Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 7 – Surveillance

Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 7 – Surveillance

Know what’s funny? When we were noobs we actually thought
this place was scary. I still have nightmares about trashing
my first pair of Jordans here. Well I still have nightmares about those nasty elbow pads
Jake used to wear. The ones he never washed. Not funny. I miss those pads. -If you ask me this place isn’t scary.
-Well we didn’t ask you, King. Come on Jake, don’t bag on King.
Poor kid’s got no filter. I didn’t bag on him. I said we didn’t ask
his opinion on what’s scary. I’ll tell you what’s scary: UFOs. And I should know.
I was abducted. See what I mean? You can’t take anything he says
too seriously. I dunno… would explain things. My parents say
that’s why I’m brilliant. Because I have alien DNA.
Just like Yutani. Speaking of Tani,
she wants us to meet her at the Yard. She’s got something to show us… Says it’s “out of this world”…
with like 12 alien emojis. Okay. I’m creeped. What? Help. Whoa! No way! Welcome to the future of skateboarding. -How did you…?
-That turbine we found? It’s some kind
of anti-gravity technology. I’m still figuring out how to neutralize
the magnetic properties. Okay.
This has to stay secret or- First! Jake, wait!
It’s really hard to… …steer. I got this! I got this! I don’t got this! Can’t you reel him
back in with that remote? It only works up to 10 feet away. Eh, he’ll be fine. So like I was saying, if anyone finds out
you invented a hoverboard – a real hoverboard – every tech company in the world
will send guys on steroids to steal it. I can see it now… We all get taken
into some cheap motel room – you know, the kind
with really gross wallpaper – and they interrogate us
until one of us breaks. No way I’d break.
‘Less they messed with Boomy. Maybe I should make
the technology open source? You know… free.
It’s not like I invented it. I don’t even think
it’s from this planet… Man, this would make a great game! But you’re right, Tricky. For now we should keep this secret.
I mean, what if somebody got hurt? Oops. Worth it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 7 – Surveillance

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  2. Fabiana Perez says:

    Nomegusta porquemi primo esta alado

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  4. Amaya Rickert says:

    This vids are like ads and they make me want to download subway surfers.again

  5. Daisis Acuña P says:

    el juego es el mejor

  6. Roxanne Rocks says:

    I think
    Jake is 12
    Fresh is 12 or 13
    Tricky is 12
    King is 10
    Yutani is 11
    Frank is 24
    Lucy is 13
    Spike is 17
    Frizzy is 16
    Ninja is 15
    Tagbot is 13
    Tasha is 13
    Zoe is 14
    Brody is 19
    Prince k is 16 or 17

    Like if u agree or reply if u have another opinion

  7. Elif Erva Dagdelen says:

    Yarı türk ayrı ingilizim annem türk babam ingiliz

  8. The UnicornZ Family says:

    3:51 when you really die in subway surfers.

  9. maryj polanco says:

    that board is amazing

  10. Татьяна Федулова says:


  11. nova gonzalez says:

    Why would he wear jordans when skateboarding wtf wear vans

  12. Ангелина Ангел says:


  13. The Moth says:

    Any one notice jake says THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT GAME

  14. CyberTiger 45 says:

    Well it took 7 episodes for a show called Subway Surfers to finally give us the surf board that it’s all about

  15. Madie// Nielsen says:

    When will there be more episodes

  16. jocoby the jojo says:

    This would make a grate game 😉

  17. GachaLifeStuff says:

    🤣 I recognised frank as soon as I saw a part of his white mask and his suit 😝

  18. Yo yo Unicorn says:

    Wait when are they gonna start vandalizing trains?

  19. Yo yo Unicorn says:

    Omg did you see that guys shadow that was the bunny man

  20. Estrella Galáctica says:


  21. Hamza Alshar says:


  22. Ghost rider says:

    It so cool, the animation and the Story, I love it

  23. i dk says:

    These episodes make me want to download subway surfers again

  24. Adam TV says:

    This is the best series It first came on my birthday

  25. oof says:


  26. Shawn Faris says:

    “This would make a great game!” 😂😂💙

  27. you tube pro yt says:


  28. AutumnCyan says:

    I actually now just realized that when Jake was riding the hoverboard he said, "This would make a great game!" Referencing to the actual game, Subway Surfers

  29. AutumnCyan says:

    I thought Frank was a Bunny man.

  30. Санс Скелет says:


  31. Vallavilai north Munchirai says:


  32. PANDEX says:

    I just realized, is the voice actor of Yutani also voiced Riko from Super Mecha Champions?

