Soccer Game Day

Soccer Game Day

– Game time. – Game time.
– And a slushie! (upbeat, melodic music)
(excited yelling) Are you excited? – Yayte!
– Yayte! We’re watching the keepers right now. – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, entering the field, the pregame warmups, please welcome the United
States professional team! (cheering) – [Marissa] Alex Morgan! – Wait, I’m here, wait. – [Marissa] She’s on the big screen. – [Announcer] Please
welcome the national team of the People’s Republic of China. – [Marissa] Carli Lloyd,
Sofia Huerta, Alex Morgan. – [Brookie] They can say their last name. – [Marissa] Megan Rapinoe. (upbeat pop music) – [Announcer] Who’s ready
to watch Team USA win today? Make some noise! (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Between the
U.S. Women’s National Team and the National Team of the
People’s Republic of China. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Number 19, Crystal Dunn! (crowd cheering) – Game time!
– Game time. (crowd cheering) – ‘Kay, it’s halftime, what’s the score? – Zero, zero! – Two zeroes, and a slushie! ( “Don’t Stop the Party” by Pitbull) (whistle blows) (crowd cheering) – That scared me! (upbeat pop music) (crowd cheering) (crowd gasping) (crowd cheering) (Marissa laughs) – So it is day two in Utah. Where are we?
– Lagoon! – We are at Lagoon, if you
guys don’t know what Lagoon is, it’s just a big roller
coaster amusement park. It’s really fun.
– So fun. We just went on the oldest one. – The oldest one, the first
roller coaster that was here, was the White Roller Coaster. We just went on the White Roller Coaster. – Oh my gosh, so, so fun! – My neck hurts. – My eyeballs have a headache. – So we’re just gonna
take you along on our day. I’m in a car by myself.
– Yay. – [Marissa] Yeah. (screaming) Yay! (screaming) – Oh, I gotta go pee!
(Marissa laughs) – Aloe’s crying. Are you ready to go on the swings? – Yeah. – [Marissa] Yeah, Brookie! – Yikes! (hollering) – All right, so we just went on Wicked. – [Brookie] And it is so fun. – And this is what it looks like, we’ll just show you, it’s crazy. And we are about to go on Colossal. – In our cart that we went on for Wicked, I was the only one screaming! – I know, I just smiled,
rather than scream. – [Brookie] I know. – But this is the one we’re about to do. This is Colossal, it has two loops, and then we just did Wicked, which is… (roller coaster roars) Oh my gosh! (seat restraint clicks) You ready?
– Yeah! – I’m gonna try and vlog as much as I can but we’re going upside
down so I don’t know. – Yeah, we have to do loops first. – I’ll just go like this, and we’ll see you on the other side! – Yeah! (screaming) – Oh my God!
(laughs) – [Brookie] My head! – This is so fun! (screaming) – My head hurts so bad!
(Marissa laughs) – Sorry for that shaky footage. – That was so fun!
– Peace. – We just watched that,
that was not very good. – That was me and Nathan’s fourth time. – Yeah. Oh man, I’m still recovering, but we are getting snow cones! – My neck doesn’t hurt from the ride. – She is a little daredevil. – She went on Wicked. (snappy, playful music) – Oh, yah! So Lucy and I are on a ride. It’s a Star Spinner, and
you are in little carts and you can go like this, ready? (Lucy hollers)
(bouncy, rhythmic music) (both scream) Forwards, backwards. – No, stop! – And we’re really high
right now, so, (Lucy yells) she’s kind of scared, but
then it starts moving. They’re kinda loading people right now. Yeah, so we’re havin’
a fun time at Lagoon. What has been your favorite ride? – Probably, what’s the one? – Cannibal?
– Yeah. – Cannibal, Cannibal’s been really fun. – A lot. – We’ve gone on it three times. Ricky and Ethan in that car. – [Lucy] And they’re spinning like crazy. – This is what it looks
like, here’s our view. Then Wild Mouse. I think they’re trying to flip over. Do it, do it! They’re upside down. ‘Kay try and flip over! We are on a log ride. – Yeah.
– And it’s water. – Yes, we’ll show you,
we’re gonna get wet. – [Lucy] It will feel really
nice because we’re hot and it’s hot outside. – [Marissa] Yeah. – [Lucy] And Utah’s
pretty hot in the summer. – Over there is where you
get splashed at the very end. – [Lucy] Yeah. – This goes very slow
and it’s kinda boring. – [Lucy] And it’s kinda down the hill. – I don’t know how they get it up there. – [Lucy] This is how they get up. This is how they get up,
there’s a little path. – [Marissa] Guys, there’s a peacock. Turn around. – [Brookie] Yo Peacock. – [Child] Mom, a peacock. – [Marissa] Oh, okay. (laughs) – [Brookie] Oh. – [Marissa] Hello there. (chuckles) Oh, that’s so pretty. – [Dad] I believe he wants to mate. – [Marissa] What? – That’s cool. – Look at that sunset. (Brookie laughs) It is almost the end of the day at Lagoon. – Yep, goin’ ’til it closes. – Oh yeah. – And we are back to Colossus and Wicked. We just went on Cannibal once, but then the line was too
long to go on twice, so. – Yeah, we wanted to do Samurai again. – But way too long.
– But we just ate and that would be bad. – Your face literally goes like this. – Yeah, you spin while spinning. – Yeah, should be fun though.
– Yeah.

Antonio Breitenberg

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