Soccer Power Shot Technique | Start Crushing The Ball Accurately!

Soccer Power Shot Technique | Start Crushing The Ball Accurately!

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Soccer Power Shot Technique | Start Crushing The Ball Accurately!

  1. SimplySoccer says:

    We are covering soccer power shot technique in today's video! This is an important area to get good at if you want to score more goals in soccer, or unleash more shots on net that trouble the keeper. I would really appreciate it if you like and share this video as it took me a long time to make! Get my FREE ebook here:

  2. TheCrossBarCholos says:

    That grass is thicker then Kim k

  3. Skiller 7i says:

    I really love your CHANNEL because everything is helpful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Skiller 7i says:

    Thank you SO much

  5. Chris the Gamer says:

    Big feet struggles I have size 14 feet

  6. Nasir Bhat says:

    Lol u are shooting on long grass do the same on short grass and then see

  7. Brian Lopez says:

    My prop is I mostly hit the floor and I curve the ball.

  8. Christ-Ivann Oulaï says:


  9. GS9 says:

    thanks alot now i just need to gain my teams respect + trust

  10. Ridha Ibrahim says:

    Thanks alot buddy.

  11. Farhad farhadN says:

    farhad 7 Rolando

  12. indian football says:

    my shoot not go very high very slow this is only error in my game

  13. Gael Robles says:

    Do you play on a team? And if so what [email protected] simply soccer

  14. Bryan S Kone says:

    This guy is in Madison Wisconsin and by East high school

  15. Supreme Jr. says:

    Omgod I can relate with ur size of feet and I'm a girl and I'm 5'8 maybe

  16. Chicharito IsGoat says:

    I have size 8 feet

  17. football factory says:

    Grass is so much

  18. Anna Cappelletti says:

    I’m 16 and wear shoe size 3

  19. John Lu says:

    Lol I'm size 7 feet and I'm 13 xD

  20. joel putnam says:

    When you know you bought that ball at Marshall’s

  21. Nicholas Ntiri says:

    When i shot i have to see always the center of the ball?

  22. Hafiz Ataei says:

    You use the tecnik witch messi does

  23. coco bean says:

    Thank you so much this helped me make my soccer team at school

  24. Naazzir Shaikh says:

    I improve my shoot really

  25. Alomgir Kabir says:

    Once I tried on my neighbors wall.. Man! I had a long run😂

  26. BIGG BOSS says:

    he is older than me and good in soccer he would be able to shoot harder than me

  27. Giorgos Lekapinos says:

    0:23 knukcle ball nice 😀

  28. Puran Kumar says:

    power shot is cool

  29. lion morocco lion says:

    Bro ..? I feel like hurt , 👟

  30. ALL TRAP MUSIC HD says:

    Thanks sir we love your tech

  31. McScott76 says:

    Good video, but I'm not sure I agree with your point about people with large feet needing to angle their foot. In college, I played with a guy that was about 6'2" and wore a size 12. He had one of the hardest shots I've ever seen (outside professional teams), and he hit his shots dead-on with his foot pointed downward. The only difference is that he hit it just above the base of his toes instead of in the center of his laces. This actually helped with his power because he got a bit of "spring" effect from his foot flexing slightly at the point of contact. This might be rough on your ankles over time, but I never saw him get injured, and he shot rockets every game.

  32. Sushant Karan says:

    please tell how to angle my foot…I am trying to do it from years but still not found the way

  33. Tamika Potter says:

    I play soccer

  34. Nons ツ says:

    I’m 13 and I can hit good knuckle balls from like 30 yards out right under the crossbar

  35. Nons ツ says:

    Question: do you just put your leg into the ball or do you control the power somehow?

  36. Bergsman says:

    That pitch is not good

  37. Izzy Wizzy says:

    how to lock your ankle?

  38. Tonio says:

    Why does my shot keeps making the ball do a backspin ????? I dont want the ball spinning at all no curve no top spin no spins

  39. Drew Barnes says:

    what size shoe do you wear

  40. Peter Reddin says:

    Thanks really thanks

  41. jose duron says:

    Keep up the good work this video help get to varsity football in high school this means a lot to me

  42. Arjun Ramachandra says:

    Was looking for what part of the foot is used when kicking a power shot

  43. Sivasurya B says:

    where is the Boot contact area ??
    Laice pad??

  44. Mannan iqbal says:

    I’m very good at curling the ball, but can’t really seem to hit it straight.