  33. Sonic Destruction says:

    Dammit Jake

  34. DragonBoy RW says:

    T H I S W O U L D M A K E A G R E A T G A M E

    Real subtle

  35. Samsung P3100 says:


  36. Samsung P3100 says:


  37. Edna Santos says:

    Adorei o video

  38. JPG 1 says:


  39. Nardine Quarcoo says:


  40. Jose Bermudez says:

    Yutani wonder why she need 500 UFOs
    To Unlocked BTW I am so close 438

  41. RENZO ALFARO says:

    Alguien en julio 5 de 2019 :3

  42. _••_ says:

    > Guys on steroids

    Oh hecc Frank u swole

  43. Ingrid Vargas says:

    Please in espanish

  44. Sakoura2010 Sakoura2010 says:

    TC Socorro

  45. tammy green says:

    Wait how is Frank able to blink he is wearing a mask

  46. molainas1234 says:

    I loved so cool is funny to

  47. DARK WIZZ says:

    isn't that spy likes bunny havving a siutcase and have mask

  48. ZomBoy Massey says:

    That's frank 4:03 that explains why he has a mask

  49. clash for craft says:

    Jake talks, king comes along in the background, Jake be like he’s behind me ain’t he
    Pls sub to my channel

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  51. Marylin Tamirez says:

    I Like triky

  52. LJ - 05DB - Hickory Wood PS (1575) says:

    fresh where's Jordan's 💲

  53. Umu Ayuub says:

    Woooow this game has a animation

  54. YING LI says:

    Was that Frank?

  55. GachaTuber Melisa says:


  56. Kayla Lincoln says:

    What happens when I motivate myself:

  57. Martina C says:

    Okay i'm hooked

  58. RobloxGaming2042 says:

    i know right!?

  59. RobloxGaming2042 says:

    dont get frank in the game

  60. Björn Hammer says:

    1:32 just marking of where i am

  61. Nicole Short says:

    Well this video was out of this world get it AYYYYY👽

  62. Elle The Animator says:


  63. Furry Warrior says:

    Well. That explains Yatani needing 500 chips. But what about spike? What's his angle?

  64. RuNeo says:

    "Every tech company will send guys on steroids to steal it!"

  65. windex says:

    My daughter loves this series! PleAse do more!!

  66. WeAreNumber15 says:

    Am I the only one wondering why the magnet doesn’t attract the trains?

  67. Valt Plays says:

    Has anyone thought this series is kinda like stranger things and the music helps it to

  68. Sherif Younes says:

    Can you teach me how to skat

  69. Isuck atFortnite says:


  70. crab invasion 7856 says:

    2:38 y cant u do that in the game

  71. Azrael says:

    I think the story should continue at least until the hoverboard technology is perfected

  72. Domonic Walker says:

    2:39 make that hover board on subway

  73. calvin posumah says:

    Tricky looks waaaaay better on anime.

  74. optimus jakey says:

    1:37 who else thinks it hot?

  75. Bella Vlogs says:

    0:40 fresh is the only one with vans and tricky and jake have Gucci

  76. monir mini says:

    yatani+djek = 💕💘💓💖💗

  77. SnowmanTheMinecrafter XD says:

    Comments about Frank: 100%
    Comments about the Series: 50%
    This Comment: 1%

  78. the IDK network -_- HI LOL says:

    This would make a great game.

    It is a game.
    I see what u did there

  79. Mohamed Bushra says:

    Wait is King's voice actor Jimmy Neutron? XD

  80. Jazzed Justin says:


  81. Steve Duarte says:

    This is so awesome! My childhood! I can’t believe YouTube didn’t recommend me this before!

  82. Bradd Torres says:

    Núm MVm,m,m M,,,,M MN. MN me NMM ,m ! , !vNnM

  83. Hayden Cole says:

    I want this to be on Netflix!! Just why isn't it???????

  84. Sophia Das says:

    Who noticed that Jake and tristy have the same shoes

  85. Kawaii Kat says:

    3:07 XD never laughed that much through the series..

  86. Datz Nasty says:

    Ok i-im creeped

    Holds boombox

  87. Hffv Ed says:

    Steriods they like 13 tf

  88. くんじぇせん says:

    Wait then why cant they push the door open in the actual game?

  89. Maria’s Galaxy says:

    1:28 what’s dis you talkin bout!?Is this Area 51?

  90. Piranha Plant Man says:



  91. Maddie Grace says:

    who that guy in the bunny mask he look sososo creepy and weird it like he where but he is & i'm stared to get the weird vibe about him it was like a evil eye bunny mask 😐🤐😐😶🤔👿👾👹👺🖤🐰he like a jack in a box

  92. Blu È says:

    The king is T-posing

  93. deepthi das says:

    Ha ha

  94. Katherin Vanesa Rodríguez says:

    No. 💛💛💛💛💛💛👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎ñ

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  96. Evans Naador says:


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    Cute Jake and funny too

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