Soccer player Dong-gook’s world first scribbled shoe [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.28]

Soccer player Dong-gook’s world first scribbled shoe [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.28]

– Victory to dad! / – Victory to dad! Kick hard! Dad. – Dad. / – Dad. Donggook finally got a penalty kick. Will he succeed? Victory to Dad! – Victory to Dad! / – Victory to Dad! Victory to Dad! (He makes a powerful shot.) As the children wished, he succeeded. (It’s Donggook’s first goal of the season.) (The atmosphere gets heated up.) (Their enthusiasm matches that of the spectators.) (His team won with a score of two-to-zero.) He won! – He won! Dad won! / – Dad won! (I will be home soon.) Donggook came home right away to see the children. Hi, my puppies. What is going on? (Confused) What is going on? (They stand still.) I’m home. What is going on? Sian, what is going on? (This isn’t how they usually act.) Hi, my puppies. (Whenever Donggook came home from practice,) (they squeaked like dolphins) (and ran out to greet him.) When is Dad coming home? (They were playing a game of Freeze Tag.) I have a good idea. Shall we freeze before Dad comes home? (It’s a good idea.) Freeze! (They freeze.) (Dad will be surprised, right? It will be fun.) I’m home. (They don’t move.) I’m home. What is going on? What is going on? Sian, what is going on? (I’m frozen.) Seola, talk to me. I know you want to laugh. Your nostrils are flaring. (Seola, you need to hold back your laughter.) Your nostrils are flaring. You don’t have to hold back your laughter. What is up with them? Tell me. Is this a game of freeze? Unfreeze! (Smiling) (Seeing Donggook melted Seola.) (Sian follows his sister and smiles widely.) That was scary. I was startled. What was that about? – We stopped moving. / – You stopped moving. I stopped moving, too. Were you playing freeze tag? (Sua gets a glass of water for Donggook.) Is that for me? You are so nice. Why did you become so nice? It’s scary. I got Sian a glass of water, too. It’s scary whenever you act like this. It’s scary when you suddenly play nice. Play with Sian. I will go and wash up. (Proud) Dad, I love you. Sian, what are you doing? (I’m drawing on the floor.) Don’t draw on the mat. Hey! – My goodness. / – Don’t draw on the mat. (Sighing) (He is embarrassed.) Why did you use this on the mat? This scene looks somewhat familiar. (A year ago, Seola drew on the mat.) (Jaea cleaned after them.) (Screaming) (Jaea struggled to make Seola behave.) Mom said not to do that. My goodness. I am exhausted. Why did you draw on the mat? You should draw on your sketchbook. Why are you doing this to me? You need to get a beating. – No. / – A big beating. What are you doing? I am writing a letter to Dad. (Sua is writing a letter to Dad.) “Think well” “and work well.” “I love you.” I will give this to Dad. Here they are. What will they do with Donggook’s soccer cleats? Let’s make pretty drawings on them. Oh, no. Please don’t. (The cap) (came off the pen.) (She uses the white soccer cleats as her canvas.) The soccer cleats are as white as paper. This is bad. (They are making hand-painted shoes for Donggook.) Dad will love it, right? It’s pretty. (Sian donates his talent as well.) Sian is drawing in one stroke. (Concentrating) He brings out his artistic soul and even draws on the soles. (He even checks how the shoes fit.) (I’m satisfied!) The soccer cleats Seola, Sua and Sian designed are one of a kind. I can’t wait to see Donggook’s reaction. (The living room is a mess.) What should I do? (She gets a sense of foreboding.) Dad will… Uncle, you should keep this a secret from Dad. It’s a secret. It’s a secret. (Her eyes sparkle even when she asks for a favor.) In that moment, something caught Seola’s eyes. Do you have a snack? I finished it. Really? Give it to me. – No. / – Why not? Give it to me. (Seola wants to check for herself.) I finished it. (That’s too bad.) Let’s hide. (Seola, Sua and Sian hide in the cupboard.) My goodness. Seola, Sua and Sian hid perfectly. (They managed to fit in a tight space.) Donggook finally comes out. (He sees the mess.) No way. (He is knocked down.) (This can’t be happening.) (My goodness.) (He calms himself and walks out.) (They are hiding here.) Hey. Kids. (What are those?) – Kids. / – Yes? (This has to be a dream.) My goodness. – Kids. / – Yes? Goodness. How did this happen? I decorated them as a present for you. – A present for me? / – Yes. Who did this? – We did. / – We did. (He is lost for words.) These are soccer cleats I use. We drew this because we love you. It’s a present for you. – What? / – A present for you. – A present for me? / – Yes. You want me to wear them to a match. Yes. – You want me to make a goal in them. / – Yes. (Staring) Who colored this side? – Sua did. / – I did. The white side became blue. I think you have artistic talent. – I am thankful. I really am. / – Okay. Soccer cleats are very precious to me. – Okay? / – Okay. I am a soccer player. Soccer cleats are a part of my body. That’s why you shouldn’t draw on them. They are very precious to me. I won’t say anything since you are precious to me, too. Okay? If I score a goal in these, it will mean the three of you scored with me, okay? Dad, kick a soccer ball! Here. Should I wear these soccer cleats? Cheer for me if I score a goal. Okay! (They are a cheering squad.) Jump! I will play soccer in them. A few days later, Donggook had a soccer match. (What are on Donggook’s feet?) He really wore the soccer cleats his children colored. There are many other soccer players who put their initials and such on their soccer cleats. (Soccer players put initials on their soccer cleats.) I haven’t seen anyone wear soccer cleats that have been doodled on. I must be the first soccer player to do that. They did what they did for my sake. In a sense, these soccer cleats are my best weapon. Wearing them keep my children with me during the match. Donggook is wearing soccer cleats with Sian’s doodles on it. Perhaps that’s why he’s in a great condition today. That’s right. (What made him run stronger were the) (soccer cleats that had the children’s touch on it.) Thank you, kids. Victory to Dad!

