Spinning Out Cast Pick Up Line Battle | Netflix

Spinning Out Cast Pick Up Line Battle | Netflix

– You’re hotter than
the bottom of my laptop. – (laughing) I’ll show you a hot bottom. – How, my stars in the sky. (upbeat rock music) – Hi, I’m Mitchell Edwards. – Hello, I’m Johnny Weir. – Hi, I’m Evan Roderick. – And we’re here to play Charm Battle. Can’t always rely on looks. – No? – No. I’m gonna judge them on a scale from 1 to Shawn Mendes. 1 to Shawn Mendes. – Is there a plane near us? (Johnny slaps cue card) Or is it just my heart taking off? – Oh oh oh. (Evan laughing) – That was good. – That was really good. Still not Shawn Mendes but 8! – Sorry, do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes. – Don’t look at them then. (Mitchell laughing) I felt that was very six-y – Okay, six. – Six. – I would have given it up
for that one, that was uh, grab her ankles sort of moment there. – Are you my phone charger?
Because I’d die without you. – Oh. It’s a 4. – Yeah! Ha ha. – Ha ha, yeah. Yahtzee! – Are you a Kardashian? Because I’m trying to keep
it with you all my life. Hey! – No, I’m not a Kardashian. I’m
almost offended, that’s a 5. – Hey, what’s your WiFi password? Because I’m ready for our connection. – That’s like a 2. – That was so good?! – Your delivery was really nice. You could have gone harder with that one. I like the eyes that you get before you actually deliver these. You go full puppy. – Kiss me if I’m wrong
but dinosaurs exist right? – What? That’s also a solid 2,
I didn’t even understand it. It was too convoluted. – I’ve seem to lost my phone number, can I have yours? – Winner! Shawn Mendez! – Ha ha! – No! – Ankle grab! Boom! (upbeat electro music) – You see my friend over there? They wanna know if you think I’m cute. Do you live in a museum? Because you truly are a work of art. – It takes a long time. (lip smacking) Get your eyes on me. – Do I have pneumonia? Because you’re giving me full body chills. (group laughing) Let me take you out on a
first date in the snow. I promise I’m not a flaky person. – Hey. – Are you a Britney Spears song? Because you’re driving me crazy. – Lost me at driving. – Are you a pussycat? Because you’re purr-fect. Purr-fect.
– Purr-fect. – Are you passed out on the sidewalk? Or are you my snow angel? There’s a warrant out
for your arrest because you just stole my heart. – Oh baby. – Winner with a score
of 236 ‘Shawn Mendes’, (drum roll) Mitch. – Hey!
– What the?! – I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I love you. – You ain’t gotta be sorry
baby, just give me… (upbeat rock music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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75 thoughts on “Spinning Out Cast Pick Up Line Battle | Netflix

  1. Em Wilson says:

    Just finished this show !! So sad it’s over it was the best !!

  2. nowolves says:

    cries in gay

  3. liav.hanegbi says:

    Anyone know the right guy from arrow? He is curtis's boyfriend

  4. Layla Albahar says:

    He’s so cuteeeee

  5. MsIsea says:

    just Use DADYAPP .COM 😎 its the best of them! worked for me to get netflix Premium

  6. Riadh Gfx says:

    Guy in jeans in hot

  7. ABC says:

    Love them so much! Hoping for season 2😍😍😍

  8. einc70 says:

    Enjoying the series so far. Am on ep3 👍

  9. zetsu2326 says:

    Justin 😙

  10. Tatiana Blackthorn says:

    I still have one and a half episodes left of Spinning out… Totally showing my Mom this once we finish the season.

  11. Satan_ 666 says:

    THIS series tho

  12. Melissa Vergara says:

    The rate from 1- Shawn Mendes is soo accurate 😂😂😂

  13. Nazli Yuksel says:

    Evan is really cutee

  14. Ellie Lin says:

    Johnny: I'll show you a hot bottom
    Me: I'm waiting 👀

  15. mo yo says:


  16. Sasha VL says:

    EVAN. 🤤

  17. jujia7 says:

    I felt the purrrrrfect :3

  18. cléo Lucas says:

    I loooove so much that show !! I hope there will be a season 2 can't wait ! ⛸️🥇

  19. meshowz says:

    Clowns… 🤢🤮🤮

  20. Anna Paliy says:

    Final music of credits in the 2 episode? Can't find it

  21. Hailey Hudson says:

    Yesssss I need more content of this cast

  22. Hamid RJ says:

    Hi. You have submitted a copyright claim in my video that I have uploaded to YouTube. I have mentioned your name in the video description and please comment

  23. Michelle Pedreiras says:

    Evan has the smolder look down. The entire season, he totally nailed the stares and glances haha.

