Surf Fishing the Mexican Desert: This is NUTS! (Pt 2)

Surf Fishing the Mexican Desert: This is NUTS! (Pt 2)

Today we are at a very, very remote beach here in Cabo San Lucas and we’re lucky enough to go with a family of locals. This is going to be awesome. Now we were here the other day on ATVs and we met this guy, Anselmo is a he was working at the the ATV place, Cactus ATV, he saw all my fishing rods and we really hit it off with fishing so today we met up, and uh, he took us back to the same beach and we’re going to be doing some fishing for for whatever bites, this beach is really good because it’s very isolated and it’s not fished too often so all the fish here are very powerful and strong, it’s going to be a good time. I’m going to be using the Super Salty Squid, shrimp, just come here and watch. [music recorded live in Mexico] [Brendon laughing]
[Erin] What’s going on? [Brendon] We’re in a minivan and we’re going down this really sketchy dirt road that, uh, we’re trying to get to this special beach here that we know there’s a lot of good fishing and we’re following this local who we met in, uh, the ATV store– in the ATV uh…
[Erin] Tour. [Brendon] The ATV tour. He’s showing us how to get–how to get to the spot, and there he is. [Erin laughing nervously]
[Brendon] Holy crap! [Senko Mom] Whoo….
[Erin] Oh my gosh…. [Erin] Now getting out is going to be another thing… [Senko Sister] She’s so cute…
[Senko Dad] Can we park here? [Anselmo] We’re still going. [Senko Sister] Oh.
[Senko Mom laughing] We’re still going! [Anselmo] We’re still going, this is the worst part right there. [Senko Dad] Ok.
[Senko Mom] Okay, we kind of were— [laughing] [Senko Mom] We are like, “where are we going?!” [laughing] [Anselmo] We’re going to go over there and we’re going to take this trail down like this– and we’re going to go over there.
[Senko Dad] Okay. [Anselmo] Where the rocks are.
[Senko Sister] Okay. [Senko Mom] Alright, we’re still going he said… [laughing] [Senko Mom] What if the horse runs into us? [Erin] They don’t look too concerned at all
[laughing] [Erin] Except fot that last one… [Senko Mom] How much longer? [Anselmo] Just over here. [Senko Mom] Okay. [Senko Dad] Yeah… you told me that 5-10 minutes ago… [Anselmo] But they were Mexican minutes. [laughing and clapping] [Senko Mom] Loco, loco! [Brendon] “They were Mexican minues!” [laughing] [Brendon singing] We made it to the rocks, there are many people there. [talking indistinctly]
[Anselmo] You know but here, we’re right here it was a little bit longer but… [Senko Dad] Is the bait in there, Sam? [Senko Sister] What bait? No, it’s in the car. [Brendon] I’m using the Super Salty Tentacles here [grunting] pretty tough… Do we have scissors? I’m just going to cut little bits of it off… [Senko Dad] There ya go! [Brendon] Ooh… Whoo! Ferocious! Trigger fish. Oh man! [Anselmo] That’s a nice one, buddy. [Brendon] Fun! They’re strong… [Anselmo] They are. [Anselmo] Careful, the horn. I’ll get you some pliers. [Brendon] There. [Anselmo] You got it? [Brendon] He bit on the Salty Squid, too. Yeah. [Anselmo] ‘Cause they fight nice. [Brendon] Ha ha. Gonna keep him and try him out. I’ve heard tile fish is very good to eat. [Erin] What’d you get? Oh, wow. [Senko Dad] Pompano! [Erin] What do you call it? [Anselmo] We call this Palometta. [Erin] Palometta…
[Senko Dad] Same thing, right? Pompomento, pompoetta… [Anselmo] Fry it.
[Erin] Mmm. [Anselmo] Cut, fill… and throw it on the oil. [Erin] Yum. [Anselmo] Uh huh, si, that’s how we do it. [Brendon] Any more bites, Dad? Bites? Yeah! Nice! Yes, another one. Man they are strong fighters, okay? They’re really strong fighters. –and they’re also really sneaky fighters, too! Feisty fish! I’m just re-tipping it with squid. Oh my gosh. Must be a ray or something. Pretty sure it’s a ray. Woah-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!!! Ha ha! I got a balloon! Oh my god! Ha ha ha ha! Ahh!! [Erin] What?
[Brendon] It’s spraying water! Look at that! It’s spraying water! Oh my gosh. okay, uh… I need pliers. [Erin] Wha–! [laughing] [Senko Mom] Tickle, tickle, tickle… Yeah! Awesome, nice one.
[Erin] Oh, that’s a nice one. [Brendon] Man, these guys are strong. They like the squid. That’s good! If you guys want to try a pack of this squid for yourself, it’s available in the link in the description below check it out! Look at it’s teeth. Look at that trigger fish. [Erin] How did we do today? [Anselm] Pretty good.
[Erin] Not too bad. [Erin] Oh. A lot of trigger fish.
