Spicoli’s Surfer Dream – Fast Times at Ridgemont High (6/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

[ Announcer ]
The world’s finest sumers
showed up today to do battle… with what’s turned out to be
the biggest waves
to hit this coast since 1 946. Hello. l’m Stu Nahan,
and l’d likeyou
to meet this young man. His name,JeffSpicoli.
Jem, congratulations. Things looked rough
out there today. l’ll tell you, Stu,
l did battle with
some humongous waves. Just like l told the guy on ABC,
”Danger is my business.” A lot ofpeople expected
Mark ”Cutback” Davis, or
Bob ”Jungle Vet” Gerard… would take
the honors this year. Let me askyou. When you
get out there, doyou
ever fear foryour life? Stu, surfing’s not a sport.
It’s a way oflife.
It’s no hobby. lt’s a way oflooking
at that wave and saying,
”Hey, bud, let’s party!” [ Laughing ]
Where’d you get
thisjacket? From the network.
Let me askyou, what’s next
forJeffSpicoli? Headed over to
the Australian and then
the Hawaiian l nternationals. Then me and Mick are gonna
wing on over to London
andjam with the Stones. You guys are invited too. [ Boy Knocking On Door]
JemJem Jeff. Dad says
you have to get up. – Leave me alone.
– Dad says you’re gonna
be late again, you butthole! Leave me alone! Dad,Jeffthrew
his snorkel at me!

Antonio Breitenberg

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