Super Bowl Vietnamese Pho Challenge in Arlington, Texas!!

Super Bowl Vietnamese Pho Challenge in Arlington, Texas!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very
very excited to have them for my second win of our Southwest USA winter tour and
I’m going for overall win number 558! I’m here in Arlington, Texas I’m at Sprouts
Spring Roll and Pho, I’m taking on their Super Bowl Pho Challenge. I’ve got 30
minutes to finish everything here which looks delicious! I got the meat lovers
pho which has all kinds of meats I know there’s meatballs and then a whole bunch
of other things and a whole bunch of noodles, and I do have to finish the
broth for this one, but like I said I’ve got 30 minutes to finish if I win I’m
gonna get the $20 meal for free I will not get a sweet t-shirt but I will be
one of the elite people up on the wall of fame. Let’s get this challenge started! All right thank you to sprouts here in
Arlington for the hospitality we got a lot of people here to watch and it is
their lunch hour so thank you to them let’s get this challenge started not
sure what the record is but they say like 25 percent of the people that try
this finish it but let’s get on that wall of fame, get the $20 meal free. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Oh yeah I’m gonna try to be five minutes! Did well on that challenge yesterday
so had a bunch of stomach capacity and got that entire thing down in four
minutes and 57 seconds! Awesome awesome Super Bowl Pho Challenge! It was really
good! I’m gonna get the $20 meal for free I
will not get a shirt I think they might get me one but it’s not part of the
challenge, but I will be on their Wall of Fame! Thank you guys all for coming to
watch thank you guys for watching – got another challenge coming up tonight in Plano, Texas it’s gonna be a cheese steak, so thank you guys for watching!

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Super Bowl Vietnamese Pho Challenge in Arlington, Texas!!

  1. Randy Santel says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!! Here is video #2 from the tour, and next Monday's video #3 will feature a huge 24" cheesesteak challenge in Plano, Texas. This Friday's video will feature a 26" Pizza Challenge in Jefferson City, Missouri. Thanks everyone for continuing to watch and support our channel!! Many more awesome videos upcoming 🙂

  2. Francisco S says:

    I've eaten there before good place

  3. RKP says:

    Randy eats clean. Gotta love that.


    Im love with you and your way of eating…!!! I dont now to speack inglish jaja but im loved!!! ♥ 🙂

  5. pfaffman100 says:

    Randy,those Gentlemen behind you might have been past challengers,lol. Great Win!

  6. Sid Roast says:

    Nice, the good music is back. Great video!

  7. f00zh says:

    who one the super bowl? sorry i dont follow soccer

  8. Yoshida Noboru says:

    How long did that bowl have or cool down before you started the challenge.

  9. Ayon Dey says:

    What's Henry Cavill doing at the back??

  10. Bob Bialko says:

    Want a good challenge? I GUARANTEE you can’t eat a whole pizza from Lorenzo’s in my home town of West Chester, Pennsylvania

  11. SorrowsEdgePoetry says:

    I’ve watched you for years now and I am still baffled on how you do this without getting serious health issues. You are just a beast! Thanks for entertaining me yet again. And best of luck to you!

  12. Bry says:

    tough crowd right there lol, anyways congrats on smashing that challenge….as always 🙂

  13. chinstrappengin says:


  14. Chris Kraemer says:

    Hey Randy, what do you listen to when you're eating?

  15. 44MC_ Kaalek says:

    Randy you should try the edible hulk from souper heroes in Berlin vermont

  16. Joe Bush says:

    Very hard to watch because of the stupid looking clown behind Randy with the beard, tattoos and dumb ass hat on backwards.

  17. Alvarox xd says:

    Que bestia sos bro sos enorme muy crack, saludos desde Argentina.

  18. pwnstroyer says:

    I was like why is the video so short!? Oh…I see XD Well done Randy!

  19. Sam Mendez says:

    You PHO 🍲 it 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏!!!

  20. Calico Rameriez says:

    I know I'm a little late but i wanted to congratulate you on hitting half a million subs!!!! We love your videos and look forward to watching them.

  21. Ethan Paraoan says:

    Matt stone in 2 min… probably… anyway great vid dude

  22. Preciousgem Stylez says:

    Congrats Randy!! Looking forward to the next video.. Atlas pho-king killed this challenge..🙂

  23. The Hungry Belly says:


    no likey brother, that challenge was pretty shit..


    Pho king shit callenge bro

  26. mr bad example says:

    at least it wasn't super hot, most pho challenges are, only saw a few wisps of steam, great job!

  27. Bob Wilson says:

    You totally made that look easy. Excellent job

  28. Zabuza Momochi says:

    That was a challenge? looks like a regular sized pho bowl to me get your paid advertisement out of here

  29. JP Valdes says:


  30. Aging jedi says:

    Not yelling at the camera this time?

  31. Megan McGee says:

    Glad you came to my hometown Arlington! Hope you enjoyed the city and your pho! 🙂

  32. BancroftOutdoors says:

    That was pho king amazing! 😉

  33. Time Limit says:

    Learn how to use chopsticks

  34. Jacqueline McHardy says:

    Nice one Randy, that looked so good 👍😀💞

  35. Cathy L says:

    Hi Randy. Sometimes u can text ur fans back. Or at least like their post.

  36. A. Lugo says:

    WTF?! You were in Arlington and Plano?! Awesome!!!! Hope you had a good ride though DFW.

  37. Fidel Guevara says:

    boring. this isn't a challenge at all :/.

  38. eyal havivi says:

    god damn you are a crazy monster! keep it up big man hope you win all of your challenges in this tour. have fun!

  39. Ekachai Tangsujaritpunt says:

    Hi. Like your challenges. How come you don’t post challenges that you didn’t complete?

