Soccer Tips : How to Coach Young Soccer Players on Positions

Soccer Tips : How to Coach Young Soccer Players on Positions

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth
soccer in the U10 category. And today I’ll be talking to you about a coach, players and
positions. First what I look to do with the players is to explain to them what are the
roles of each play on the field is. Like, when they get an understanding, when we’re
doing the practical sessions. I describe the functions of the defense, the midfielders,
and the attackers, the forwards. To make it easier on the players, I actually start teaching
these concepts in 2 V 2 games, and emphasize on the two principles of soccer, which is
the principles of attack, or the principles of defense. If the player’s able to understand
the principles of defense, which is first defender, pressuring defender, and cover,
then we can multiply that into all the places on the field. Similarly, when we do the principles
of attack, we always talked about the attacker, the first attacker, which is the person that
has the ball, and then the second attacker, which is the person that makes a run to support
the attacker. Once that is clear to a player, we can see that although everybody has a different
roles throughout the field, that those principles would apply throughout the whole area of the
field. So, a typical formation on the soccer fields with four defenders, perhaps four midfielders
or three, and two attackers, or three attackers depending on formation. The most well known
formation is a four, four, two. So four defenders, four midfielders, and two attackers. So, how
do we do that with young players? Well, you set them up in a 2 V 2 game. You ask them
how they can penetrate on the field to attack, and how they can best defend. And then by
themselves they will figure out how to approach the game, so they’re successful either at
winning the game, and also in situations where they need to be defending. We know the most
positions are so I can label them. We can start with the goalkeeper, which is a crucial
player on the field to stop any goals. We have the two wingers, the left and right,
the defenders. And then we have the two central defenders. Then we move to the midfield, which
we have a left midfield, two central midfielders, and your right midfielder. Then our two forwards.
Note that although they’re separate in groups, they all work together to complement each
other. So, once the kids understand all these rolls on the field, then I bring a clipboard,
go over that information with them, lay some cones on the field so they can see exactly
where the positions are on the field. Then I replace the cones with the players, I go
on the field, stand on the opposite side of the field, and I move. And as I move on the
field, I want to see the players moving to their different sections on the field, so
that they understand that the responsibilities not just for two players, both for the whole
team as a whole. For example, if the ball is on the attacking third of the field, assuming
that we have divided the field on three thirds, then we’ve got to make sure that the defenders
move forward to the mid third of the field, and the midfielders have moved more into the
attacker position, the final third of the field. If I move to the right with the ball,
then all the players got to shift to the right, but holding their positions.

Antonio Breitenberg

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