Soccer Trickshot Fails! (BTS)

Soccer Trickshot Fails! (BTS)

– What’s that? A soccer ball in your hand? maybe you tell me – Maybe. You tell me, Derek. If I make this, you’ve got to drop the camera. *Ball Kick* Ohh, you almost had to drop the camera. – Oh you mean like this? – OOH! – What are we doing today boys? – Trick shots!!!! – Part of a “Dear Ryan” – We’re playing football today, guys. – Ooooohhh… – Dang, that was almost my nuts right there.(ohh) Man, hopefully I don’t get hit today – Watch this. By a camera man. *Crash* OH! – Was that the salad? Was that the salad? – Nuh-huh that was the sour cream. – It was potato chips. *giggle* *BANG* *HA HA HA HA HA HA* (Too much Laughter from Will) *laughter* *Laughs In Pain* *Laughter* -Nobody was filming that? – That got me, right here! *giggle* Right on My tit! *All laughing* *Laughing increases* – What are the odds of that? – Man, that one hurt right there I got HACKED – I got hacked! (laughs) – He got PRANKED. Damn, my bad Derek *bleeeeepp* *bleeeeppp* – Daaammnn *laughs* – Wait, where was this? – That’s from this part *giggles* – Are we rolling? No Not yet? Wait, are you? *giggles* He said no! *plate breaks* – woohoohoo! Who’s plate is that? – See ya later guys… Hey, good shoot today… Tomorrow..? What’s that, you’re on the laughters part right now? – Man, I need to pop a RedBull (Other Drinks are available) right now. – The last one? – Doing laughs back to back to back to back tobacktobacktobacktobacktoBACKtoback Is a lot of energy I bet you I could do a Try Not to Laugh Challenge And not laugh right now Cause I got it all off Ready? *laughs* – It’s too close dude – I got it all off – Lemme try, lemme try *laughs* Yeah, I really tried to not laugh – You lose – I think I got all the laughs out – Try on Daina – Look at this little ninja right here Bye *breaks* (laughs) – Was that a plate? – Ohh, dayyyyyymn (laughs) – Dude! – That was 4 takes in. (more laughing) Tadaaaaa! – Wow! – Wait, watch over here I don’t know that’s all, I saw a piece fly out. – awhhhh, dude! – Oh! Oh Dude! (laughs) Ohhh, sorry Sean. Poor Tv (all laugh) *Distance smashes* Uh ohhhhhhh! I don’t know why we didn’t move them To hell with rocks – Rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks – All right here we go – It’s all about the bass – TWO! – 🎶It’s all about that bass, about that bass🎶 – THREE Four. *Distant dog bark* – Ding ding ding five, here we go Ding Ding Ding six. *Sigh* Ding Ding Ding. (all speak) – Ayyyyyyyy – Alright who’s next? Who wants to try next? – Gotta like, keep your – Yeah, that’s a good spot for you. – That is actually good! – You’ve good forehead surface area. – Oh dude! Watch for your hair Back slightly – Oh wow! – Alright. Snow angel. SNOW ANGEL! *screams* *laughs* Scared, yeah Sean. Scary. Hey, don’t waste them. – How- how did you, uh – Hmmm! It’s like face oil. Hey guys don’t waste them We gotta eat that. This carpet is very clean. – That was fake! – This is a oreo trickshots – Damnnnnnnn! Threw it again. – You guys are throwin’ em away I’m gonna eat that! – Ahhhhh throwin’ em away! Good one Derek! *dun dun tis* – Ready? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! (all) – That was close! – I do. (laughs) I got you sean I know how your mouth works (laughs) Ready? (Fart Noise) Ohhhhhhhhhh! – He know how that mouth works. – Sean Sean! Alright ready? One.. Two (laughs) It’s over there. Wow Derrick! Always gotta be funny, Derrick! [Music kicks in] Ohhhh (laughs) Damn it! Ha ha ha *shrugs* Look at ’em knees Ohhh! [Bleeeep] Ohhh! [Bleep] Ohhh! Sh- [Bleep] What? Ohhh! [Bleep] [Bleeep] [Music kicks in] *shrugs* – Alright, that’s it for today. *sighs* – I’m so tired – Another day! Another video! – Yeah, let’s see how it turns out. – How’s your legs doing? – Sore. Just tired dude! Long day. Watch this. Chopstick. Chop-strick. Chop trickshot. (Tap still on) Chop trickshot. Chop trickshot [Fast forward] Chop trickshot [Fast forward] (laughs) Chop trickshot [fast forward](tap off) Chop trickshot. Ohhhhhhhhh! Did you get it? – Shrug it dude. Shrug it. – Did you get it though? *shrug* – What’s up y’all.It’s your boy Derrick. Thanks for watching this week’s BTS.
Don’t forget to click that link above. You want to see this week’s nigahiga video where we do some trick shots and oreo challenge. And also if you guys have a Dear Ryan leave a comment below. What’s wrong Squirt? Can’t wait for next week’s video?

