Steak and Seafood Surf & Turf by the BBQ Pit Boys

Steak and Seafood Surf & Turf by the BBQ Pit Boys

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Steak and Seafood Surf & Turf by the BBQ Pit Boys

  1. Lijuan Shao says:

    it look amazing

  2. Saharat Leeja says:


  3. Shafiur Rahman says:

    Rip Red Bell pepper 😭

  4. super gober says:

    OMG , i'm from Indonesian and i'm really want join this awesome club !

  5. Onken Gaming says:

    #LEGENDS its amazing when you stumble upon video's like these on youtube liked and subscribed

  6. ِ says:

    OMG! I need to eat all that NOW!

  7. Paula Banáné says:

    Fantasztikus bőségtál !!! – Köszönöm szépen !!!

  8. Kellynn96 Fox says:

    awww yummy

  9. Andrea Banks says:

    I'm crying right now because I want some of that food so bad lol😥

  10. Aar Lekz says:

    watching this while being broke is not a good idea.

  11. Ms Gemini says:

    i love you guys ty

  12. 40ozmangi says:

    haha "wanna bail? click one of those ads and getcha ass outta here"

  13. Ann Blanchard says:

    OMG, my mouth is watering…oxoxox

  14. Mech Mod Mark says:

    A 6 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ feast indeed

  15. Robert Humphries says:

    Wow. I just went out and bought 3 dozen Gulf Coast oysters and shrimp because of you! LOL. Smoking some oysters with a calabash of cabbage, okra, and stewed tomatoes tonight. Hooah! Thank you for this video!

  16. royalrod _ says:

    These guys should be apart of the WWE

  17. Ronnie Kubin says:

    Cute little BBQ grill .

  18. stonexhel vids says:

    great video

  19. Duong Nguyen Bach says:

    "Did you smell that?"
    How the hell can i smell all of that through the screen _?

  20. ewafnfgaweiawe says:

    You guys should make a book. Good talking points too about restaurant dining vs do it yourself at home.

  21. SlimKids aka Savage says:


  22. Stephen Lingo says:

    I like the YouTube cb

  23. sky says:

    love the table..!

  24. Ryan R. says:

    Still one of the best videos I've ever seen! 😎👊

  25. robert stevens says:

    Now this is food porn…heading to the market now. good job! subbed! thumbs up!

  26. Valerie Petty says:

    the narrator is my boo!!

  27. Jeff Mac says:

    I'd just love those Thumbs up……..

  28. Josiah Medalliõn says:

    i wonder if they hired a guy to talk through these vids or if this guy is kist good at it.

  29. Tracy KaPoni says:


  30. 计玉成 says:

    why do u grill sea food ???? its all wrong !

  31. Jeremy Lopez says:

    That table is the fuckin tits

  32. PHILLIP MC KIE says:

    It smells guud! lol

  33. sitearm says:

    must… have… more… protein… : )

  34. Zoolunation says:

    "You want to bail click on one of those ads and get your ass out of here" lol

  35. throathammer1 says:

    always that one dude that doesnt contribute anything other than a thumb….. but thats the secret ingredient. yeah im showin my thumbs and i didnt smile!

  36. Stephanie McInnis says:

    I want one of those tables myself… I would cook so much more for the family all winter long even!!!! love what you guys do!!!

  37. Indy Live! says:

    would that del monico steak be good for making jerky?

  38. Yann Hartel says:

    Oh yeah 🤙

  39. Chad Moyer says:

    Heinz sells bbq pit boys ketchup! What!😲

  40. english pope says:

    Even the yard birds were not immune to the junkyard grill. Rated xxx for all those food police and vegematics.

  41. Cris Coulter says:

    Overload the grill, you guys are better than that

  42. Vasil Petrov says:

    good joab :)))

  43. Tom Sazz says:

    I'm always on the go… I need to take some time like you dudes and enjoy some good food. Great video guys! I wish I could hangout with you guys. All the best!

  44. Gay Guard Moose Saucy says:

    I'm building one of those!

  45. m5rule says:

    That's awesome! I would personally squeeze the lemon at the end.

  46. m5rule says:

    Oh btw, where's the corn?

  47. Allen White says:

    where is the chunk pineapple lol it goes good with the shrimp, onions, green peppers, cherry tomatoes lol looks gooooooood !

  48. Larry Baranzano says:

    You have your name on the Heinz bottle.. pit master privilege

  49. Jason McGehee says:

    You guys should probably get another grill.

  50. Fukuokasimin Channel says:


  51. Burrito Ninja says:

    Doesn’t the metal table get hot from being in contact with the grill?

  52. Crazy Videos says:


  53. Tom Gregelevich says:

    The broth, the broth ! ohhh NOoooooooo the shell fish needs their broth. Shame on u.

