Surf Ears 2.0 Video Review

Surf Ears 2.0 Video Review

Hello surfer guys and girls welcome to
the latest edition of Two Kooks. As you can see cars changed his hair. He came around to my house for dinner, saw my haircut and thought it looked cool obviously.
Yeah. And he went did a shit job. You thought I was going back to Brighton but I’m not.
He’s also put on a bit of weight. Yeah, got a little bit of a tyre going on. Not enough surfing. We’re back in the Fatum Factory because we like being surrounded
by lovely things. Yes, and we’ve also got some helpers…
well, not helpers we’ve got some people who think we might actually be a little
bit good at this and have decided they’re going to improve our photography
and filming and sounds. Thanks you to Joao and Filipa from ‘The Outside Crowd’ who helped us
film this section so if it looks rubbish basically it’s their fault, not ours. Yes, thanks very much guys really really nice to have your help. What are we going to do today then? We’re gonna look at something that’s kind of close to my heart because
I’ve had surfers ear, I’ve still got it we’re gonna look at a product called
Surf Ears and yeah we’re gonna give it a little review So I’ve been using Surf Ears for two
years now and I haven’t had a single ear infection, Gods honest truth. Before
that I did have many problems with ear infections and what was your history of ears? I’ve got chronic surfers ear so basically so yes I’ve had one ear
drilled and the other is on its way but this product has helped me to delay it.
Could you just give these guys an idea of what it’s like having an operation on
your ear what happens quickly. Surfs Ear, yeah it’s a pretty dodgy operation, it
can go wrong, it’s not something you want to have. You are six weeks out of the water,
it’s pretty painful. So what happens? They cut your ear from here and they pull it
forward and then they go in with a drill and they drill out the little tiny bit
of bone. So they drill into your head? They actually put the drill in your head.
Are you awake for it? No you are out for it. Your heads kind of in a vise and so it
can’t move which is, yeah, it’s not very nice. They have actually
improved the operation now. they can now go straight in without actually cutting
behind your ear and that’s the way I have it. So they’re just drilling into your skull?
Yeah they’re just going straight in getting that little bit of bone out. And these
things help help prevent it. So who has got them? yeah I’ve got them. Well here we go,
surfers ears or surf ears are pretty cool. So to start let’s take
this apart. You’ve got got various different sized
inserts so people with different sized ears… you can take these off I’ve
got a medium I think… Okay and then this little pouch comes with small and large of these basically in which fit small medium or large ears.
You have also got these little kind of ear bits that actually go inside your ear
and they hold it in there and that they’re also you’ve got spares of those
that kind of pieces together. But what’s really good about them is… I don’t know
if you can see it but there is a mesh here which actually allows sound
through so when you’re in the water you can actually… we we can talk to each
other you haven’t got that kind of seashell noise in your ear. If I’m
surfing with you though I’d rather not… You’d love a drown me out…
I think so it’s actually a disadvantage if you are surfing with Cei. Because I talk a
lot… so there are a really really good product. If you go in your average
surf shop there they range from blue tac type things for a fiver up to kind of a
premium product like this. This comes in at about forty nine… forty nine, ninety five
this comes in at. Which might sound a lot but they are very good and we
haven’t managed to lose a pair between us? No and that’s partly to do with I
think… for me one of the great things is this little leash that’s adjustable, I
know that lots of them come with leashes and stuff but a lot of them haven’t got this
loop… I don’t know if you can see it? All the way around so you can adjust it and it
loops close to your neck. And you can tighten it inside your wetsuit and
it really doesn’t go anywhere. And they’ve engineered especially… well I
don’t know about you? If you ever tried one of these things? Sometimes the this part the loop… it rubs on the back of your neck or your wetsuit and
and it kind of makes a noise you can hear it in your ear, where as they’ve
actually gone to the lengths of engineering this thing so that it
doesn’t make any noise and it doesn’t. You don’t know that’s there is any sound…
, it’s amazing.amazing really cool… I was a little bit worried that it was too thin but they
haven’t. This is a very strong feeling cord… pretty clever
actually. Yeah, two years… nothing.. One year for me. And two years and I’ve had no ear infections.It’s literally like the thing that I would hate not to take down the beach,
you know, sometimes you have a mental checklist of leash, wax, stuff and I’m
like Surf Ears because if I went if I do go in without them I do then… my ears are a little funny afterwards for a little bit. What about
you? I don’t always wear them because you know I don’t, well I’m not sure,
that’s why I have Surfers Ear. I have Surfers Earl because I don’t always
wear… Whats stopping you from putting them in? I forget them and I still, I’m not totally
over the whole hearing thing I mean I I do like having… Do you remember other
things in your life? oh I can remember some things… I remember to avoid you
when I get the chance but anyway well what would we give these out of a 10? Can
you fault them in any way? I can fold them I think they’re a little bit too pricey.
49.95 euro. I think that’s a lot of it is a lot money… It is yeah.
But there again if you’ve had as I have Surfers Ear and you’ve had the
operation and you know how much that cost if you have to pay for it like you
do here in Portugal… and six weeks out of the water… forty nine bucks doesn’t seem like a lot of money then. Okay I’m gonna you know
I’m gonna do I’m gonna take a point off for the… just broke the case, (laughing)… and mine has broken too… that the earplugs have stood up for two
years they look like brand-new by ones but the case is well past it, it’s gone so
if there’s an area they can prove… I know it’s not really part of a functional
piece but this would be it. I’m gonna give them an eight. I’m gonna go nine
mate because it has saved me a lot of pain and it saved me a lot of anguish and
probably an operation that you’ve had that I don’t ever want to have. No you
don’t ,you really don’t want to have it guys. Think of the alternative? Losing
ear plugs, not being able to hear in the water, or an operation… for me it’s worth
the money, all day, every day. Fair enough, yes, I’m nine for sure. I’m eight and you’re
nine. One point of for that, done. Thanks very much guys we will be back next week
with some more fantastic products we need to look at… hopefully. Well we’ve
got a crazy board… We have got a crazy board.. But more about that later. It’s so crazy I don’t want to surf it. Dangerous… Thank you very much and see you next week. Stay
safe in the water! Ciao Oh

Antonio Breitenberg

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