Study and Surf

Study and Surf

It is kind of like a blank canvas. You are free to draw
every line. You forget everything around you. You don’t think about anything else. That is a really nice feeling. I decided which study I wanted to do.. ..depending on this location… ..I could have start a study
in a different city.. ..but most places are not.. close to the beach as The Hague. To me, it felt like.. ..I didn’t want to leave the sea. I want to stay here, so that I
can surf as much as possible. When I was eleven,
I started surfing. My dad put me on a small surf board
and pushed me into the waves. That is where it all started. Then the surf brand Roxy
wanted to work with me.. ..and as a young girl, I was a big fan of.. ..that brand, so that was really amazing. From that moment, things got pretty serious.. ..I participated in contests
to promote Roxy. The university gave me a special regulation
to combine surfing with school, so that if I have to go to a contest.. ..or a training, that they give me.. exemption for it so that I am able to be enough.. the water and to be able
to attend in the contests. When there are waves,
I try to.. in the water right away.
So that could be during.. ..classes sometimes, I really want to
go to the beach as soon as possible.. go surfing. Wow, we are really going to Japan now!
We really have to.. ..proof ourselves And succeed in the contest. As a surfer
that gives.. pressure to succeed for your team. You want to do the best you
possibly can for your country.. you want to go the extra mile. Surfers support each other.. the team is cheering at each other
during the heats.. ..with Dutch flags
and it is quite noticeable.. ..that the level of surfing in The Netherlands.. is rising.

Antonio Breitenberg

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