  54. LeRoy W. Lee says:

    Hello. Just curious, where on the West Coast was this series of BBQ Pit Boys these episodes were shot and where on the East Coast is the closest chapter to me? I'm about 45min. away from Wrightsville Beach in NC. Thanks, LeRoy

  55. Marissa Gomez says:

    Looks yummmmy

  56. Rapheal Francis says:


  57. Savas Kaynak says:

    👍👍👍👍so goooood

  58. SatyriconiasVonraVenous says:

    What's the heavy music at the start?

  59. Emmanuel Brown says:

    how do they keep the flies away.dam?m

  60. Daniel Triplett says:

    Damn fine looking meal right thete

  61. Kathy Paaaina says:

    Aloha what Barbeque do you use
    Mesisque or Hickory what's your fav.

  62. shellz150 says:

    Brother you need a coors banquet with that meal! Looks great

  63. Rico Taramen says:


  64. Suen Yip Fung says:

    Great,very great ,seafood is my interneting,thank you to BBQ pitboy,I’m come from Hong Kong 🇭🇰.

  65. Cris Coulter says:

    That rocks, great cooking guys, keep it up!

  66. Caroline Jamison says:

    Omg 😲 I wish I lived next door to you guys amazing food 🦐🥩🌶🍻🥓🍖🥔🍅🍋 brilliant voice over you guys are awesome 🤟🏻 do you have a book?

  67. PDXDJKrunCh says:

    Iz Guud!

    Haha I love it.

  68. Érd Ultras 2007 says:

    God bless bbq pitboys! Respect from Hungary.

  69. George Salgado says:

    I'm 39 years old…can y'all adopt me…

  70. aulia adhi sulaksono says:

    Beer? Why not wine/?

  71. Kemal akın says:

    muhteşem (Y)

  72. PUMKIN says:

    Happy Holidays Pit Boys, I smell that ,smell GOOD

  73. Goose Loud says:

    If you wanna bail click on one those adds and get yo azz outta here

  74. wb biker says:

    Can you smell that it smells GUUUUUUUUD

  75. THEBIGMEOW says:

    Food Police
    LMAO is that even a thing

  76. Jim Marshallman says:

    My tummy is AAAAAAACHING with hunger ………. 🙁

  77. Cynthia Jones says:

    Man!!!!!! These guys Rock!!!!! Mouthwatering!!!! Recipies!😋😋❤

  78. Ben L says:

    Oh mannn… soooooo good baaaaaammmmm. That's so eatable..

  79. Shane Beckett says:

    Sorry guys, in Australia surf & turf is a T-Bone or new york cut or scotch steak or rump etc served with seafood on top including prawns AKA shrimp, calamari, crab meat, scallops or any other sea food in a seafood sauce, with side. Usually a salad of some sort. YUM. Love your other recipes though. As we say in Oz, GOOD SHIT!!

  80. SaL Leon says:

    Me eating shrimp top ramen, boo.

  81. Mark Rigsby says:

    Great videos

  82. Ben Craven says:

    Coming here after smoking weed and having an empty fridge is torture.

  83. Kaz Bonczek says:

    Trump 2020

  84. Bassmaster86 says:

    this reminds me of Korean BBQ

  85. Sipin Llaneza Zerrouk says:

    I envy on how you guys eat.

  86. Dubs Spilly says:

    I love the "you set up your table the way you want" among other things like that on this channel. You guys are an inspiration not only to people who don't know how to cook, but people who don't know how to have fun doing it. Would love have been present at any of these awesome cookouts. Gets me back to my roots. Love you guys. Thanks.

  87. The Cooler Daniel says:

    y'all should make something with squid, or octopus

  88. Gregor Krause says:

    1:23–3:25–4:46 it's cool that you have the #bbqpitboys name on the #heinzketchupbottle.

  89. pealst 420 says:

    Forever young y'all

  90. D33P DARK FANTASY says:

    so America

  91. Tony Williams says:

    Love it! Can’t tell from this video but is this grill a Weber 12 or 18??

  92. 이정훈 - Chris says:

    Where can I buy this table??

  93. DJ Proe says:

    3:07 You can say that again!! Life's good at the pit

  94. Steven Espinosa says:

    Love the videos and the attitude, the 'If you don't like it, sux for you' attitude. I dig it, that table is dope too!

  95. Backyard Grill Master says:

    GOT to love that table :-0)

  96. fearedlegend says:

    looks fantastic boys

  97. Alex Bennett says:

    Hows the scewer with only a peice of capsicum and a tomato on it haha

  98. xebache777 says:

    2019 – damn nice table idea with the lil smokey. Shit I think I got the makings. Much obliged.

  99. Gavin Henare says:

    Wher can I get me s beer mug like that

  100. Eduardo Garcia Arroyo says:

    guys, u need to put on the descripition the name of the songs you play too

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