Surf is Alive – Madeira Island best surf  film (activate Inglish Subtitles)

Surf is Alive – Madeira Island best surf film (activate Inglish Subtitles)

Better than living the surf
experience of my life in Madeira, explore an unknown place and suddenly
getting some of the best waves in the world was to influence in a certain way the life of people that become great surfers themselves and that through surf they
found a path for their lives without saying that’s a better path what I’m sure is that each one of
them is happy with what they found I’m talking about Orlando and Belmiro in a stronger way, Adriano also, although indirectly, But he lives surf with the same level of intensity At just 13 years old, I had my first surf experience at Ponta Pequena with João Valente José Seabra and Itaka They left a surf board and that’s how surf became part of the
children of Jardim do Mar Watching them taking the responsibility In this stage that Madeira looks forward for the rebirth at an international level with its great potential Reborn as an international surf destination and see the contribution given
by Orlando and Belmiro in this new chapter For me is probably the best satisfaction from everything that I identify with as a surfer and my surfer experience in Madeira We gathered friends, family, talked with the companies and government entities, We launched the Surf Association to show the world the quality of our waves and that surf is really alive in Madeira We invited known surfers, to help us spread this project the Madeira Big Wave Festival My admiration regarding the work that Orlando and Belmiro had been developing grows every day My friendship with them and Adriano is something indescribable and I hope they get all
the success in the world and that Madeira becomes everything they aspire as a destination and as their… home, their environment… the environment that defines them the environment that makes them what they are. With this size of waves its rare to have a “surf-able” spot in Portugal Actually there is, like
Nazaré and other spots But here we get safer since we have a channel that gives us a lot more safety to help build up confidence and surf even bigger waves I think that the major difference
from Madeira to the mainland Is the frequency that we surf bigger waves Because that with 2, 3 or 4 meters waves, most
of mainland beaches were already closed and its not this accessible, we
may already require a jet ski or other kind of secondary support It’s without doubt a recommended place for everyone but its not that easy to surf at Madeira, one should already
feel comfortable with the ocean and have to come with the
conscience of these waves has to come with the expectation of surfing bigger waves Because while we were here I think we didn’t even surf waves bellow 1.5 meters so I think that, for the ones that like big waves It’s, without doubt, one of the best places SURF POWER and QUALITY Those are the 3 words that define Madeira At Jardim do Mar i used to see
my brother and his friends using some wood sheets
taken from small boats to get the waves at Jardim do Mar Since then, we obviously grew up We kept using the same things they used but we already made our boards also out of some wood sheets that came
from the civil construction We made the boards to have some fun catching the waves at
Portinho, in Jardim do Mar I remember when I was about 9 years old the first surf boards were appearing and before, when we were little, we made our “body board” or surf with “paineis” (wood sheet from boats) Orlando and my brother started
surfing with the first boards they were my idols They always go surfing at Jardim, I always wanted to go but had fear and the waves scared me Then Adriano started to go with me and from that time on we
started to surf together with them with the help from Orlando and Manuel and some others that where
still in Madeira, like Lauro Rodolfo and Gonçalo It was difficult at that time because we were young Our parents didn’t like it that much they said it was too dangerous due to the waves the rocks on the beach It was a new sport It was hard to people to realize or in this case, our parents realize that it was a sport like any other although being a radical sport Then many Australians, Americans and
Brazilians started to show up Lots of tourists started to show up
at Jardim with surf as their goal and from that moment on,
surf became a known sport and people started to accept it as a
normal sport, just like the others and my parents, Belmiro’s and Orlando’s
parents started to accept it and started to look at us as future surfers. Many American surfers
already come to Madeira and we, me, Adriano, Belmiro, Manuel and others We followed their steps,
looking to the way they surf when they came to surf we looked at them waiting for a broken surfboard on a
big set so we could get some pieces we established that contact with the surfers After some months surfing at Portinho, with Adriano, going around some
rocks and with some crashes I decided to adventure myself with Rodolfo Machado to Ponta Pequena I remember going all the way telling
Rodolfo “I want to surf like you one day” But as children born at Jardim do Mar We never imagine that we could surf better I remember Rodolfo saying that
I would surf better than him that I’ll be a lot better And I said “No no, I just want to surf like you” because, for me, going down the waves was a dream that was was he was able to do And today, looking back, I realize that we due to our will and our
comfort with the sea because we all had fisher
family here at Jardim since young age we used
to walk in the rocks its part of our history we managed to overcome and develop part of the regional surf evolution I think Madeira could be the selected destination for anyone in Europe For anyone being in any European capital
that wants to do surf during 3 days or a full week this is perfect, because its so close and accessible
from every European capitals what makes it a great destination It’s not only a great surf destination
due to the excellent waves quality water temperature, way warmer
than what we have in the mainland but also due to great
gastronomy that we get here due to the kindness of
the people of Madeira the way that they receive us and for everything we can
