Stevens Passion – The Inspiration

Stevens Passion – The Inspiration

The vibe at Stevens Pass is pretty energetic! You go up to the mountain
and it’s nothing but love and everyone’s hugging each other
or high-fiving each other. It’s my happy place! It absolutely
fuels my fire and makes me happy. I wanted to live close to Stevens Pass
because it was where I had grown up. I was born in ’87, my first pass was in ’88. Being up there and ripping around as
kids was freedom! We got out of school and we went up to the mountain. I’ll be standing the lift line saying, “Francine! Mom!” Yelling at her, and some guy in the lift line will say, “Your mom’s
Francine? She taught me how to ski!” It’s really cool to see how much they’ve
influenced people. Our family is together a lot more often
because we ski together and because we carry that passion together. Having Eric find his own lines now is a lot
of fun. It’s really cool to see him just take off. Teaching people how to ski is the
ultimate. Passing on my passion for skiing puts
nothing but the biggest smile on my face. It’s definitely where my heart wants to be. We’re a collective of people up here
skiing and having fun and when you see this young generation going off and
finding their own lines and telling you where THEY want to go…it’s heartwarming. We based our life to raise our child
around Stevens Pass. Skiing is our life. Skiing is what
makes our clock tick, and I think skiing is something that keeps our family really close. I mean, just pinch me, I can’t believe it. It’s pretty awesome!

Antonio Breitenberg

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