*Soccer Shooting ~ How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Height – Online Soccer Academy

*Soccer Shooting ~ How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Height – Online Soccer Academy

What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared Montz
former pro and founder of OnlineSoccerAcademy.com. Today we are learning how to shoot a soccer
ball with height. The past two soccer shooting drills for power
Online Soccer Academy videos I’ve done are for soccer shooting low and hard. Watch them
at OnlineSoccerAcademy.com by clicking here. When shooting for height you will use a very
similar technique so watch those videos so you have the knowledge for this OSA video. This week’s soccer training drills is presented
by Senda Athletics! Senda makes high quality fair trade soccer balls. Would you like to
win one? Senda does a ball giveaway once a month! To automatically be entered email your
coach saying you want them to try out Senda’s Fair Trade soccer balls and add the email
[email protected] in the “TO” field so Senda will see your entry. You can only
be entered once so please don’t email your coach more then once. Then keep an eye on
Senda’s Facebook page for when they announce the ball winner in their monthly giveaway
and that could be you! Key Points: Soccer Coaching
1. Make contact with the soccer ball using your ankle locked, toe down technique. Soccer
Drills 2. On your follow through lift your toes ever
so slightly to give the ball its height. Normally you would shoot the ball with your toe down
and hold it all the way on your follow through. This keeps the ball low. In shooting for power
by lifting your toes ever so slightly you will give the ball height. Soccer Skills.
The more you lift your toes the more height you get. 3. Before you start your run up take a mental
picture of where you want the ball to go. Then think of that image as you run up to
the ball. 4. Be confident. Don’t be surprised when you
have a great shot! Equipment Needed: How to Coach Soccer
You need a few balls and a goal. If you don’t have a goal use a wall or fence. Try not to
break anything though! Exercise Player Can Do: Soccer Drill
Start off by practicing your soccer drills for kids from a stand still without a ball.
Do this in slow motion. Youth Soccer Drills. Once comfortable shoot one ball at a time
focusing on your technique. Soccer Skill. Do not rush. This is not fitness, focus on
your technique. Once you feel good you can practice hitting
a moving ball. Simply pass the ball out in front of you a few steps and then shoot the
ball on the move. Do this until you master it or feel tired. We are not aiming for the corners or upper
90 in this exercise. We are just working on shooting technique for height. Straight, hard
shots with height. What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: Coach Soccer
If the ball is going over the crossbar all the time then you are lifting your toes up
to much on the follow through. You could also be leaning back when you shoot, lean forward
and stay over the ball. If you are having problems shooting for power
and want more key points on that technique be sure and watch our Online Soccer Academy
shooting videos by clicking here. Those videos will cover a lot of what was not covered in
this OSA video. Bonus Tip! Coaching Soccer
Shooting is about technique, not swinging for power. Get your technique right first,
then start applying more physical power and leg speed to your swing. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
training video. Like, favorite and share this video if you did and don’t forget to Subscribe
on YouTube or become a member and create your profile for free at OnlineSoccerAcademy.com.
Soccer coaches and players all over the world use it and you can do game reviews and track
your progress! Post a comment; let me know what you think and how it worked for you?
My name is Jared Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard
work, anything in life is possible! Believe in it®!

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “*Soccer Shooting ~ How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Height – Online Soccer Academy

  1. Deet says:

    Hi im following all the tips in the video yet i still cant get the ball off the ground. Also after about 20 minutes my ankle gets all stiff and i can't bend it. Would this be the problem?

  2. Ab says:

    jared,my shot target off help me

  3. NuggetStarsUnite says:

    Your alot older than you look! Pretty sure you are gonna live to a hundred with that hair

  4. Changil Byeon says:

    Hey dude I saw when the top class players shot they lean side a bit, but I see you're not. Is there any differences?

  5. SAAD says:

    Pls do a video on how to kick a ball with height with inside of your foot

  6. Galactic Hero says:

    How come I can kick harder when I am dribbling

  7. Jenymon Cyriac says:

    I can shoot with power but my accuracy is horrible, can you help me

  8. Arsalan Sadat says:

    Hi jerry I have problem with shooting I don't shoot with my toes or anything like that but when I shoot Its not even hard and high do I need leg muscles or what..? Can u tell me the problem..

  9. Jhay R Camaya says:

    Do you hit the ball while leaning a bit sidewards or just straight on?

