Webisode 7: Soccer Tryouts Webisode 7: Soccer Tryouts

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “ Webisode 7: Soccer Tryouts

  1. Jackson Kennedy says:

    I saw this at school

  2. Naughty girl says:

    I hate Cassandra even her friends

  3. CAIDEN BROWN says:


  4. Thrasher Basher says:

    im getting mad at mike at school!!! he sayd youjean (that my name) will never kiss susan form school i goign to kick his fu&$*k a*s tomorrow and #stopbullying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:((

  5. Gemini L says:

    I seen this before at school
    My teacher calls it

  6. Dat Boi says:

    That coach is blind… Cassandra was fouling her own teammate.

  7. Addison Gollon says:

    My class watches these videos

  8. Ronald Brow says:

    The adults in this universe are really oblivious to their childrens' and pupils' needs. Where was the ref when the cat girl fouled her own team…twice? Do referees and coaches ignores that type of behavior? The mom did not bother to pack the right socks. KB only had two pairs of socks! The null curriculum in these videos is that the parents are completely unreliable. The kids cannot depend on them for anything. What a depressing display of adults in America.

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