Soccer Game Tips : How to Slide Tackle in Soccer

Soccer Game Tips : How to Slide Tackle in Soccer

Hi, I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to perform a slide tackle in soccer. A slide tackle in soccer, can be used by any
player on the field, but the most common place where a slide tackle would be performed, would
be by the defenders slide tackling the opposing forwards, keeping them from scoring. Slide
tackles can be formed a couple of different ways. There’s actually a legal way, and an
illegal way to slide tackle. The legal way to slide tackle would be to come in and get
the ball, with your foot, with your cleats facing the other way, and not towards the
ball, in tackling the ball, and not the opponent. Now, an illegal way to slide tackle the ball,
would be come in with your studs up like this, at the ball or at the defender. This is illegal
because it can be very dangerous. As if you catch one of the other players with your cleats
slide tackling, you could injure them severely. Those are the two different ways to perform
slide tackles.

Antonio Breitenberg

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32 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Slide Tackle in Soccer

  1. Kimberly Ornelas says:


  2. Alex Crosbie says:

    its with an o

  3. Alban Jonuzi says:

    Got it thanks Sammy lisps a lot

  4. Yun Cho says:

    he never taught us how to slide tackle… only explained different types

  5. Mike says:

    Just say boots not cleaves….

  6. sam ! says:

    2 diffrent ways?

  7. NGRI Productions says:

    but even the game you call football involves no feet!!

  8. Nas Yas says:


  9. Yubo Jenkins says:

    so are australians lol

  10. Nathan futbal says:

    why is everyone argueing

  11. Jazz Tanradee says:

    Stop arguing between soccer and football! Its just the same sport!

  12. Jeremiah Paredes says:

    do u know how to spell

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  14. Kaylee_R5 says:

    Do YOU know how to spell??

  15. ImMajorMongoose says:

    makes fun of american football…
    ties america in world cup…
    lol you suck man

  16. JamesGFXX says:

    lmfao typical ignorant american.

  17. Abshir Abdi says:

    Great site! really helped alot. visit

  18. Abshir Abdi says:

    Great vid! Liked it. visit to become a better player! good vid

  19. Abshir Abdi says:

    Loved this vid. and american soccer is Great

  20. Abshir Abdi says:

    Americans are good players. Soccer is a great name for futbal futball isnt all about the foot which is why we call it soccer!

  21. Abshir Abdi says:

    the americans rock at futball so they call it soccer lol

  22. Chris Benoit says:

    which player uses illegal move

  23. Wahoo Wah says:

    Actually English people called it soccer first. So STFU and know your facts

  24. Josue Delacruz says:

    0:52 Pepe

  25. sakonpure6 says:

    I didn't know this was also a diving tutorial. 0:50

  26. David Plants says:

    It is only illegal if you don't touch the ball when you slide tackle

  27. Sirkku secretsannel says:

    I got instant red card from slide tackling. Was lowest player defending, I hit the ball and my tie touched the players feet as i was on the ground sliding forward and she fell next to me. We was running at the same direction. I got instant red and don't still believe I did anything wrong. Can't play for 2 games gg.

  28. nwahforever says:

    Just jump feet down as if you want to break the other guy leg. Works everytime. If the referee complaint stamp his head till he goes in coma while having seizures so that his brain won't remember what happened.

  29. Shubham Deshpande says:

    I like 2 Way

  30. The Mystery YouTube User says:

    That “Illegal Sliding Tackle” Rule Only Applies In Youth And Rec Leagues

  31. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    Both shall learn , else essence of brits would be missing

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