Soccer House | Manifesto

Soccer House | Manifesto

How much of my dream do I live each day? Do my decisions bring me closer to it? Yesterday is history, tomorrow has yet to arrive. Today, only today, can I do more for myself. Obstacles? Many, everyday. I either accept them as problems or I view them as opportunities. Who believes in me? Who believes I’ll succeed? The fans? They only see 90 minutes of soccer. Only I know how much work it takes to be out there. How much effort it took to show that I could do it, be recognized and respected. I deal with expectations and insecurities: excitement, pressure, glory and frustration. What do I need? Who’s with me now? How best to react in every situation? To be able to look back and see the legacy I’ve left behind. To be able to look forward and see the other roles that I can play. Because it is only TODAY that I can build my future, and write my story. And you? How are you writing yours? Soccer House Drives soccer players To build their futures

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Later Nader says:

    could you please tell what camera this was filmed with? i love the slow motion look of it. I'm assuming it was filmed at 60 fps, but with what camera? Obrigado

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