  10. Ramen Baro says:

    Nice video. Would you please make a video on how to shoot into upper 90 ? I'd be looking forward to your video. Believe in it !

  11. MohazahYT says:

    I'm new to this channel and it's helping me in striking! Thank you!

  12. Eli says:

    I only kick with the side but i am good

  13. Taiyvon Cecil says:

    Don't know what's wrong I keep hitting the ground with y foot any tips to help stop doing that

  14. Theo Gaming says:

    .i can shoot with power but the ball won't go high

  15. Keags says:

    Are you lefting your foot high or low?

  16. Deyling Machado says:

    I'm 14 and I'm trying out for my high school soccer team, the thing is I was never in a soccer team as a kid but I know how to play, I just never been to any sort of tryouts or anything, is it too late for me?

  17. JangoFettyQwap says:

    do i kick under or middle just tell me!

  18. khwezi c says:

    I only know how to elevate using my toe

  19. Nick Fuhrmann says:

    I just came back from a hip injury and a can't get the power and height that I had is their any video that can help with that?

  20. blake pratt says:

    How much do you pump up your soccer balls 

  21. It's Me says:

    Shall I shoot the ball from down or the middle and from where do I shoot using my laces or side or what?

  22. Dark Dracula says:

    Why is it the ball backspin

  23. ted lan says:

    How come whenever i try to shoot with my laces, my toe just stuck into the ground and leaving a dirt mark to where my the front foot in stuck into and i sprained my ankle too, any fixes?

  24. jasmine nicolas says:

    skip to 1:19 😂

  25. Nathan says:

    Amazing shoot

  26. Alexander Yuanata says:

    Lol,when i was a kid i usually love soccerball.one day in course i was playing some soccer in the hallway
    When i kick the ball,you see the ball was small its a plastic ball cause we sont have a soccer ball
    Then i kicked it as hard as i could and i sprained my foot cause it hit the flor.
    (Sory for bad grammar)

  27. Elijah Williams says:

    Thanks I came from playing football and always shot like I was trying to kick a field goal it worked sometimes but know I can shoot like I'm supposed to accurately and powerfully

  28. Elijah Williams says:


  29. brandur skaalum says:

    @OnlineSoccerAcademy.com when i shoot a ball it has not much hight pls help

  30. roohi babar says:

    Could we have one of them

  31. roohi babar says:

    Were do u buy them from

  32. SpeedyGaming says:

    Thank you. I can finally kick with some height. Thanks, Jared!

  33. C Shami says:


  34. Mickey Soulja Boy says:

    do u have to use ure toe or side of ure foot

  35. Changil Byeon says:

    hey Jared i'm trying to correct my shooting motion recently, and i found that when i shoot the ball, the ball gets backspin on it. I can't find why this backspin occurs. HELP!

  36. YQ L says:

    just fantastic, thanks

  37. Malcogician HD says:

    I got it in my 3rd my 4th and 5th I didn't get it

  38. Abraham Aguilar says:


  39. Vik Singh Dogra says:


  40. BWAG says:

    Good videos, but the "little tap" is annoying.

  41. Szymon Jasinski says:

    zajebiste, dobrze się bawimy z Markiem

  42. Emiliano Roque says:

    What part of ones foot are you suppose to use? What part of the ball is one suppose to kick at?

  43. Venkatesh Ramadurai says:

    Is this the same technique which we should follow while taking a free kick?

  44. Adam Christian Smith says:

    J, love your stuff – and I know it takes guts to post stuff publicly so thank you. The criticism is that the “ad” has to be a super short one like “watch to the end to learn how to win a free soccer ball from my sponsor X” .. will cut down on time and people will actually watch through, rather than maybe never returning. That’s just my 2¢. Upper 90º!!

  45. khongor * says:

    gah my toenails hurt so bad that kicking or even lightly tapping the ball with an area near my toe hurts sooo bad.

  46. skrrttt says:

    Thanks a lot this help a lot

  47. BoOM BLaSteR says:

    I can't even shoot it pls help
    it not going fast and high pls help I only can hit like a baby

  48. SHAUNAK VERMA says:

    thanx really effective!!! ur biggest fan!!! plz …i want a senda football..