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Soccer player Dong-gook’s world first scribbled shoe [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.28]

  1. hshshsh hdusjsb says:

    Do any one know the song in 7:20

  2. I want to live says:

    Where are the mother and the eldest twin sisters?

  3. Im says:


  4. Maffy Vee22 says:

    Yong tipong magagalit ka sana dahil sa ginawa ng mga anak mo …pero matatawa at mapapangiti kanalang dahil sa kakulitan nila…😅

  5. _shley says:

    /why did the soccer commentators only say that it had sian's doodles on it?

  6. Sim Eng Chuan says:

    so obvious sian is moving aiyo

  7. Evelyn Jung says:

    2:45 when I heard strong woman do bong soon's OST !!😍😘😆

  8. Euni Jeong says:


  9. Kritika Baro says:

    I miss them

  10. 張紓菲 says:


  11. MountainRain says:

    It seems the goal keepers always dive the wrong way XD it must be hard to predict

  12. MountainRain says:

    Gosh, he seriously is meant to be a father. He’s so good at raising them!

  13. Ang Lee says:

    Wonderful gift kids 😀

  14. angelie may oberes says:


  15. Angel Summers says:

    Quite touching❤️

  16. Kaneki SJH says:

    What group is he in I will start supporting

  17. kreame says:

    When you observe life as a whole, having your children make your mark on something because they wanted to be a part of something important to you is actually really beautiful. I think that’s why Donggook told them he was thankful. He knows they meant well, and he doesn’t want to scold them too hard for doing something they thought would make him really happy. In the end, he probably got a lot if positive news buzz around his shoes and career so it’s a win win haha

  18. Jamu Laguardia says:

    Donggook just straight dumping himself on bed is gonna be me

  19. Fenty Hoe says:

    I love this kids

  20. S W says:

    I love his reaction after seeing the mess. It's priceless hahaha

  21. S W says:

    He even wears the shoes in match T,T Donggook is the best Appa ever!!!

