Soccer Dribbling Moves : Flip Flap Soccer Trick

Soccer Dribbling Moves : Flip Flap Soccer Trick

Now what I want to talk about is a very simple
move and a very effective move that I call a “flip flap”. Now, Ronaldinho likes to do
this a lot. Basically, you’re dribbling and you take one touch inside, and then with the
same foot, you bring it outside right afterwards. So it looks like this. And eventually, you’ll be able to do it where
it’s only one touch, and you’re just cradling the ball around. But right now, just practice
with two touches. And so when a defender gets in there, you can fake your momentum going
in and go out. You can also reverse the direction of the flip flap. You can go out and in. It’s
the same idea. That’s a good way to practice right there is to field both sides of the
ball with your feet.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Soccer Dribbling Moves : Flip Flap Soccer Trick

  1. keiran6 says:

    thats wrong the other way wrong

  2. afedeeronel says:

    If this person could be professional then I'm a shoe in

  3. Disasterpieces963 says:


  4. ImJustLilMK says:

    this made me sad.

  5. supasye says:

    oh dear…….

  6. dommkay says:

    0:40 o.O

  7. Oli Boober says:

    my gramma taught me this wen i was five

  8. HolyheadUK says:

    Ron Reisberg you suck, your an embarrassment to the game.

  9. Allen says:

    hes T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E

  10. nathan scott says:

    dude u fail

  11. NetanyatiTV says:


  12. Saurav Ghosh says:

    the move must be named correctly like dis one is elastico

  13. Marcel Petruk says:

    The move is wrong. :O
    Ronaldinho put the ball outside and than he Flip the ball inside.

  14. V Ling says:

    LOL he did it wrong…..they need a better teacher. He isn't even good at dribbling.

  15. NachoAndChancho says:

    Isn't it called Elastico?

  16. S.m.D says:

    lol yea bringing that good actor defender convinced me that you're doing it right

  17. PapiNextDoor says:

    gay coach

  18. notredamephil says:


  19. Zaid Albayati says:

    wow the defender is so gay, he didnt even move!

  20. Dimitar Velev says:

    this is called the elastico or something.

  21. V Ling says:

    :43 to :48

    All I have to say is………LOL

  22. Muhd Khairy says:

    very hard to accomplish

  23. 717cronaldofan717 says:

    wat a scrub. thats the mathews not anything to do with ronaldinho, ronaldinho does it by going outside inside

  24. Hemi Wilson says:

    You Suck

  25. p jose says:

    like the defender's gonna stand like a dummy !! [why do these idiots spoil the games repute!]

  26. No Body says:

    Don't blame this guy!
    Just jalous you all can't play soccer.. Just Wanna-Be soccers!

    Be happy this guy wanna help beginners!
    Or learn you !

    This is free..
    You guys just jalous!!

  27. Yung Carlito says:

    ummmmmm………..i think ur doing it wrong dude

  28. 09ducatiman09 says:

    is this a joke video? lol at the start he said this is a move HE likes to call flip flap, hmm maybe thats coz thats the name.
    and u doing it wrong u flick out then pull in lol watch ronaldinho, and dont ever try to play football again lol. joke lol >< but seriously stick to yank sports 🙁

  29. Στεφανος Παπαγκινης says:

    dude right now you embarased the whole universe of football players,….you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,im not juging you,im telling you the truth,….lol.Please work on your skills first an then try to teach…..

  30. Fleshboiler says:

    Dude… U suck hardcore…

  31. Artie Taylor says:


  32. feckdisheeit says:

    this is embarassing

  33. Ruben R says:

    what the fuck is he trying to do? Ohh HE calls that a flip flap explains a lot

  34. giuseppe3010 says:

    this is why Americans have reputation of bad soccer players….this is kindergarten soccer!

  35. trowe84 says:

    I love his bio and how he is a self proclaimed "Expert." Just a laundry list of soccer accolades. He should be a candidate for Bob Bradley's replacement when the time comes. The defender should be his assistant.

  36. pedrofg says:

    thats not a flick flac! thats just carrying the ball…

  37. Nuke Daddy says:

    What a NOOB! Thats not a flip flap and u cant even do thats something what u are doing here!

  38. Konsta Peltoniemi says:

    Its NOT soccer, its FOOTBALL.

  39. daft madmadmad says:

    dude my 7 year old brother can fake u out if u move that way.. (you move like if ur vs a old lady) no offence

  40. Austin Rathbone says:

    ummm the trike is called the snake

  41. dynamojr says:

    its called the "ramos"

  42. paronomasiaster says:

    This guy is seriously bad.

  43. bharat varma says:

    @thatwasbuttery u sau itz easy ots reallly tough man

  44. NoMansLandProduction says:

    @thatwasbuttery this trick is NOT pointless, if perfected and at lightning speed, it is very effective. anyone can do it, but the trick is to do it quickly enough your opponent can't react fast enough for the second touch

  45. FantastyckplastycK says:

    this is a joke right?