  49. ρυяιту ƓHOSƬ says:

    When i was 6 years old my ball goes 8 meters high When i kick Really Low xD

  50. Samantha Brand says:

    Thankyou for the advice! I am trying to get as much advice as I can for my soccer trial next Friday and your videos are helping me the most! Thankyou

  51. Average Daniel says:


  52. Christopher Ferguson says:

    how do you do it with backspin

  53. Anthony Salgado says:

    Why don't you just buy a Nike ball

  54. aakash antony says:

    hey !! I loved your shooting technique . will u please upload a tutorial how to shoot a knuckle ball with key points .

  55. Hamada Al-Doori says:

    So helpful thank you

  56. CeejaySoccerVlogs says:

    Check out my soccer vlogs and analyze as I get better. Please subscribe!

  57. Jørgen :D says:

    i tryed this so much and been so confident but after an hour of it going 20cm over the ground for 5m i just get really mad. i do all you say but it don't work And the only friend i have that can learn me just says watch then shoots it real fast so i don't understand what he does then i ask him to do it slower but then he just asnwears(happen over 10 times) i am just gonna test something and he never helps me. I am 12 years old and everyone on training can shoot high except me so they never has training like that.

  58. Inga Kaspariunaite says:

    im good at kicking ball but it hurts my leg alot

  59. Hat Gaming says:

    guys the video starts at 1:19. thank me later

  60. Per-Ola Berglund says:

    haha how old are you

  61. stopreadingmyname dood says:

    Do soccer you tubers have to say they're pro

  62. Escoboom Cxz says:

    Did anyone realized that at 2:40 he switched the soccer balls each time

  63. Escoboom Cxz says:

    Did anyone realized that at 2:40 he switched the soccer balls each time

  64. EL ARTE DEL FUTBOL says:

    I'm scared that I kick the floor, how should I put my feet

  65. Leo Pagaran says:

    i got power and the ball can g high

  66. iiPickaxeGAMING says:

    What's going on little dab???

  67. sheela madyalkar says:

    thanks for giving us tips its very helpful

  68. mohd.io says:

    if you cant shoot probably you just need to shoot in slow mo and thats how i learned

  69. Super Rishant says:

    great videos subscribed 👍👍👍

  70. Sajid Alaraj says:

    Thank you I guess cause I almost broke my house

  71. Logan Carmichael says:

    I'm English and I'm getting soo annoyed when he's always saying soccer

  72. 50 cent says:

    if u want the ball to go high, hit the bottom and bend your knees

  73. Madelyn Mehlbauer says:

    i thought we cant kick with our toe

  74. SocialdDem says:

    Jared, do you do your own choreography?

  75. Fifi Yang says:

    when i want to shoot high for a freekick i use the inside of my foot and it goes high.

  76. Rameez Khan says:

    can you make a video how to make a great shot without boots

  77. YouTube Algorithm says:

    Why do you toe poke

  78. Samou The pure talent says:

    can you teach us how to shoot with precision please?

  79. J KK says:

    It might be all about technice, but I think I need more explanation.

  80. William Vernon11 says:

    Did he say dab 0:14

  81. StarCoinHero says:

    Will this work with sneakers?

  82. Cool Punjabi bro says:

    Bad one

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  84. strike on head says:


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    Damn look at all that Gel

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    i do it slowly and get the ball really hight, then i do it as hard as i can with my toes slightly up and it doesnt go into the air at all

  87. Neha Aggrawal says:

    If a voice in coming in shooting. Hard its ok

  88. Brent English says:

    thanks for the lesson

  89. Sudip Xettri says:

    I'm a goalkeeper but I can't shoot from ground to hogh


    Im confused where the part you said you need to lift up your toe ever so slightly. Are you saying that i need to lift my toe up abit and hold it there until the follow through OR i point my toe down and stay in that position and when after you kicked the ball then you lift up your toe . Please reply to this comment, i really appreciate it, thanks !!

  91. Will Jones says:

    Plz senda me a ball

  92. Da P5DRO says:

    I shoot Very strong but it only goes 4 meter up

  93. imad Hashmi says:

    You are gooood

  94. Red Panda48 says:

    I just kick it but it goes everywhere I’m a defender tho

  95. Drishya Babu says:

    Original tips love it must watch and subscribe thank you

  96. edwin Lopez says:

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  97. edwin Lopez says:

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  98. edwin Lopez says:

    You suck

  99. Kim Tran says:

    Why does he look like Juni from spy kids?

  100. boi'o says:

    Reminds me of Ryan dunn

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