St Peter’s Parish – Walking Soccer

St Peter’s Parish – Walking Soccer

today’s tournament has been the first event that we’ve had in this parish church community people being experienced something new for the first time and this event today has really brought different types of people together to come into sharing this this game that we call walking soccer walking soccer what is it how does one start but ours benefits those questions are answered as farted at st. Peter’s parish priest and his parishioners took part in the first ever tournament in w-a here is their story just last year by coincidence father dad came to know a sport that now proves to be right for him when I was watching FIFA World Cup in Brazil last year and during an interview like this one behind the person they were playing walking soccer and the interviewer asked a person and he said that’s walking football as they say it over there and I thought to myself maybe one day this could be something that I might be playing and that day is today yes he has played it and has taken a further step to devote time and energy training people so that they too can enjoy this great game my name is Kim new jockey I’m one of the teachers at some pita school I’m coming every Sunday for a lot of seven weeks training we followed that and there about 25 people then they came in ever-increasing numbers young and not so young fathers and sons mothers and daughters and even grandparents they are members of the church teachers and students at the parish school members of youth groups boy and girl friends they are who ever wanted to be fit in a fun and safe way well I know that speaking to father dead he’s always tried to get a big soccer game organised but when you do it on a big scale you know only the the fitness fanatics can ply the game this is an opportunity for every mum dad grandmother grandfather everyone who wants to put some shoes on I just think when you get a bit older it just gives you an opportunity that keeps keep healthy and you don’t have to run so much it still still makes keeps you fit but only you enjoy that just that walking instead of running throughout for the young kids they can run all day but we need to get little bit older you think you enjoy that walking football as a passionate soccer player who more than months suffered from injuries it was hard for the priest to give up the game he loves so much so here comes an even better alternative this sport appealed to me first and foremost because of my injuries and I felt that soccer career is over and this gave me hope to come back again without the injury factors not only as a way to play sport with minimum or no injuries walking soccer is also beneficial to the players health yeah as I was walking around being the massive ceremi today with the loud speaker I noticed there were a lot of safety factor involved and it was planned to be a safe tournament and it proved that they may plan to be also a health factor involved so a lot of people had strains but more of muscle related body related but joints there are none so for the heart and for the muscle it is really good for the health benefits I think it’s pretty good exercise you know you might not be running around but you’re still exercising quite a bit so that’s been that’s been pretty beneficial I think that the sport is not just good for people’s physical hills as I said just it’s a health benefit also getting to know people that you’ve not met before different cultures people from other churches people in the community getting the kids involved but we’ve got a mixed team of teachers in India sixes so that’s good as well do they can say that we can play just not getting a bit old and can’t play a sport so they can see the teachers not too bad at football and it’s good it just gets their children involved my name is in yellow and this is Gemma we’re in year six st. Peter’s primary school how do you enjoy the day um it’s really fun it’s a beautiful day clear skies I think this is just such a great opportunity for everyone’s get involved because it’s walking and not running and it’s a great way for everyone to just get out and about and it’s a really fun way to do it we listen to the masses but we don’t get a chance to mix with all the parish nurse and this was a great opportunity for my son who’s playing today myself just to meet other people that are heavily involved like the the choir and the acolytes and everybody like that it’s just about passing the ball and working as a team so everyone’s working as a team and not no not trying to hit the ball too hard so that just helps helps the game run along also as I say it’s good we’ve got mixed team as well some players like some of the players today you you might not met them before but you join their team so we’ve all got the same goals have a fun day and enjoy and hopefully maybe your team might win the big cup and here’s what they say about their tournament game oh what a great what a great spirit I’m everybody from sausage sizzle – to cut in the cakes and and most of the people in my team I don’t even know but we gel together it’s a played in really good spirits I think it’s really really excellent I’ve had I had a lot of fun playing and it’s been been played in a very good spirit very good sportsmanship very friendly so now I think that’s been really good I didn’t expect it to be a very high spirit today and it’s proven to be very highly spirit a lot of fun and excitement I can see the plays eager to hear the whistle of the kickoffs and the spirit is just amazing so I didn’t expect the fun factor to be that great and it has proven today so what is walking soccer and are there any requirements to play the game walking soccer is you can walk with the ball and kick the ball as you would like to play your traditional soccer games but if you run or catch running then it’s a foul to the opponent I think it’s the skills of soccer without having to run around too much and when you get a bit slower like me walking can be good sometimes so I think it’s a good combination the only requirement is if you can walk and laugh that is it and here is father dad’s vision and hope for the future of this game I started off with this idea for health safety and fun and I believe we have achieved that today and a particular player said to me he’s never seen anything like this and he can see this growing very large in the next couple of months or so the children he was playing with they are going to talk about it in the school they want to play sooner or later you’ll be seeing people playing walking soccer on public park the reason being because they can play it now for the very first time and that’s the whole essence of walking soccer my next plan is according to the success of today and the fun factor of it I’m planning to encourage other parish ministries from other parishes to be involved so we’re having a bigger and tournament than what this is a bit more public than this private tournament we have today you you

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