  46. triston oudemolen says:

    haha the flip flap? i love this move but is that the legal name for it?

  47. dixie normus says:

    are you fuck1ng kidiing me.

  48. ilbuoncesco says:

    it's so funny!

  49. M Burchill says:

    what a hero to the game!

  50. spayne2003 says:

    @pokemon94master he's doing it for people who need help, just trying to be a nice guy, did your mum never teach you if you have nothing nice to say shut the fuck up and sit down 🙂

  51. Mark Hughes says:

    you my friend…. are terrible

  52. AlarmClock says:

    u have know clue about soccer do you trying to teach someone a trick you dont even know how to do

  53. Rawandi says:

    very well done! I've learned a lot from you, especially the rainbow!
    Best regards, 🙂

  54. sfran13 says:

    LMFAO is this for real?

  55. XChester360 says:

    this is mathews feint ??

  56. Nicco Nkc says:

    I agree you fucking blow, you didnt even give the fundamentals of the move

  57. koolwhat says:

    P.s —> that not a flip flap.. u douche…

  58. Dorian Thomas says:

    going to the inside it's called the elastico

  59. ItsAlwaysRedLFC says:

    i thought the video was over at 0:42 but i guess i was wrong…

  60. veryarrant says:

    is it ironic?

  61. Jennifer Benefield says:

    the defender is pretty mean.

  62. Skrr says:

    americans need 2 learn the beautiful game

  63. KhooTech says:

    I honestly can't think of a reason why he isn't playing for the likes of Barcá or Real

  64. lostagent23 says:

    doing it wrong!!!!

  65. Daniel vikingsen says:

    its outside inside

  66. theDragonaut says:

    its starts with the outside

  67. Doombringer_06 says:

    he calls it the flip-flap…what does everyone else call it? I thought that was its name.

  68. Jules Braddock says:

    you guys just need to shut up he's giving you ideas to use, if you don't like it then don't watch it it's that simple. so what if you can do it better then him we really don't care

  69. thomas hill says:

    i think he's actually getting confused with dropping his shoulder and going to other way :L Ronaldiniho does it much better and faster -_-

  70. wazabymaster says:

    this made me laugh, but it's cool man… cool

  71. Josh says:


  72. Zach Szala says:

    that move works when ur dfndrs suck that guy steps to hard

  73. smokeout3000 says:

    weak elastico

  74. arcaniser says:

    worst defender ever , If you defend anyone like that ever a five year old gets passed

  75. bigchillyj says:

    @DaLatinEmperor thank you.thats definetly not the flip flap.

  76. bigchillyj says:

    ok thats not the flip flap

  77. chr1226 says:

    the defender doesnt know what to do other than just stand for the other guy he sukks badly

  78. jahdee says:

    wat the hell is a damn flip flap and ronaldihno likes to do the snake dumbass!!

  79. Prashant Pokhriyal says:

    im american and i apologize on my country's behalf for these videos x_x

    not all americans are bad at football/soccer, i can assure you— but this guy certainly is

  80. Scout Schultz says:

    i think ya needaaa work on ur touch man !! but ur good…

  81. TheMugge522 says:

    ''Expertvillage'' this a joke? it's not called Flip Flap, if you're going to make a guide about it, atleast have some basic knowledge about it first, dang americans..

  82. tzielinski7 says:

    you are fucking horrible. hahaha

  83. Jason Mendez says:

    The flip flap, elastico, snake there all the same move !!!! If ur gunna make fun of someone just make sure u do ur research DUMBASS !!!!!

  84. fspopshovit says:

    IT'S FOOTBALL! Not soccer, jezus…

  85. Ninja Trollz says:

    0:38 he cant even do it two touch (give it up kid)

  86. Stalinsangel22 says:

    Firstly a "flip flap" is actually called a snake or snake for days and it's from the outside of your foot to the inside. You are horrible.

  87. Joe Sansone says:

    are you wearing elf shoes?

  88. ahmed mohammed says:


  89. ZKfitness says:


  90. Nicolas Rogers says:

    your fucking terrible

  91. DeathsShadow505 says:

    *FACEPALM* This video takes place in the USA and in the USA "football'' is called soccer,jezus.

  92. Daddyblue Blue says:

    Isn't it called the elastico

  93. Fushan GremioFC says:

    The actual name for this trick is the reverse elastico

  94. MegaXtremeJ says:


  95. Benoît Alexandre says:

    What in the HELL is a FLIP FLAP?!?!

  96. daniel hoelzley says:

    That's the easiest thing I've ever seen

  97. Phillip Hirsch says:

    Aren't you supposed to know how to do the move before you give a tutorial on it?

  98. DoeMaarGamen says:

    Hahahahah rong Side

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