Step 1 To Dynamic Snowboarding Better Rhythm!

Step 1 To Dynamic Snowboarding Better Rhythm!

Let’s start focusing on rhythm. That’s really going to help us develop our cross under movements our dynamic turns, so with Rhythm What I like to do is have people stand on their boards statically, they’re in a place where the board’s not moving it’s flat. Then I have them start thinking about a Piece of music that they know or if they have you know their phones with them they can actually turn on and stream some music. That way you can start getting into a beat and what I have them do is with the beat move up and down flex and extend and Then that way they can start getting into a little bit of rhythm because they’re listening to something and then I I build on that Okay, we’re ready to go let’s start. Let’s start bouncing to the rhythm as we’re riding so I’m riding around up and down to the rhythm and then after I feel like the Students or student has has developed a bit of rhythm and I start building up on to it I progress so after I’ve been riding a little bit and I’m going up and down then I try to have them Turn to the rhythm so they might be riding it down Boom boom as they’re coming across and then to the rhythm. They make a nice turn as they develop I’ll have them maybe turn on every other beat because at first, turning that quick, it might be difficult so start out, maybe Turning to every other beat or every two or three beats turn But I want the students to develop rhythm where they’re actually turning to a beat so I build up, so at first start statically start getting some rhythm and Moving up and down, and then I start riding still thinking about that into that beat and Developing rhythm and after I feel like they’ve got that rhythm down. I haven’t start turning to the beat and To the turn and a turn and a turn when you’re out riding if you have some type of music You can be listening to it, but you don’t want to be putting music in both Ears So that you can still hear or maybe have a speaker right here It comes up a little bit that way you can still hear everything that’s coming around you can be having fun using this drill to develop some rhythm and Then also being safe by not having both of of your ears covered with music Signup at Subscribe, like and comment cheers FFR!

Antonio Breitenberg

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8 thoughts on “Step 1 To Dynamic Snowboarding Better Rhythm!

  1. leland swaner says:

    It's all about the rhythm!

  2. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    Yeah mate Flowing rhythm & Freeride!

  3. Addison Hill says:

    I agree in professional sports they always talk about rhythm and in basketball when you got rhythm you're on fire!

  4. Derrick2shot says:

    Hi I was trying to comment on another video but the new youtube is messed up. Anyway I like your channel and subbed. Hope to see you around my channel. I recently made a video about Squirrels taking over the world.

  5. Derrick2shot says:

    Hpefully I can get into snowboarding again sometime. It's obviously cool to do!

  6. mikejessmax says:

    This is genius! SnowboardProCam said to do this but the way YOU'VE explained it, makes way more sense. Plus he wasn't focusing on rhythm which he said is a must, but never went into it.


  7. damianlach1987 says:

    Cool channel, started last year and stoked on shredding! And what is the name of this cool Rythm? 😁 Wanna shred to it. Shazam ‚washes out’ 😕

  8. xav_B says:

    Hi what helmet are you wearing, it looks nice,really low-profile

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