  22. It's Taesthetic says:

    Why did you draw on the shoes😂

  23. Phuc Tran says:

    The dad said “when did you be come nice it’s scary”

  24. 김참빛 says:


  25. Zatheena Lizrein says:

    7:12–7:18 poor Donggook

  26. Flávio says:

    4:14 "i am exhausted" i feel you seola😂

  27. Bea Len says:

    This kids are so cute

  28. Karys Munster says:

    2:28 🤣🤣

  29. riri u says:

    Dongguk face slaming himself in the bed is me when I get up in the morning and realise that it's Monday and I have to go to school the whole week

  30. a r i says:

    2:45 what song is ?

  31. I Loves Girl Groups says:


  32. Hana-zfa Dea says:

    I really really want to be like him if I have children (and have a husband like him, too!), have great patient and so loving..

  33. A Fajardo says:

    My Angels Seol-Su-Dae!!😘😘😘 but I must say Lee Donggook is really Attractive when he is in the soccer field! 😍😁😍

  34. sofabangelica xx says:

    why all of the tros Appa are saint? hahahahha ilwook is shaking 😂

  35. Shits Getsreal says:

    It was so funny when the kids didn’t talk at first hahahahaahahahahhaha

  36. Shits Getsreal says:

    These kids are sure scary when they’re serious

  37. Anezka Aguinaldo says:

    Seola and Jaesi even have the same kind of shirt when they scold their siblings because of drawing on the mat

  38. Adrianne Aflyn says:

    Seola scolding sian was my favourite scene😂

  39. Dipa Karki says:

    Sua my baby❤️😍

  40. Shania Chenille says:

    I love how he handled the situation. It was the best choice. I don’t get why knetz gets pissed by his parenting method when it’s one of the best

  41. Nova Eveline says:

    😂😂😂😂😂👋👋👋👋🙋 so cute baby…so happy family every time
    I like😜☺👼💞

  42. Rose Quartz says:

    Donggok is the best 💕💕

  43. jungcookies says:

    When hoseok grows a little bit older 😂😍

  44. Grace Park says:

    7:15 is a mood HAHAHAAHAHHA

  45. jane sarah says:


  46. E M says:

    Frickin’ Love this! Then years later, Na Eun, Geon Hoo & Anna do the same for their Superman, Park Joo Ho 💜💜💜

  47. Hichelle says:

    What’s the song in 2:51

  48. Tae Tae says:


  49. Chen Chen says:

    It was so cute when he clapped his hands wanting to hug them but they didn’t come😂

  50. ᄋᄉᄐᄂᄉᄌ says:

    Park Jooho let his wife Anna and daughter Naeun doodle on his soccer shoes and wore it to a game, too. ^^

  51. Ww Lovely says:

    I don't know how he feels with his four sisters😂😂😂💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  52. Ismahani Abdullah says:

    Donggook cant stand being ignored by the kids for minute. He keep asking the cameraman 'whats up with them' 😂😂😂

  53. Ishana's gaming vlogs says:

    0:52 dongkook gets apirzone

  54. That One Car Nerd. says:

    7:13 That moment when you realize the project due date is actually tomorrow, not next week.

  55. Eleau Villaraiz says:

    Appa looking fine in that white hoodie.

  56. pink sonyeondan says:


  57. pink sonyeondan says:


  58. bangtan's betch says:

    7:16 thank me later HAHAHAHA donggook is one hot appa😍😂 HAHAHAHA

  59. marsela giovani says:

    Omg must be expensive

  60. truly jimin says:

    2:46 what song !!

  61. Mr. Park Jeon Kim Mateo says:

    Donggook got prank hahah

  62. Stan KPOP says:

    2:46 Oh god what song is that?? I've been trying to find that forever

  63. Stan KPOP says:

    Is the blue team the one in which Park Jooho is in? (Ulsan Hyundai) They hadn't joined the show in 2017.

