Soul surfing with Sid – Big Island Hawaii

Soul surfing with Sid – Big Island Hawaii

lend your ears and your hands let your movement anything you can come to teach come to be talk coming the likeness in the image of God cuz you can be like that without that humbleness and all every speck but everything will change in the blink of an eye and if you wish to survive you will find the guide inside the water no jokin I see the beanie falls on a door or ward or you know nothing just beating the water you know well you know I go and tell people you know I oh nice day you know anyways on a date though I tell them on just this to be out there is awesome you know you kiss away that’s extra I think ocean is really healing didn’t you know today it’s like medicine on my skin and my body sometimes when I work in and I get hurt you know I go swim in the ocean he’s not the one there you feel sad or worried no sir you forget about up [Music] on understanding you know and it doesn’t have to be your blood family can be friends you know your community you love them you know I’m not ashamed to tell people don’t dare you know because once you know once somebody passes away or you lose somebody you know you can have cotton love you love them anymore I’ll stay persistent now make good their friends and I will lovely [Music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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