Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Bicycle Kick in Soccer

Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Bicycle Kick in Soccer

Hi, I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to demonstrate
to you,on how to do a bicycle kick in soccer. In soccer, there are many times when the ball
is up in the air, and you have to get it down, or try to shoot it first time, out of the
air. By shooting the ball first time out of the air, offers some kind of a surprise to
the goalkeeper. Often at times, the ball is so high, that it’s above your head, causing
you to use some kind of acrobatic move, to get up in the air, and to strike the ball
at the goal. This is where the bicycle kick comes into play. The bicycle kick is done
when the ball is above your head, and you can’t reach it, or jumped to head it. Doing
the bicycle kick is very difficult at times, because you have to get the timing just right.
The bicycle kick is done by throwing your leg that’s not going to be striking the ball,
up in the air, to get your bodies momentum going up towards the ball, and bringing your
other foot through, to strike the ball, when it’s just at the right position, in the air.
Again, first you throw your one leg, your nonstriking foot up in the air, to get your
bodies momentum going, and at the same time you bring your kicking foot through to meet
the ball, at the right position, and that’s just how you do a bicycle kick.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Bicycle Kick in Soccer

  1. Gabby says:

    man this guy is really nervous

  2. Champ313 says:

    bloody americans

  3. Andrew Draxlar says:

    Its Football not Soccer. Damn Americans annoys me when they say Soccer.

  4. Wee En Tan says:

    press 2 repeatedly to hear him cough many times

  5. Karim Saidi says:

    press 7 for the robot

  6. Alberto Pierre Paul says:

    press 8 for air hump on ground

  7. lightskin carmelo says:

    press 6 for ground hump and kakistan

  8. Erik Mørk says:

    fuck this. it's called an over-head kick. you know why? because you kick the ball over your head.

  9. Erik Mørk says:

    yeah, maybe in USA were they have to make up a name for everything. no mate, I live in England and here it's called overhead-kick, and the original name is from a Brazilian word which I can't remember right now…

  10. Erik Mørk says:

    Ok, got it. It is originally called "Pele kick" (you know, the famous Brazilian player and a legend in football). He was the first person to perform this type of kick, but a lot of other Brazilian players adopted this "move", and therefore the name was changed to "the Brazilian kick". Other players outside Brazil started to do this move as well, and they wanted common name for the kick. They ended up with overhead-kick. A scissor kick is not the kick shown in the video, but shown here

  11. Erik Mørk says:

    this is a scissor kick: watch?v=nzgxThtwUHM

    you see that he jumps and kicks sideways, and form a scissor with his legs. but it's not called a scissor when you do an overhead-kick.

  12. Erik Mørk says:

    you're probably right there, but it is possible to do a scissor-kick by staying in one spot. that looks actually cooler, since then you have placed yourself perfectly according to the ball. you can then time the kick more precise and put some extra power in the kick. Rooney did exactly that against Man City even tough it was a overhead kick. But I love this goal by Negrete. Pure skill 😀

  13. Erik Mørk says:

    not good bro, not good

  14. gomenaros says:

    Bicycle kick is not something that should be analysed or taught. Just get the ball over your head and try to jump and kick it backwards without thinking the falling part.

  15. Andrew Goncharov says:

    u never really showed u kiciking it in the goal i wanted to know how to do an ACCURATE bicycle kick not just a kick that will fail and go who knows where

  16. firdaws Kabiri says:

    very short video and Stupid Explanation

  17. Anthony Moon says:

    u talk too much

  18. kbpuppy says:

    ouch…… i hurt my head when i was trying to do that. that hurts .(lol, i think i broke my arm) my lil bro thats five can do it. its so embarrasing. i love soccer moer than he does. lke if u think its funny!

  19. SayurKobis says:

    press 6 repeat it as fast as you can for ground fucking

  20. eazyduzitcpt says:

    DO NOT listen to this guys tips……you dont do a bicycle kick like that as everytime u get thew chance it wont be directly in front of you, sometimes to the side or eben away from you….if you really want to learn how to do a bicycle kick…type in……..Wayne Rooney Man City Wondergoal. again, dont let a yank teach a british game when this yank inparticular seems asful at football.

  21. ryoshiike says:

    what the heck…. he didn't even demonstrate this. Its the landing part thats difficult.

  22. lildutchy says:

    you can't learn football, it's something you're born with !

  23. cluxya says:

    I learned bicycle kick from watching Captain Tsubasa.. lol

  24. Max Martinez says:

    nice kick at :36 and :46

  25. kkurzeid says:

    how do i land without breaking my back? or do u want me to feature you on jackass?

  26. danzyboy says:

    really there is no instruction. you will get it first try naturally. thats what happened to me at least.

  27. Ahmed Nour says:

    hi im chris murray and i am gay

  28. ok says:


  29. TheRevSRB says:

    @JRvideoz1 then fuck AMERICA !

  30. TheRevSRB says:

    @iambrolyhaha madhouse

  31. TheRevSRB says:

    @JRvideoz1 then say FOOTBALL ! Fuck rugby
    listen to this /watch?v=3bZzM4s0Hgs

  32. keeeystone says:

    @TheRevSRB you're gay… different countries call it different things. if you're British get over it, Brits made the name soccer. If you're not, oh well I agree that football is the more accurate name, but soccer is what Americans call it. It's a f*cking name. Game is still the same.

  33. Ronaldo Regalado says:

    I learned how to do one by my self

  34. TheRevSRB says:

    @JRvideoz1 listen again the song…

  35. TheRevSRB says:

    @HawkZachary i did,they suck,you should watch Barclays Preimer League,LIGA BBVA,or Serie A

  36. jon ferrll says:

    @RenyRuIez Uhm.. What? That's not a stadium?