  64. Chris Seline says:

    Donggook faceplanting on yhe bed to control his anger before talking to his children…

  65. Romarie Dawn Pelomida says:

    Lord, a husband like Donggook please 🙏🙏🙏😇

  66. aseel naseer says:

    They soooooooo cute and their father is soooooo sweet

  67. aina z says:

    2:49 what's the song title ??!!!

  68. chico pratama says:

    Gosh, I want a husband like donggook appa :")

  69. Chicklet Pacot says:

    I'm crazy <3 <3 <3

  70. Мерейка Lovee says:

    Здес только я русский человек и из 2019

  71. Irish Montifar says:

    What is the song when donggok scored

    Please answer it….

  72. Unicorn girl says:


  73. ayesha alano and shobe guerrero says:

    Sua you must not plan this

  74. ITG 123 says:

    Magista Opus II?

  75. Awin Jinnie says:


  76. eeshaAJ says:

    8:02 Sian looks so cute, If I had a kid looking so cute always I would die

  77. Angelica Morante says:

    History repeats itself. I was laughing continuously when Jaea is scolding Seola for drawing on their mat and few years after Seola is scolding sian for doing the same thing.😂😂😂

  78. Unik de Leon says:

    Me when everyone drew on oppa's shoes: 😱😱😱😱😱

  79. Jian Nicole Compacion says:

    Donggook is not only a great soccer player, a skilled kind father. He is also handsome for his age, his wife is also beautiful. No wonder where this kids get their looks, talents and mischievousness. Shoutout to Donggook for passing his talents of being a prankster to his kids, it makes their family full of drama and sitcom😂😂

  80. Bangtan Sone says:

    Who is older Sua or Seola?

  81. itak mjthd says:

    I dunno why but I am crying

  82. Al Rey says:

    If that had been my father's shoes, I would've been yelled at and forced to clean the shoes, and I would've grown up never wanting to do any big gesture of affection ever again….

    whoops, too late.

  83. Candy Yume says:

    Does anybody have a video of him playing in those newly decorated shoes?

  84. Yellow Child says:

    they should prank him more since he does it to them a lot

  85. Thỏ Holmes says:

    It's funny how they started playing vivaldi fourseason's winter when the kids started to draw on the shoes. It's like how the storm started blowing. KBS's music has always been really on point

  86. Rhedge AC says:

    I want my future husband to be like Donggook…

  87. Meiyi Lim says:

    What a great dad! 💕

  88. Krysha Caburnay says:

    The last time i checked… Sian was still a pea? Why did he grew up soo fast?

  89. Disa Gale says:

    One of the episodes, that I must say, portrayed an admirable parenting skill

  90. Maira Favela says:

    7:16 me right now cause I have 3 days left of summer

  91. Junyi Lim says:

    They didn't give sua and seola their part in the doodle they just said sian doodled on them

  92. DWAYNE says:

    Ilove this episode! Im proud because he still wore the shoes. And i keep repeating this episode. That shoes i now unique 🤙🏽🤙🏽💋💋

  93. faerie hound says:

    omg he didnt shout and he wore it… THATS SO CUTEEE

  94. peacefuljimin says:

    Donggook sounds like Jhope

  95. ndababo says:

    7:15 is a mood

  96. ugajsu says:

    if i did that to my dad's shoes then he'd prolly beat me with that shoe itself sigh

  97. Vilma Vitoriana Lopes says:

    I love you super mama

  98. Kana Foxy says:

    7:14 when Donggook sees the mess he sounded like BTS Jungkook.

  99. Bluff_ oMs says:

    Did I hear I tiny bit of strong girl Bongsoon
    When Seola smiled while freezing?

  100. Ok ! says:

    Before they said the scene is familiar that's what i was thinking of!!Omg

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