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Soccer Trickshot Fails! (BTS)

  1. GhosTerminator_ 23 says:

    I like how Derek said I don’t want to get hit in this video. Then he got hit in the balls

  2. Mxtthew says:

    If they can do it, easy. If they can’t do it, expert.

  3. dannyaung khant says:

    Dear Ryan : do parkours

  4. Lord Xam says:

    No glasses were harmed in the making of this video.

    Wait no that’s a lie.

  5. Assassin_Sausake says:

    If I could get a dollar every time Sean curses

  6. E.T.'s World says:

    nice trickchop.

  7. Amy Chia says:

    BTS huh is anybody thinkinh what i'm thinking….

  8. Amy Chia says:


  9. MrMeso says:

    Dear ryan can you put this in your dear ryan video

  10. Anderson Bee says:

    Do Oreo trickshots!!

  11. XRADROCK X says:

    Derrick is a show off

  12. Krazycow Gaming says:

    I cringed whenever they hit the TV

  13. Logan Bloom says:


  14. Swag Dabbin' says:

    Is it possible

  15. Atlanta Baruah says:

    Ryan managing to get that oreo in Sean's mouth on the first try is #friendshipgoals

  16. Mohd Danial Imran says:

    "I know how your mouth works." (´・ω・`)

  17. Daniel Gaming10032008 says:

    Sean said oh s word 6 times

  18. The Eagle says:

    Golf trick shots.

  19. Bella Shine says:

    You could hear Momma Higa saying to wash the dishes when those wineglass broke

  20. Zijie Xu says:

    More dishes broken than Logan paul ever broke!

  21. CP Animations says:



  22. 13sensus says:

    They don't care for their tvs at all..

  23. ross spaid says:

    If anyone doesn’t know why soccer isn’t the United States’ sport, just watch this vid

  24. Majeed Falak says:

    Dear Ryan can u react to BTS kpop group

  25. Anya Dolson says:

    I wanna see them collab w/ Dude Perfect and see them fight about celebrating.

  26. Synx龙 says:

    Finally a year past and I finally know what BTS stands for💀😂😂

  27. Amiel Singo says:

    You are the fragile master.

  28. Elliot Chiang says:

    Why does it feel like Ryan hates Derrik
    like in all of his vids

  29. Lingling Zhang says:

    Buy an office like Dude Perfect to not brake things lol

  30. Naomi D'SOUZA says:

    Dear ryan
    Can you close the fridge at the point that its light is off but the fridge is still open

  31. Uchiha Itara says:

    OH NO! The water was wasted………………..

  32. Void W3ir says:

    Hay Ryan whats your name

  33. YouGotNicoked says:

    volleyball trickshots?

  34. devesh aggarwal says:

    Well at least the money this video makes will pay for the broken furniture

  35. triangle boi says:

    How can you not realise the tap or flaucunce was on for about 2 minutes

  36. Westy says:

    I play football and I couldn’t do these trickshots, mostly because I’m impatient

  37. Scarlett John says:

    “Good forehead surface area”

  38. NguyễnTrần Công Minh says:

    How did they do the invisible chair sit anyway!??

  39. Shishir R says:

    Su is Sesto Suk St Divino th Thursday to truth HH uh BBB co kg fyi oh vii viii oh uh HV UV HV HV UV UV UV UV UV UV uh uh highlighting vii hi

  40. Lani Duong says:

    Me want Oreo now.

  41. ChrisPCheese says:

    Their messing up there whole HOUSE!!! 😅😅

  42. cubic dust says:

    Dear Ryan, could you do hat trickshots?

