Surf Through Google Earth

Surf Through Google Earth

>>Hey, we’re here at the Google booth at
Mac World 2009 in San Francisco. What we’re looking at right now is an application
that Google Engineer David Oster created to surf Google Earth images using a Wii Fit board.
This is David, the Google Engineer, who created this application.
David, can you explain a little more about how this works?>>OSTER: I took the wonderful Monster Milk
Truck app, which is a demo of using Google Earth browsing plugin, and gives you a Milk
Truck traveling over the Earth. You control it by leaning forward to go forward,
leaning back to back, left for left, and right for right.
It uses Bluetooth drivers for Nintendo Wii Balance Beam that I wrote and we’re open-sourcing.
You can use them in other programs. Please enjoy it.
It’s great stuff.

Antonio Breitenberg

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41 thoughts on “Surf Through Google Earth

  1. iTouchiPodz says:


  2. Devinfishalot says:

    Subscribe to Devinfishalot! ///

  3. wizeguy321 says:


  4. Axel Chazulle says:

    Eww, a dumb ass.

  5. wazawoo says:

    Haha, you are exactly right! 🙂

  6. DubUTF says:


  7. Valientlink says:

    I didn't know Santa worked for google! omg!

  8. Justin R says:

    How can I get the plug-in?

  9. Axel Chazulle says:

    What? Learn to write a coherent sentence. I can't understand.

  10. Daniel Elias says:

    Thats Gold!

  11. coijoi says:

    good job!!!

  12. elpresidio says:

    Cool! Where can I get one of those circular ceiling installations with the 3 Google logos on it at the beginning of this video? I want to install one in my apartment.

  13. CalvinOnTheTube says:

    Sorry i don't quite get the thrill of this.

  14. TeslaRulzz4 says:

    wow, where is that place?

  15. BenevolentXMachine says:



  16. mikma says:


  17. Sushi says:

    google is freakin awesome

  18. farhmoha says:

    I wanna try it

  19. elpresidio says:

    They should have a version thatinterchanges the milk truck with the Silver Surfer!

  20. Avi Paul says:

    haha. Same here. But well, perhaps I am not as disappointed as you. It still looks not bad.

  21. Jimmy Cornejo says:

    too much work and clumsyness… i tried it. needs a couple more revisions.

  22. blockthisuser says:

    stop wasting time on shitworth inventions its crisis time

  23. mathcreative says:

    Even though this application pretty much isn't piratically for most people, eventually one google employee who has the 20% time will, use it to do make something that is. If not, at the very least the employee will be spending 20% of his/her time doing what he/she loves

  24. izak1992 says:

    i want to work at Google !

  25. commandosinc says:

    i wonder how much coding he done all his life.. duh

  26. Purple Bunny Productions says:

    Google, I love you.

  27. cunt says:

    David is Santa

  28. elpresidio says:

    I keep watching the beginning of this video because I'm really fascinated with the circular Google logo ceiling installation at the beginning. I wonder if The Googleplex has one in the lobby at the sign in reception desk. I want one for my place.

  29. elpresidio says:

    Me love Google.

  30. Dominic C says:

    check out inandoutsolarsoccer

  31. ps3duykur says:

    these ppl have skill

  32. bobo666 says:

    Read the fucking description. I hate people who don't look in the obvious places. Fuck this, I'm going killing zombies.

  33. Karl Liege says:

    nobody need shit

  34. Walter de Vera says:

    then why are you here?

  35. Walter de Vera says:

    if you don't like it… stop using it!!!

  36. sodacoda says:

    I'd like to develop a mulitplayer racing game for Google Earth but these are the initial missing pieces that come to mind:

    1)multiplayer connection/status
    2)editable/shared map content like terrain/route barriers
    3)handling collision detection between players or barriers

    If google posts some examples which address those kinds of real-time multiplayer issues then developers might start seeing it as a viable multiplayer platform, till then its a solo GIS analysis tool.

  37. pikiwiki says:

    Okay, so this is what I really want to do, which is to surf- fly over the surface of the planet. Too bad it's just virtual.

  38. Powerphail says:

    What are you doing on YouTube if you hate them so much?

  39. VideoClubMuenchen says:

    Geiles Teil. Ich suche ein echtes Snowboard mit der Wii – Electronic. Gibt es so etwas schon ?
    George Germany

  40. Jeromine Cantoneros says:

    very nice google…Lead as always…congrats

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