Spinning Out Cast Best Friends Challenge | Netflix

Spinning Out Cast Best Friends Challenge | Netflix

– Sweat drip down my balls (laughs) – Hi, I’m Kaya Scodelario. – I’m Willow Shields. – And I’m Amanda Zhou. – And we’re the cast of Spinning Out. (upbeat music) – I know this one, I know this one. – I don’t know this one,
I’m going to add options. – No, you can’t add options. – Yes, I can.
– No, you can’t add options. – Yes I can. Yes I can. (grumbles) – You get one answer. – [Amanda] Any of these. – Oh, fuck. Popcorn, yes I win! – I got fries, I feel like
every time we’ve been out, you have ordered fries. – I have. (upbeat music) (laughing) – I can see your answers, Willow. – I put Cigarettes After Sex. – Oh, my God, you’re so right, actually, she’s actually reading my mind! – Yeah, I’m right, you’re wrong. – I didn’t know that–you are right! Kaya is correct. (upbeat music) (screams) I got it, I totally got it! – [Kaya] Sweat drip down my balls Sweat drip down my balls! (laughs) (upbeat music) – Think hard, ladies. Think hard. – I know you’ve told me. That’s right! I knew that! – (laughs) No middle name! You should know this. I actually like that, I wish
my middle name was Rainbow. – I knew that you didn’t
have a middle name. – Yep. – It’s your parents’ fault. (laughs) – It is my parents’ fault. (upbeat music) (laughs) – Aw, come on, Amanda! She knows she is the best
figure skater of this group. In figure skating. I did, I did. – No, but you guys have
improved so much, seriously. – Shut up! – No, oh my God, you
guys have worked so hard! – Don’t even try, Amanda! (upbeat music) – [Kaya] Me? Really? – Yeah. – Oh I’d give up straightaway, I’d get drunk and die in a corner. – Aww, you said Willow. – Yeah, ’cause you’re really strong. – I feel like we’d make
a good team though. – Yeah, we’d be fine. – Yeah. Yeah. – All combined. – All combined, we’d make it. – I think that your test is bullshit. We know each other no matter what. – (laughs) I do think we did really well. – Yeah, I think so, too. – I’m not gonna lie. (laughs) (upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Spinning Out Cast Best Friends Challenge | Netflix

  1. leticia costa says:

    Amo elas 🇧🇷❤️❤️

  2. Effy Stonem says:

    i have such a huge crush on the three of them

  3. Miss Agathe says:

    This is one of the best shows I've seen on Netflix with Riverdale and Elite 😍 I want a second season please ❤

  4. Saulo Felipe says:

    Só eu que não sei o que ta acontecendo? 😂😂

  5. Effy Stonem says:

    Kaya is so naturally beautiful wow

  6. aslı says:

    finished in 2 days and i need MOOOOREE

  7. Stephanie K says:

    NEED a season 2 ASAP – this was so well written, the cast was so well casted, and they covered themes such as mental illness and family issues in such a realistic way.

  8. Rose Obeng says:

    How old is the girl in the middle

  9. Isabel de Lang says:

    they are so cute 🥺🥺

  10. Joanna Κat says:

    Kinda sad for Amanda not being so close to the girls as they are to each other

  11. Rosa Dekking says:

    Amanda being a third wheel for two minutes and twenty-six seconds straight

  12. Kaya Scodelario X TMR says:

    My fav trio❤️🤧

  13. Gonewiththe Wind says:

    I hope the second season will be more skating oriented I mean I like the drama but towards the end it was just overwhelming

  14. Vitaly1987 says:

    Oh my God, this Show ist soooo F***ing AMAIZING!!!!!!!🔥🔥😘😘❤️❤️Binged the Show in one Day! Season 2 i need NOW!!!!

  15. Marlene Gabriela Contreras Gamboa says:

    aaiii las amo! ya digan si hay segunda temporada

  16. Ryuko Matoi says:

    YESSS more Spinning Out content!! If we keep asking and liking it we’ll definitely get a Season 2! And tell all your friends to watch it!!

  17. Enniia B says:

    Amanda being the third wheel gave me anxiety

  18. Doruk Özaydın says:

    Who are you ??????????????

  19. Sym Card says:


  20. Wafa Hatem says:

    We want moreeee interviews

  21. Emmanuelle - s says:

    I love them 😍

  22. Deedee Agnes chiara says:


  23. Only Angel says:

    Im Amanda on every situation

  24. Jessy Pinkmann says:


  25. taslim radhi ullah says:

    imagine knowing kaya from this and nor skins

  26. Tarik James says:

    Kaya will always be Effy to me

  27. Caitlyn says:

    I finished this show in like two days. And it took me two days because I had to work. I was obsessed

  28. Olivia Lavel says:

    Sweat drip down my balls 😂

  29. Paola G says:

    Kaya’s accent omg

  30. scarletwitch says:

    please renew the show for season 2!

    (And revive Anne with an E, ty)

  31. Jelena Obradovic says:

    This it sooo cuteeeee

  32. H B says:

    Hmm an Asian is the best figure skater but they’ll never give them the lead 🙃.

  33. goldie the goldfisch says:

    Amanda is me in every social situation

  34. suzi the gruzi says:

    Love this show !!!

  35. suzi the gruzi says:

    We need a second season !!!😍

  36. Angelina Monzon says:

    Want a second season

  37. Kaya Scodelario X TMR says:


  38. Amanda Rodrigues says:

    Kaya is so magnetic, idk why. And Amanda is absolutely gorgeous

  39. Cara Hilse says:

    i need more of these kinds of videos and i need 7 more seasons of spinning out

  40. moonchild Army says:

    Amanda is so cute ❤️❤️❤️

  41. blank vw says:

    Amanda is my crush😍😍

  42. liv hen says:

    I love kaya.

