it but I hope you enjoyed this little montage of what went down I only hope there were more surf footage we surfed for three days but filmed only during one but hey that’s it for this time stay tuned for more this was a super fun weekend I’m progressing on my surfing see you on Saturday [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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