[Anselmo] Yup. [Brendon] It’s getting dark, guys, and we’ve got to find our way out I want to give a big thank you to this family that took us out we had a great time with you guys, fishing is like a universal language, we don’t have to speak the same language to understand how to fish together and this is a classic example everywhere we go we’re able to connect with someone through fishing and that’s amazing. Our job here at Senko Skipper is to help as many beginners we want to inspire, we want to teach so if you’re here watching this welcome, thank you for watching, subscribe, like, and go to for more help. See ya, guys! [car makes horrible grinding sound]
[Erin] Oh… [Senko Mom] Good job.
[Brendon] Good job. [Senko Dad] Alright, it’s over, Johnny. [Brendon] We did it? [Senko Mom] Can I breathe now? [everyone sighing] Ohhh!!
[Brendon] We made it? [Senko Mom] Yes!
[Erin clapping] [Brendon] Yes!!!
[Erin] Alright, Mr. Mike! [Senko Mom] Alright, Michael! [Brendon] That should have been a piece of cake, we were just all being so dramatic. [Brendon] Hey, guys, what’s up? So we’re doing this thing where we give you guys a quick update after our episode as to what we’re doing, uh, where we’re going from here, because a lot of times, I don’t think you guys realize, the episodes that you’re watching were recorded around mid-July so you guys aren’t really getting the full view of like what’s actually going on with us lately um, so that’s why we want to introduce this segment. Anyways, so our announcements today: our meetup is going to be in Baltimore, MD uh, around the dates of August 20th to the 31st, we haven’t really settled on a date exactly yet, um, I have a location in mind that supposedly has a lot of fish there um, and the premise of this meetup is we’re going to be testing our brand new bait no one has ever tested this before– minus–minus Tommy Tek, Tommy Tek, he caught some nice fish deep sea fishing with this, but we’ve got our new bait called the Super Salty Sacs, and I’m not going to show you too much of it but I’ll let you know: it smells great and I think it’s going to work really well. Um…
[Erin] Tentative date for that meetup is probably August 26th tentatively! We’re not quite sure yet. Okay, so we–it– the date right now is probably going to be August 26th. Um, but that can change. Keep up with us on our Facebook Community Group if you want to learn more about that um, and be updated about that because that’s where we communicate a lot Senko Skipper Fishing Community it’s a private group, but I’ll let ya in. Um, next announcement: we’ve got our new knot tying book that is available on our website, um, basically it’s about what knots to tie and when to tie them um, certain knots go really well with certain lures, certain knots go really well with certain rigs, and I teach you exactly how to tie each of these knots and also what to tie it on and a description as to why it’s the best knot for this lure or this rig, but this is available on it’s digital copy and you can print it out and bring it with you wherever you go um, and final announcement, we’ve got a lot of squid! and we’ve got new bags! Look at the new label! Our new stickers. They look pretty good. and, I mean, the squid looks pretty good too, look at that. So this is all available at that’s it for today. So you saw all the fish that we caught with Anselmo and his family, next week we’re going to his house, he’s invited us to do a catch and cook at his place and it’s going to be really fun uh, stay tuned for some local flavor.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Surf Fishing the Mexican Desert: This is NUTS! (Pt 2)

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  2. TomyTek Outdoors says:

    That was really cool he took you back to that spot. It did look a bit sketchy at first. I've caught triggers similar to those in DE. I feel privileged to have been the only one to try the new squid. Thank you for sending me some to test 😃 I look forward to the meet up.


    I would like to see you catch a big 47 inch RED FISH & a 50 foot selfish from the gulf of Mexico 🙂 ?

  4. Roberto Santiago says:

    Dude luv your videos. Alot of great info. It's cool that you take your family with you everywhere which is awesome. Family is very important. Me and the family took a camping trip to capeHenlopen state park de. Me my son and father in law fished on the pier. In 2 days we caught about 29 fish. It was awesome. The Sabi ki rig was a hit. The different kind of fish we caught on that rig were pretty cool. I've got try the baits you use some time. Keep up the good work. Ttyl

  5. Gavin S says:

    My friend gave me some of your squid and I was tossing it out and ended up with 2 keeper stripers one was 31 and the other was 35 on the whole tentacle I might just have to buy some

  6. bigfil0 says:

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  20. Luis Lepe says:

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