  45. ostrichboi says:

    hey dave. I have a question about your plant foot. My plant foot never points toward my target but i am very good at shooting. Should i fix this?

  46. Paul Narvaez Jr says:

    I have a ingrown nail so I can't really shoot with power

  47. Heidi C says:

    Very helpful and informative. I loved this video and I subbed! Please make more videos!!!

  48. Visual CC says:

    4 steps
    Plant weak foot
    Hit with dominant foot
    Do dab

  49. Md Rakibul Hasan Rezu says:

    thanks man

  50. xRose- Goldx says:

    i just recognised that he have the same soccer shoe as my brother

  51. jai karan says:


  52. Pranjal Sao says:

    your video s help me alot..
    now i consciously know how to shoot at target..

  53. Waqas Ahmad says:

    Very good…….

  54. Gaara Kazekage says:

    I learned by myself but u helped

  55. Lollipopboy1738 says:

    U are actually good

  56. Johnny Denmark says:

    I enjoy hitting The ball right below my big toe in the side. Right Where the big muscle starts. My foot is not completely horizontal to hit The big muscle in the middle. But in a nonvertical line at the impact. I still use same muscle though. Maybe I Should try practice yours. Seem to have more speed behind The ball

  57. what and what says:

    great vid man

  58. Blaze Stirk says:

    It's football

  59. zac miller says:


  60. Ram Ghautaam says:

    Same boots, same feet size. Lol, the perfect video for me.

  61. extranjerointeresante says:

    Meh, solo quiero divertirme

  62. Samuel Kotler says:

    You're going to ruin the shape of the ball if you practice against a wall.

  63. Sachin Sachin says:

    How to long kick a soccer

  64. URANUS URANUS says:

    I've done many and broke boards like wow

  65. Hoogle says:

    My toes hit the dirt when I do this 🙁 I can’t find the angle

  66. Neptune Lynch says:

    Awesome video!!!

  67. B Frenchy says:

    Aye I got small feet say 7-7 1/2 what should I do?

  68. Bhuvanes Bhuvanes says:

    want a tutorial on power shoot on ground

  69. Peachy Gaming says:

    Hey thx I’m weak

  70. TOPS ONLY says:

    Is run up is necessary I didn't take a long run up

  71. Tony Panggeng says:

    You are left and right

  72. Stanley Lopes says:

    My foot is size 11

  73. Heinrich Steenkamp says:

    "Collecting balls"
    "Bag of balls"

  74. Tehsin Aziz says:

    This is a helium ball

  75. Rafay Khan says:

    Which cleats have you weared in this video

  76. LYOLDEDRY YT says:

    Just watch captain tsubasa lol.Me subsribe you

  77. nam! says:

    my feet is 23cm long. What size is that?

  78. Declan 'Valko' Stott says:

    Great vid!

  79. Aviation Mohamed says:

    Rest In Peace Emiliano Sala 😭

  80. sports ? says:

    I wear 6 number shoes . Is my foot is big or small??

  81. dharunmass dharunthala says:

    Super shoot

  82. Dominic Cini says:

    i subbed

  83. TheNordicBalkins says:

    If I take a goal kick trust me, it’s powerful but low

  84. Sameer Farooq says:

    Very helpful and Great 👍🏼 shooting!Problems solves.

  85. RoseduL nam 100 says:

    Nice boro

  86. joel patera says:

    are those the nike hypervenoms>?

  87. sulaikha p says:

    please send me a boot

  88. gamers toun says:

    more power better kneckelball

  89. Shadow gaming YT says:

    2:57 don't watch this in slow motion

  90. The Squad says:

    What is your are 11/5

  91. Margie Andaya says:

    Nice sports

  92. Eric Nelson says:

    Your video just help my power shot so much! Practice Practice Practice

  93. Adams junior says:

    this is lovely

  94. Natsu dragneel says:

    This is the best shooting tutorial I've ever watched this helped a lot thank you so much

  95. Ali Eissa says:

    Thank you soo much for this tutorial I have Been watching many tutorials for the lower shot and I am doing it pretty well but I think this tutorial helped me the most

  96. rishi raj says:

    How to lock your ankle?

  97. Alameen Elnur says:

    The knuckle ball is mad tho this is more like knuckle ball technique

  98. Bernhard K Makanga says:

    What's your name? I want one day when I'm a professional footballer, I will tell the world that you were part of the reason why I am on TV as a footballer that day…

  99. Tiffany Rios says:

    1:24 that voice crack tho

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