Speed Skating Tips for Advanced Skaters

hello everybody I’m a1 Fernandez I’m
here with my team a human who from the auto blade war team to give you some
tips to become a better advanced carer so first tip it’s about the basic
position so um on my hand so any line it’s really important to have the
shoulder the IPPS parallel to the floor and the head the knee and the toe in the
same line second tip it’s about the comeback of the leg after the push
sodium in position so after the push you have to do a circle with your leg to
bring back your knee next to the other one and then put your feet to the front sir tip it’s about crossover sodium in
position so to do a good crossover it’s really important to have the right legs
pass in front of the left legs do it and it’s really important to have the weight
on the inside legs so left now on the right and never forget to push to the
side we hope those tips help you to become a
better speed skater

Antonio Breitenberg

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