Soccer Game Tips : How to Half-Volley a Soccer Ball

Soccer Game Tips : How to Half-Volley a Soccer Ball

Hi. I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to do a half volley in soccer. A half volley in soccer would occur when you’re trying
to score a goal. The ball could get crossed into you, and it actually bounces before it
gets to you, and you want to hit the ball as it’s about to land on the ground after
a bounce. When doing a half volley, it’s very important to strike the center of the ball.
If you don’t hit the center of the ball, the ball could go anywhere. So if you hit the
ball on the top, the ball would go down. If you hit the ball too low, the ball would go
too high. You have to strike the center of the ball as it’s about to hit the ground in
order to do a good half volley. So now I’ll actually demonstrate, in slow motion, how
you would do a half volley. The ball would actually hit the ground first. And then as
it rises up, you want to hit it before it hits the ground the second time. So as the
ball hits the ground, you want to come hit it in the center before it actually hits the
ground. So now I’ll show you.
And that is how to do a half volley in soccer.

Antonio Breitenberg

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43 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Half-Volley a Soccer Ball

  1. fajrdragon says:

    thanks man it maybe helps (:

  2. Elber Giovanni says:

    this is for usa not 4 europ ok ahahahahahah usa plays socer ahahahahah

  3. Adi Hermann says:

    its football !

  4. formgren says:

    I think it calls shin splints or medial tibial syndrome in english,, if you have pain in front or a little bit on the sides of your lower leg?,, you can get it if you playing on hard surface or different surfface or if you not used to running , also if you are out running, and if you just start playing it can be too mutch training so the body/muskles dont have time to adjust :),

  5. formgren says:

    it can take time for it to disapere, and dont forget to stretch ALOT not just hips and front/back thigh, but also front and back side of your lower leg

  6. ImCALmain says:

    LOL a half volley is used when your trying to score a goal, THANKS TIPS

  7. kj5000 says:

    Football, not fucking soccer, has been seen in thigs to have been played in the times of the romans in 388BC, and was revived in 1903, so i think that FOOTBALL has been played much longer than american football, don't you?

  8. Marius Ciocan says:

    get a life, lol 🙂

  9. Alex Waddell says:

    who gives a damn about american football……nobody else in the world gives a flying frick about it, america needs to get with the program the rest of the world is using and focus a little bit more on the real football…

  10. Katie Walker says:

    football sucks

  11. khmer540finest08 says:

    i thing the best kick half volley asoocer ball in the wordl is mr Klinsman ( german striker 1994 against Mexico)

  12. Danny van Dungen says:

    Rugby would be a better word.

  13. thewritingwriter1 says:

    @Obain amen .

  14. brandon29tr says:

    hahahahhaha missed the ball and tried to cover up =)

  15. Stefan Radetic says:



    @Chaplynskypictures Soccer. we call it soccer specifically to differentiate from American Football. and its Futbol. since you know everything.and its not a game. its a sport.

  17. David Herrera says:

    Do you know why it was called football before?!
    In England Football and rugby used to be played together in a game call FOOTBALL, then they separated and they created two different sports, FOOTBALL and rugby.

  18. TerminatorApprentice says:

    This is crap.

  19. Ans Farooq says:

    @DaniboyBR2 The Americans call it "Soccer" because they have their own sport called Football, that's why, so they don't confuse the 2 sports.

  20. Dan 123 says:

    @GreenPuffle92 So you can put on a name of something you just made up using a already existing name hun?! I'll create football here, it will be a sport where you need to pick up a brick and throw it as hard as you can, ok, football! Now I need to rename the sport that exists for about 150 years and rename it, how about "americans think their country is a planet and they ignore the whole world's culture"?

  21. anonymous guy says:

    @DaniboyBR2 Obviously you've never played American football, cause you would suck at it if you did that. Also Americans weren't the ones to come up with the name "soccer" for football. That was England; the name was used as a nickname of sorts for football by many in England, and America adopted that name. A sport isn't "the whole world's culture", so please just move on; we named a sport something else and you're all sad now, big whoop.

  22. Dan 123 says:

    @tomwantssnow No "cause" I would suck, I played rugby and I didn't suck at all, I run fast… And the word was coined from "association", football association to be more correct. And if you ever come here to Brazil you will realize how big football really is. It doesn't matter how much money NFL makes, football is a way of life, we live and breath football mate, it is indeed a great part of the world culture. VAI CORINTHIANS

  23. Dark Black says:

    @Obain Americans are just sheep, no conscience of origin of words and reasoning of words. Soccer just sounds stupid.

  24. Cathaydude says:

    @Obain i know. such copykats

  25. Isaac Firestone says:

    god football, soccer i mean who really gives a shit, i mean really,

  26. Darth Sidius says:

    its all in the timing!!

  27. Caleb the Magnificent says:

    @Youcantpull10pokemon america had a chance to win the world cup. they made bad calls.

  28. Jonesy says:

    ok this is how you do a volley i want to know how to do a steven gerrard super volley lmao

  29. Ahmad H says:

    well if you have good ball control you dont need to hit the center, but thats if you have good ball control

  30. Safe Fam says:

    this guy is shit!:/

  31. Jackson Laurie says:

    @Youcantpull10pokemon All you'll do is complain. You know what, who gives a damn about pea shooting? HUH? If it weren't for America, you wouldn't even have a fucking computer. Last time I checked, we tied England in the 2010 world cup bitch! Where's your womens' team? Ours are in the fuckin world cup.

  32. Jackson Laurie says:

    @Mr00frijoles Us Americans get a job, you fuckin mexicans are running over OUR border dumbass

  33. ok says:


  34. Jackson Laurie says:

    @Mr00frijoles Your Mexicans are eunning over our border just to get a job. You'll are taking jobs AWAY from us so how the hell do you expect us to get a job after you'll took all of them? (NO RACISM INTENDED)

  35. Edi Zakelj says:

    @lfournia good for you kiddo i dont get ball even 2times

  36. Nas Yas says:

    There's already a game called handball

  37. Nas Yas says:

    Mexico…Wait, isn't that the place where retards live? You just proved that.

  38. Nas Yas says:

    He tries to show you people a simple half volley and all you guys care about is that he calls it soccer.You people need to get lives. Seriously.

  39. 96zahari says:

    0:02 ''I'm Jango Ubigldlvalalbal''?

  40. Michael says:

    Who cares what its called we americans already have a sport called football which is great so don't call us fat cause not all of us are fat so are some of you so shutup about all this crap thank you

  41. 27281brfc says:

    that was not a half volley, a half volley is when the ball is hit on the up, immediately after the ball bounces so it makes a 'b-dum' sound and the power of the bounce is added to the power of the shot, which is why balls can be hit very hard using minimal power. It would take an american to get that sort of thing wrong. what he hid was just hit the ball at some point after a bounce, that's just called hitting the ball

  42. Hugomao88 says:

    thats how you do a half volley you kick the ball as soon it hits the ground

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