  37. jon ferrll says:

    @RenyRuIez Ahhh, I get what you're sayin. :p

  38. Johanz Patrick Magalong says:

    You should watch Azkals.

  39. Savio Polini says:

    so nervous..

  40. Rahul Sithanathan says:

    You rock man!

  41. zhaines says:

    stop debating whether the sport is called soccer or football, different countries have different names. stop worrying about what to call it, just have fun playing the game. most of you that worry about what its called probly cant even play soccer. seriously, just shut up about it!

  42. Sam Adler says:

    @TheRevSRB Why do you care?! Doesn't matter what its called! Just enjoy the sport!!!

  43. TheRevSRB says:

    @TechGamer1337 every1 should…relax

  44. countryboy94wi says:

    trying to get the jizz out of your throat?

  45. TheRevSRB says:

    @purplegrannie95 no,it's football

  46. Corky97 says:

    @TheRevSRB grow up. football, soccer? does it matter? get a life.

  47. Tibby Ek says:


  48. Jonathan Nordqvist says:


  49. Marvyn Taningco says:

    it's the nervous guy again!!

  50. Marvyn Taningco says:

    don't be nervous you did a lot of help….. i did a bicycle once already

  51. Modesto Bedolla says:


  52. Modesto Bedolla says:

    and i was looking for sheamus's move on the soccer ball

  53. Mohamad Rhazin says:

    someone give a strepsil.

  54. Irvin Acosta says:

    the last time i bicycle kicked a ball was when i accidentally kicked someone's head and knocked him out

  55. Danny Nava says:


  56. J Salva says:

    Damn! 138,610 videos

  57. Jack Wright says:

    what the hell is soccer?

  58. Hit-it says:

    press 6 repetedly for butt shake….LOL

  59. TheShakz10 says:

    i can never bring myself 2 do a bicycle kick when i try 🙁

  60. 17milpool says:

    me too

  61. 10sarvesh says:

    cant u show it ?!

  62. Noah Freitas says:

    All right… now tell me something I don't know.

  63. Ryan Malone says:

    press 6 repeatedly 7 zibwa

  64. 19Medic92 says:

    press 7 for robot

  65. Vildman12 says:

    SOCCER NOOB…football danmmit

  66. SuperMathias1998 says:


  67. Khalid Hosein says:

    @Volmy122 thank you finally somebody understands

  68. PHiGHTAAA says:

    @Volmy122 they say Soccer so people know the differnce between it & USA football

  69. Jonathan Nordqvist says:

    @fusionlord1 thats why u say american football not soccer !!

  70. Josephus Nikolai Ardiente says:


  71. tman4697 says:

    @Volmy122 not in america buddy, we have our own football

  72. thelastthingyouseee says:

    Would tell somebody speaking a different language that the way they said something was wrong?.. I don't think so, American English is a lot different then English, English soccer is just what we call it SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DEAL WITH IT


  73. Dillon Schildknecht says:

    soccer is the REAL football.

  74. RAYADO. X SiEMPRE says:

    it depends if you know how to land right

  75. Cheah says:

    it called both

  76. Mike Ramish says:

    Yeah, really. Don't cave into the Americans version of it. Their "Football" is you pad yourself with a bunch of equiptment and slam into each other, when the real version of THAT is rugby. They think it's so big and think soccer is nothing when only america and canada play their football and our football is played and respected worldwide. The REAL FOOTBALL is your foot and the ball.

  77. Jonathan Nordqvist says:

    amen bro!

  78. kaston shawver says:

    in america its called soccer

  79. michaelcoulson123 says:

    It's football

  80. michaelcoulson123 says:

    You dick

  81. madydaddario says:

    actually its called futeball….

  82. OpticalFilmsHD says:

    ever heard of Rugby?
    nobody dies there either..
    THAT are real men!

  83. Ryan King says:

    who cares what the sport is called it has different names but we all can agree the guy teaching does a shitty bicycle kick

  84. meeli6t9r says:

    I liked this video -cough- then it began to annoy me -cough- because chris kept on coughing -cough-

  85. meeli6t9r says:

    Aussies call it soccer because in Australia football is referred to a game called rugby league witch is pretty rough but fun to play

  86. ammar mohammed says:

    people sometimes get mixed up with amarican football and football

  87. RobertoHarmono911 says:

    call it football.

  88. Jason Jason says:

    his bicycle kick went upwards which is not recommened what

  89. DannyTheBeast420 says:

    Why are YOU bitching when its an Americans video? He's obviously going to call it what it is known mainly as in the USA. So hop off his/our dicks for calling it soccer. Its a word, bro… I think you can be a little more mature than that

  90. Jonathan Nordqvist says:

    i bitch about it becouse its my opinion! even if its an american video its still stupid why they call it soccer but its not this guy's fault! dont mean to hate dude! but this is how i think its should be! peace bro!

  91. Ryan Wallace says:

    depends on what country you're

  92. JMFreeKicks says:

    Stop freaking out like everybody else… Americans call it soccer and everywhere else calls it football. We have our rights and you guys have yours

  93. Ashley Farrell says:

    In america its called soccer!

  94. Johanz Patrick Magalong says:

    Umm, maybe you meant some countries call it soccer and others football? Just to speak for others.

  95. Gracen304epic says:

    It only hurts for a second I had the same problem with a slide

  96. Azzah Abdalla says:

    Im #19 too and this is one of my favorite moves !

  97. gustavo gutierrez says:

    For America it is soccer for Latinos it called futbal

  98. Travis Reese says:

    me neither

  99. Mauritz Gullbransson says:

    how to do a bicycle kick in saccer? ;D

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