  24. Gloomyberry says:

    I truly loved this serie, the only thing that would make it perfect would be more scenes of Johnny! We didn't get enough of him on the ice ♡

  25. Anton Aguilar says:

    Geniales actores y serie

  26. barbadipapa says:

    Aaaa I need more spinning out content!!!

  27. aEdith1004 says:


  28. cloudy skies says:

    lmaooo i love themmm

  29. Yasmin Abdouni says:

    Just literally in love with this series! Amazing actors!! Love it all

  30. Adamari AM says:

    Everyone here for real the guy in the left it's from ALL AMERICAN

  31. Roosmarijn Roth says:

    i’m LIVING for the friendship between Evan and Johnny

  32. Maru says:

    Love Spinning Out♥

  33. Дарья says:


  34. Itscookiekyra says:

    Dude I have developed a BIG crush

  35. Therese L says:

    evan is the human embodiment of flynn rider

  36. Elle Norat says:

    evan has my heart ngl

  37. Sharelle d L says:

    This series is one of the best series i’ve seen in a while, so sad that I already finished it.

  38. Edits of almost Everything says:

    Evan Roderick can hit me with his skates

  39. Marlene Gabriela Contreras Gamboa says:

    aaiii nooo! los amo bebés hermosos los tres super guapos 😍😍😍

  40. Tips For Gifts says:


    If you really like the show – there is a discussion group in Facebook. Over 1000 members and lots of cool posts. The name of the group is "Spinning Out Netflix Series"

  41. Kenya Lissete says:

    “Kiss me if I’m wrong but dinosaurs exist right?” I died with that one 😂🤣

  42. Kenya Lissete says:

    Johnny Weir is the best 😂

  43. Romina R. Riffo says:

    I love that they did this with Johnny instead of Kaya

  44. Vatz says:

    Mitchell Edwards 😍

  45. Nad reza says:

    evan is so fine but he has no lips 😢

  46. Raquel Galvez says:

    Finally there is content of this series!! I was looking for it like crazy, I would like to see more of this and also interviews pleeaseee

  47. Katie Burford says:


  48. Aishani Chawla says:

    evan should win

  49. Aishani Chawla says:

    but i mean shawn is obviously the best

  50. Kei Arias says:


  51. othrockzmysockz says:

    Mitch’s delivery of some of those gave me fluttttters 🙃 they both toooo cute to chose really tho

  52. Alejita Diaz says:

    Evan is bisexual?

  53. luis filipe says:

    Renew Spinning Out <3

  54. Daveisha Ikitautama says:

    The whole denim outfit😫😫 EVANNN!!😍😍😍

  55. Erica O'Brien says:

    …I’m so turned on by the whole video. So turned on.

  56. Fernanda Isidora says:

    “from 1 to Shawn Mendes” FACTS

  57. Alex_2089 says:

    Evan is Killing me. I LOVE HIM.
    He's so niceeeee. Can't wait for season 2, RIGHT NETFLIX?👁️👄👁️

  58. claujudithp says:

    They are so cute. Wow. Love the show. I want season 2!

  59. Maxwell H. says:

    is it just me that i know evan from arrow

  60. Isabelle says:

    is it just me or does evan kinda look like chris evans (the eyes and the hair)

  61. sonablom says:

    Johnny is savage lol

  62. Nere Corral says:

    "No I am not a Kardashian i'm almost offended" these phrases are why we ALL love Johnny Weir

  63. SimSphynx says:

    Finally something other than milk whoop😂

  64. Jamie Gene says:

    neeeed another season

  65. Only Angel says:

    The way they are so comfortable and say "I love you" and "baby" to each other. Ugh I love them

  66. Charlotte Atkinson says:

    Why does Evan look kinda like Chris Evans

  67. geraldBro says:

    Why won’t they announce season 2 already

  68. isadora says:

    the best video i've ever seen

  69. Cara Grace says:

    evan roderick can rearrange my guts. that’s all.

  70. Sloane M says:

    Evan is serving some chris evans realness

  71. Spill that Tea says:

    That show was sooooo good tho

  72. Gigi’s Life says:

    Evan should have one but Mitch was good

  73. Faisal Calderon says:

    Love them ❤️

  74. Cintia Barreto says:

    Y love spin out

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