  43. Alexander J. E. says:

    Dude, is the montage music downloadable

  44. hold up says:


  45. oussema exe says:


  46. Malik M says:

    There easy level soooooooooooo hard

  47. Malik M says:

    Ur better than dude perfect

  48. D.ACubingInactive says:

    Sean’s Sh*t Counter :Infinity:

  49. StillRuki says:

    ahahaha why do you save up chopsticks from the noodle box shop? XD

  50. Vxinferno says:

    You guys have more trick shot fail videos than you have trick shot videos, does something seem off here

  51. neon_ mora 407 says:

    Dear Ryan are you can be uncharted 4

  52. cold hearted says:

    Me: eating cereal
    Ryan: "I got you Sean, I know how your mouth works"
    Me: drop spoon in bowl

  53. DiamerladGamer says:

    3:02 always clean you're dishes, always clean them

  54. Shravan Sriram says:

    Dear Ryan what is your real name

  55. Eibbor _ says:

    6:08 isn’t this the fence that greg biffed it on in that parkourse

  56. Payson Kent says:

    For some reason, whenever they make the trick shots, I shrug with them…

  57. Rex Min says:

    0:18 and then 1:07

  58. Smallest Mochi says:

    When you have period cramps but you watch Ryan and it goes away

  59. Gabe delabarra says:

    Did anyone notice that pack broke most of the stuff

  60. Dom Min says:

    Dear Ryan, can you do a food trickshot?

  61. Julia Sovak says:

    Dear Ryan, is water wet?

  62. Aarush Parvataneni says:

    4:14 , isnt it oreo

  63. Daniel lee says:

    7:51 sounds like Ryans saying taco sauce

  64. Oni xd says:

    Anyone watching after Sean left?
    He was truly a awesome creat-Sean

  65. nickrackhead says:

    I got you Sean, I know how your mouth works


  66. uh hey there says:

    Moral of the story is: Never play ball in the house

  67. dragon soul!!! says:

    2:45 2:48 eminem face

  68. Indiana Moresi says:


  69. attack on titan enthusiast says:

    7:24 Paco's shirt said oppa

  70. groccoli says:

    damn americans cant play fucking football

  71. Don't Ask says:


  72. l[pyscho]l says:

    Football NOT soccer

  73. neymarfan junior says:

    you break things when you do trickshots but it is still so funny i love it do some more pls

  74. ADN says:

    0:29 that laugh was so enthusiastic😂

  75. james flint says:

    chare fleps

  76. Volt Plug says:

    Man they got balls to do this at home!

  77. xLucreaaa says:

    @2:26 Ryan just did the part from 44 more by logic 😂

  78. The Fisheye says:

    4:16-predicted Lil Pump- Harverd Dropout'

  79. Charlie Zard says:


  80. Audrey Tan says:

    will’s laugh is always contagious

  81. Billy Newton says:

    For me these trick shots are easy

  82. * TheRazorBlade13 says:

    When Sean misses a shot

    “ aw s**t” 😂

  83. Skylar Meloche says:

    and this is why our parents never let us play soccer indoors lol

  84. Magnus Fisker says:

    Dear ryain can you do a everylife trickshot

  85. Aliyah Xiong says:


  86. Dr Brown says:

    4:12 anyone else see that Oreo?

  87. mikgriffen says:

    SHAM 2:08

  88. Andrew Zhang says:

    I never knew Sean sweared so much

  89. M4NGL3D 1212 says:

    7:50 XD i died

  90. Dantheguy Plays says:

    This is why u don’t play ball in the house

  91. Ethan Qin says:

    He’s gunna break the tv one day and Arden is gunna be so mad XD

  92. Lilanth De fonseka says:

    Dear ryan.. I am very late

  93. Nirc0nium YT says:

    4:06 my reaction whenever I hit 1k

  94. Adarsh Narayanan says:

    I dare you to pick your nose but in spaghetti and eat it

  95. Rosalie Calubid says:

    Ryan:*continuously hits tv
    me:what the tv ever do to you

  96. The Spirit Of Radio 99 says:


  97. Vuong Vu says:

    I guess this is why parents won’t let you play ball in the house

  98. Wen LeafLife says:

    the fast forward 'chop trickshot' sounds really funny

  99. Alejandro Haislop says:

    Chop trick shot

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