  40. Ya Boy Rican says:

    How many doobies do you smoke before these challenges bro

  41. VincentRKO says:

    Wild. I was around there yesterday.

  42. Jōjirō Takajō says:

    Faster than I thought

  43. Mike Georgius says:

    Isn't Arlington where the Bush's live.

  44. FusRoDah says:

    4.57 you're a legend !

  45. Jake Morris says:

    My neck of the woods!! Awesome Buddy!!

  46. Lisa Marie says:

    Nice job Randy !!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💜💜

  47. Soggy - Alan Dawson says:

    Pho Is something I've never had, but I love the look of it. First chance I get I'm having it!
    Great Job Randy, that bowl was pretty big!

  48. Robert Casillas says:

    Hopefully you make your way to San Antonio me and my girlfriend have been subscribed for a couple of years we would love to meet ATLAS

  49. mr happy says:

    Gluttony is a sin

  50. Jo Merry says:

    Awesome as always

  51. Saeb Quffa says:

    You’re the daredevil

  52. CatMan says:

    why are all tshirts sweet?

  53. Sarah Star Vlogs & Reviews says:

    Texas represent! Wish I could have gone to see you do the challenges. Great win!

  54. Aku Nox says:

    Have you gone to do the food challenges in Japan?

  55. Kunal Vaidya says:

    Try Sarpanch Thali challenge in India( Pune, maharashatra)

  56. Hardcore Doom says:

    $20 meal for free? Get your broke ass outta hee:

  57. david valentino says:

    pleaseee try indonesia food randy 🙁

  58. Appie Widow says:

    Atlas with atlas and atlas and atlas atlas promotions zeus fucks me

  59. Ilumi naughty says:

    is there any spicy food challenge coming up?? 🙁 🙁

  60. Joy to the world joy to the world says:

    This make me.jealous

  61. Joy to the world joy to the world says:

    Haha his a monster

  62. Joy to the world joy to the world says:

    Come here in singapore and try the chicken rice 😍😍😍🤗

  63. Jeff Sacks says:

    Randy, do the El Jefe Grande Challenge at Kennys Burger Joint in Frisco, TX….that the best challenge in the US. I would love to see you try that…let me know your thoughts.

  64. Mike Aguirre says:

    Come to Houston

  65. Ahmad A. Thabata says:

    Congrats on 500,000, and looking forward to 1,000,000 you deserve it!

  66. Jason Mercado says:

    You should donate the T-shirt’s you get to people in need!!!!

  67. Blake Beltz says:

    i was there!!

  68. c e says:

    with a fork??? They need to revamp the rules.

  69. Mike Van Der Vegt says:


  70. Mohamed Lahmar Cherif says:


  71. Gino Gabriels says:

    Spoiler Alert Randy is going to be excited, the food will look delicious and at the end, the food turned out to be delicious.

  72. Schweddy Ballz says:

    I miss Bobby D. 😢

  73. Purpledreams_82 says:

    Next from Arlington, Tx…. Ninja Ramen Fire Ramen challenge!! PLEASE!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  74. Austin Chasengnou says:

    I believe u eat more pho then us asians do lol.. Good stuff man

  75. Jake Mathis says:

    Why not get shirts??

  76. KAUSTAV KUMAR says:

    Was it Tasty?

  77. Zyxelon says:

    sheep logic. people filming a dude filming himself. I bet they dont even know who he is or is his fan,,, they only care about that he has a camera and that gives him status for some reason, "celebrity". These typr of people so damn braindead they culd film Justin Bieber wanting some privacy taking a shit and showing it to their friends like its some sort of accompplishment. You all look 1000% dumb and pathetic like you have zero life goin for you when you try to make yourself look more interesting by being leeches on "celebrities".

  78. Santi Papi-Yosh Sr says:

    Lol I did the same challenge, didn't make it look so easy tho.

  79. AmbblyPuff says:

    I'd eat that, not for the challenge but I just love Pho

  80. Taylor Kinsey says:

    I can’t wait for the PIZZA!

  81. Ailurophile says:

    Do you have challenges everyday? That's gonna make you fat just saying.

  82. RounounGamer // رنون جيمر says:

    Congrats randy on 500k subs #road_to_one_million

  83. nathan0717 says:

    That’s a large at my spot down the street! No wonder this is a 3 min vid.

  84. nathan0717 says:

    This is his appetizer by the way!

  85. Brian Earle says:

    That shit wasn't even hot! Not that hard to eat a cold bowl of noodles and shit in under 5.

  86. Sean Nguyen says:

    You always do your Pho challenges plain. You should add some sriracha, hoisin sauce and lime to complete the dish.

  87. Chad Hamilton says:

    You'd go faster if you learned how to use chopsticks.

  88. Yung Jroc says:

    lmao your wild bro prob take me like an hr finish that easy and i got an appetite fucking killa

  89. Enna Kavi says:

    That pho looked dull. No good broth or spices.

  90. Tumbleweed Moon777 says:


  91. P T says:

    That’s a big bowl of soup

  92. dannyb20 vtec says:

    Pho is a hang over cure.
    Your welcome

  93. Paul Kinkade says:

    Now you are just showing off.

  94. Vicky Howell says:

    Just…. Wow. Currently watching all your videos so expect some random comments 😂 💜

  95. Luis ツ says:

    My school is right behind sprouts I go there to get them smoothys🤤

  96. Lisa Castle says:

    I'm so glad you pronounced pho correctly.

  97. Roman Reigns says:

    omg thought tex only had bbq

  98. Roman Reigns says:

    yo use chopsticks

  99. Chengfu Saechao says:

    It takes me to finish
    Small PHO in 25 minutes
    And Medium Pho in
    40 minutes..because i
    Like to enyoy my food
    & i also eat slow….
    Randy you are amazing!!

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