Surf in Morocco [GUIDE] – Everything you need to know (2019)

We are Nico and Leo, two surf addicts
driving by some of Morocco’s most popular surfing villages to document
everything you need to know about surfing in Morocco. In this surf guide we
will show you which are the best surf spots for beginners and pros, when to
visit this amazing country for surfing and also what to do if those waves are
flat. Morocco is a beautiful country on the northwestern coast of Africa. From
the Sahara dunes to the long-lasting coastline, Morocco is a dream location
for surfers. It is also well connected with the rest of the world thanks to his
three major airports in Casablanca Marrakech and Agadir So, when is the best time to visit
Morocco for surfing? We strongly suggest to come and surf in Morocco anywhere
between October and March During these months you will experience a long and
consistent swell almost on a daily basis which makes it a paradise for
surfers coming from all over the world Its well is only one of the reasons why
Morocco is so great for surfing. In fact another great plus is the quantity of
surfing spots which really suits surfers of all levels and long borders too Finally the surf culture here is just amazing
and we haven’t experienced any bad vibes between locals and foreign tourists So, we’ve been driving back and forth for about a week and these are our favourite
surf spots for beginners and advanced surfers alike First stop: Tamraght! Tamraght is a must-see for surfing in Morocco. It is located on the west coast
of the country less than 10 miles north from Agadir and it is even closer to
Taghazout, the main surfing village on the west
coast of Morocco The most famous surfing spot in Tamraght is
Banana Point which is a popular wave for beginners. Banana Point has a classic
Moroccan long and fairly easy right break which is great especially if you
just got into surfing. And if you need some help you will not struggle to find
great surfing schools in this area. With low tide also more advanced surfers can come to Banana Point and get some good waves there! Driving just a few minutes north from
Banana Point suddenly the legendary surf village comes up: Taghazout! Taghazout is a
laid-back fishing village that since been discovered by foreign surfers in
the 60s developed as the hotspot for surfing in Morocco here you will talk
live and breathe only surf Tiger zoo is home to a world-class right
wave Anchor Point Anchor Point is a long and epic wave it is often called the
holy grail of surfing in Morocco it is very fast and not for the faint of heart
if you already have some surfing experience you will love this spot
anchor point is a wave that works great with low tides however it really lights
up with a large northwestern swell and whenever the wave is really big it will
even give you the opportunity to right back into taga zoo shore a mazing as we
continue driving north along the Atlantic coast of Morocco for about one
and a half hours we reached another typical Moroccan village in Swan themes
one is one of our favorite surf villages along the Atlantic coast because of its
two fantastic surf spots both suitable for beginners and pros one of these
spots is Cathedral Point Cathedral point is a beach break wave which has both
right and left peaks good for beginners and pros alike although Cathedral Point
was a great wave what we and the locals liked the most was the second surf spot
in ins one the bay the bay has the longest waves of Morocco this is why
this surf spot is so loved by longboarders when the swell is good
enough easy right-handers can roll down for
more than three kilometers it is a unique experience this is a great great
spot for learning how to surf and also to ride your first green wave so to all
you beginners out there you will fall in love with in Swan and the bay for those few times of the waves are
flat there is still so much stuff you can do in Morocco and enjoying the
Moroccan cuisine is just one of them the food here is absolutely delicious
and we strongly recommend to try both tagine and the past year we love those
talking about food the Agadir market is a great place to buy spices than typical
Moroccan food for you to bring home also it is a great place to interact with fun
and genuine locals here Paradise Valley is another great place
to be about thirty minutes west in taggers ooh is a great place for cliff
jumping how about surfing on the sand well the
tide is always good here head to the sand dunes for some serious sand surfing when the sunset comes this skateboarding
Park is an amazing place to be also because it’s very close to tagging Zoo
by the way some of the kids were insane on their skateboards lastly if you want to enjoy a great show
of food music dance and fire and check out the Berber night which takes place
just outside agnya let us know what you think about our
guide in the comments below and if you enjoyed it don’t forget to hit like and
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