SportsDeaf – December 4, 2019

SportsDeaf – December 4, 2019

Italy: 2019 Deaflympics Winter Games Exciting news, everyone!
The Deaflympics Winter Games will be held from 12 to 21 December
this year with venues in Valtellina – Valchiavenna
in the northernmost part of Italy that borders Switzerland.
This will be the 19th Deaflympics Winter Games, and Deaf athletes from at least
27 countries are expected to participate in the following
sporting events; chess, curling, ice hockey, alpine skiing,
cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. Look for the H3 World TV
media team who will report from Deaflympics in International Sign!
Who is on our media team? Pavel Rodionov from Russia;
Keith Delk from USA, Sonia Pivac from New Zealand;
Vera Shamaeva from Russia; Jeremy Warshaw from USA,
Vadim Poznyak from Russia and myself from the UK! Watch our daily media coverage on H3 World TV starting December 13 on our website at, Facebook and YouTube! Next story! Italy: Inspecting the venues The Organizing Committee
of the 19th Winter Deaflympics is inspecting all venues
to ensure that they are ready for use and in good working
order when the winter games convene on the 12th of December this year. These inspection visits were videotaped, and are available for teams, fans,
and media representatives to view online to confirm logistics. Eugène Rubens-Alcais:
First ICSD president Eugène Rubens-Alcais,
a Deaf Frenchman, is a pioneer in the field of Deaf sports.
He introduced the idea of Deaflympics in 1924 and was
determined to establish international competitions for Deaf athletes,
He insisted that these competitions are independently managed by Deaf people,
and faced challenges, especially when Deaf people
were perceived during his time as intellectually disabled people. Deaf people were discriminated against, and not allowed to compete in the Olympics. Despite these challenges and obstacles, he founded a world governing body
of Deaf sports known as “International Committee
of Sports for the Deaf” (ICSD) in 1924 and served as its first president. He also founded
the French Deaf Sports Federation, FSSF. He was an auto mechanic by profession
and he was a competitive cyclist. Eugène Rubens-Alcais is remembered
as the “father of Deaflympics.” Quick History of Deaflympics Did you know that the Deaflympics
had a different name in the past? The first Summer Deaflympics
was first established in 1924 with its former name,
The “International Silent Games”. It started with 148 athletes with
a disability from nine European countries. In 1967, International Silent Games
was renamed “World Silent Games” to recognize their worldwide nature.
And, finally, in 2001, it was renamed as “Deaflympics”
with official recognition from the International
Olympic Committee. The most recent Deaflympic
Summer Games were held in Turkey with 2,859 athletes
from 86 countries. The first Winter Games
was held in Austria in 1949 with 33 athletes from five countries. The most recent Deaflympics Winter
Games was held in Russia in 2015 with 336 athletes from 27 countries. Deaflympics is managed by the International
Committee of Sports for the Deaf, ICSD. ICSD currently has 113 member countries. That’s it for SportsDeaf this week
and thank you for watching. Visit
for more news and shows, all in International Sign.
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Antonio Breitenberg

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