Soccer Tips : How to Coach a Kids’ Soccer Warm-Up Drill

Soccer Tips : How to Coach a Kids’ Soccer Warm-Up Drill

Hi my name is Guillermo Gomez and I coach
youth soccer and today I am going to talk about a warm up for young players. So you
can either decide to actually do a game for them. You can do a fun game with a soccer
ball or without a soccer ball. The idea is to have the players move all parts of their
body so they get ready for the session and also to catch their attention. Sometimes the
players are a little bit distracted and tend to not concentrate on what you are telling
them so fun games as a warm up you can get the boys ready for the season. You can also
do another type of warm up in which you basically set up cones in a straight line. They are
nice because they really work different areas of the body, the groins, the hamstrings, the
quads, everything so it gets the blood pumping throughout their system and so it gets them
ready to start playing the game of soccer so you can do five cones and then have the
boys go forwards and then backwards a number of times. You can have them to skip sideways.
You can also have the players cross their legs sideways and just get them all warmed
up so they can be ready to play the game.

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “Soccer Tips : How to Coach a Kids’ Soccer Warm-Up Drill

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  11. Theming Consult says:

    Warm ups with U4–>U10 and even older. ALWAYS WITH THE BALL. there muscles don't need running warm ups like grown ups

  12. george p says:

    Coaching kids soccer is easy…..two very important rules to remember. Do not yell at the kids, they will quit. Second…..half practice to teach half practice to them to see if they use what they learned. My first year my team went 10 & 0 using these simple rules.most important do not yell at the kids

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