experience in Madeira For those who like nature activities there is the “levadas” for those who like the city, Funchal has great tours in the
historical part of the city All around the island, South, North, West… there are beautiful places so, there is a lot more than surf here there are other sports, including golf Nowadays there are many surfers
that are also golf players like Kelly Slater, Julian
Wilson and many others There are excellent golf courses in Madeira
that people can come, enjoy and also surf so I think Madeira is a complete
destination for those who arelooking for holidays and to have some fun Regarding the waves, its in fact
something unique in the hole Europe there are not only big waves, there
are big, medium and small waves and so Madeira offers the opportunity
for a medium grade surfer to get the pleasure that is unachievable
in other distant destinations mainly because here there is no crowd here we can make surf after
catching the plane from Lisbon 1h and 15min and we’re in a spot surfing with 4 or 5 people and in
waves with the quality of the distant waves of Indonesia, Hawaii,
Central America coast, South America coast… Madeira is 1:30h from Lisbon
and that makes it special I love being here… this place is wonderful… Everything started with an Australian and some Americans and I want to say to the
all world to keep coming because the waves are here and they’ll be always kindly received A kiss to the world, to the ones listening to me I miss them and they know me perfectly Madeira has been the stage of
two international championships in 2000 there was the Madeira Big
Wave Championship at Jardim do Mar later in 2001 there was the Hot
Butter Challenge Na Ponta Pequena with the present of great
big waves participants like Peter Mel from Mavericks
and Vetea David from Tahiti In 2003 and 2004 was when the
constructions started here at Jardim we all knew that those constructions
would be bad for the waves After the bad publicity that had been launch
regarding the constructions in Madeira and everything that
affected the waves of our coast we, the ones who created the Jardim
do Mar Surf club many years ago we even had a photo published
on Surf Portugal magazine made by João Valente, Itaka and Seabra the children from that
time gathered together created an Association to bring back Our image of the European Hawaii, the great
image of the pearl of the Atlantic So to make it reborn after
so many bad publicity we created the Association,
with a project to spread the waves and everything
that Madeira has to offer the waves, the sights, everything… Surf is something that
Madeira tourism has to offer there are companies created around it,
hotels invested in it, tourism companies invested in it Apparel and merchandizing
market invest in surf nowadays we see surf on every TV
add on the beach or regarding surf there are car companies investing in surf So we want to say it in a strong way Surf in Madeira is alive we have great surf conditions Come, come back, we want to
get that heat and friendship from the surfers that seeked perfect
waves and arrived at Madeira and said “I didn’t know this even existed” We’re still here, there is still surf come here to surf with us,
you’ll always be welcomed This is my third or forth time in Madeira this most recent one was a last minute decision and that’s a great advantage of Madeira when
compared with other common surf destinations that Portuguese surfers select I’ve been in many places,
Indonesia, Mexico… and those trips, not only require more
budget, more surf boards and equipment and then we only remember 3 or 4 days that were
actually good or that there were less people on water Madeira overcomes it all, like in this particular case, with
the waves already in the horizon From Calheta surf in general, Jardim
do Mar, Ponta Pequena and Paul do Mar Some spots had been discovered
or promoted in a certain way I’m referring to Ponta do
Pargo, Ponta do Tristão and Achadas da Cruz, waves
that normally only locals know them and there are also other waves
with great surf potential Ribeira da Janela, which is an
amazing left and Contreiras Two waves in Porto Moniz that stand
out due to their size and quality Beside those, we also have São
Vicente that gives great waves One of the best waves of Madeira,
in my opinion is Paul do Mar Without any doubt, its a wave that
gives us an intense experience the most tubular wave in
Madeira Madeira has always been compared to Hawaii It’s the Portuguese Hawaii. Due to the size of the waves, due to the
size of the surfboards we have to use that are distinct from the
ones we use in the mainland Only maybe in Nazaré but
I do not surf in Nazaré maybe I will one of these days… The closest comparison is Hawaii, no doubt about it. In Madeira, each wave has its magic each spot is always
different from the other day and each wave is magic and for me that is it, Madeira brings the magic to the surf Have you seen all of this Dr. Lauro? After 20 years, we’re here surfing the evolution that the kids from Jardim had – Almost 30 years.. – That’s true, you’re here for 30 years When I arrived here, their
surfboards were pieces of wood And it was impressive to see how
they faced the sea at Jardim do Mar Orlando had always stood
out, do you remember? Since the first championship we did,
there was an older surfer from Funchal But since the first championship
Orlando had stand out and could do some tricks – But the effort of Belmiro
didn’t left him behind I remember that from the group
there was also Adriano and Manel Manel is most of the time out of the island But Adriano keeps surfing with
them and with the same enthusiasm The contact with the surfers
that came here to Jardim do Mar had a big influence For example, I look at Belmiro surfing and he reminds me of
Miguel Fortes and Tó Gama There were a lot of people that influenced
them, Tiago who came here and helped them Adriano for example, he’s a huge
fan of “Saca”, Benfica and “Saca” – He looks like Gregorio back then It’s interesting to look at
them and see all those things and the enthusiasm that they
still have to surf today The development that Jardim do
Mar and Paul do Mar had…

Antonio Breitenberg

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