  43. Lolicard says:

    Answer: Johnny Weir
    I died 😂

  44. brbara _ says:

    i need second seacon in my table RIGHT NOW

  45. D'Meester Meester says:

    We need a second season RIGHT NOW… I love you kaya ♥️

  46. Mic M says:

    Amanda isn’t a third wheel. Stop saying that

  47. Misty Poo says:

    Season 2!!!

  48. yaren oztas says:

    we need season 2

  49. Darkness says:

    This show is amazinggg. Kaya should win Oscar

  50. cass. says:


  51. Thomas Clifford says:

    No! Your name is Effie!


    I love it

  53. tamakikawaii says:

    Wow, they totally ignored Amanda.

  54. Lorian Cruyff says:

    It seems Amanda is smarter than 2 others.

  55. swevicki says:

    Everyone here are talking about how Amanda was a third wheel and they feel sorry for her:
    Just wanna say l think it just looked like that here but it's not like that irl. Because l looked at their insta a while back and it seems that Amanda and Willow are super close friends because they had a lot of photos together just the two of them. ❤ It also seems that the whole cast is close, so l wouldn't say this video reflects reality. 😊

  56. Carina Abreu says:

    Missed Kaya'a real accent. This show most be renewed asap

  57. paulj0557 says:

    God I get so turned by actresses who I find out are really British after I've watched them play a 'Canerican' for 15 hours on Netflix.

  58. paulj0557 says:

    Great series! Very well written and acted. Only quirk is the many times that characters just so happen to be at the same place at the same time. They'll overhear things they shouldn't, or be there in order to rescue each other, etc..

  59. Adam Winz says:

    I LOVE this show

  60. Prachiti Keskar says:

    More content aaaand Season two!

  61. Kei Arias says:

    Season twoooo

  62. Katlyn says:

    Will there be season 2

  63. Kiss Stuff says:

    Watch all kissing scene this series on my channel👈

  64. Natalie Vazquez says:

    Omg Willow!!! She's all grown up!! She was a baby back in The Hunger Games!!

  65. Tracy Nguyen says:

    Season 2!!!!

  66. Faisal Calderon says:

    Love them

  67. mostro games says:

    Oiih sorry for the inconvenience I just wanna ask you a question Do you think I have any chance of ever being an actor sorry for the question It's because there are some friends of mine who say that I'll never make it because I'm black so I'm very discouraged dream and be an actor make movies series soap operas and etc but my parents don't have many conditions to help me more sorry disturbs you just wanted to ask this bye

  68. Alannah Truelson says:

    omg I was just watching the hunger games last night

  69. Maria says:


  70. eilish says:

    Netflix we need more of them!!!!

  71. Fumi Tooru [Clarivy] says:

    I really enjoyed the series. The plot and the original characters. It was great that you decided to make it more complexed with girls' mental state. It was so new for me. And the whole skating thing. wow! But i must say I woudnt have watched it if it wasnt for Kaya in the first place. So I am very glad I did.

  72. Fumi Tooru [Clarivy] says:

    One more thing: the only one weird thing was when Jenn was mad because Kat started dating Justin.. like wtf? Can someone explaine that to me? maybe I didnt understand something or didnt catch sometin.

  73. Sonia M. E. H. says:

    que bueno like cooool

  74. Samuel Roy says:

    Please bring back how I met your mother on Netflix.

  75. Anton Aguilar says:

    Kaya es lo máximo

  76. s says:

    I thought Amanda was Akwafina this whole time…

  77. Nathália Araújo says:

    Second season, plsss

  78. Julie Summers says:

    "Who would survive in a horror movie?"

    Kaya and Willow: "We would make a good team!"

    Sooooo… Kaya should have been cast in the Hunger Games?

  79. Paloma Cabello says:

    i need a second season right nowwwwwwww. Kaya eu te amo

  80. Gina luxurioux says:

    This show was good the first time I watched I bought it was gonna be cringe y trash but really good second season plsssss

  81. arthurtheaardvark13 says:

    Omg I couldn't stand Kat in the show but Kaya is sooooo cool!

  82. fan stan says:


  83. fan stan says:


  84. Dutch Fangirl says:

    i love that kaya finally gets the big attention she diserves

  85. dk dwoin says:

    Hello madam very nice job duty

  86. Raquemilly Silver says:

    A Kaya é uma beldade, linda, preciosa e humilde. Quero vê-la no Brasil de novo.

  87. Ciara Wesley says:

    I want a second season

  88. Sophie says:

    I watched the whole season in one day.. and then a few days later I started watching it again😂 I need help

  89. Laura Franco says:

    I love cat and I love Justin

  90. Daevalys says:

    This show is so good ! A little gem of Netflix ! We need a season 2 😉

  91. ConnieP says:

    I need a second season Netflix please deliver

  92. CNFrize says:

    Please create a season 2!!!!

  93. 1969kafer says:

    Problem with 'Spinning Out' episode 4 on all platforms tested (Xbox, Android & PC). A transparent black bar running across almost the entire screen

  94. Kaya Corlin says:

    That kaya has a great name. !😂

  95. luvly bliss says:

    if we don’t get a season 2 with this adorable family i will loose it

  96. Nycolle Neves says:

    I want season two

  97. S .b says:

    Maze runner + The hunger games + It >>>>>

  98. Alejandra Avila says:


  99. Jay Dee says:

    Kaya looks like Kirsten Stewart when in side view. 🤔🤔🤔

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