Soccer Conditioning Drills: Soccer Conditioning Exercises For Game Shape

Hey guys. This is Matt from Epic Soccer Training.
Thanks for checking this video out. I kind of want to explain now some soccer conditioning
for you. I think a lot of people really don’t know how to train for soccer which is kind
of unbelievable. It’s a lot of short sprints. Most people think, if I run six miles, I’m
going to be in peak soccer shape,” but it’s not really the case. Anything like football or soccer in American
football that is. I know most of you guys are thinking European soccer but It’s a lot
of explosive sprints so you want to work a lot with interval training. Now soccer conditioning,
what most people don’t realize is you can run up to five or six miles a game if you
are center-mid or if you are center wing backs or half backs, whatever you want to call them.
There are a lot of different names but I played on the wing for a little bit. I was running
about five miles a game and if you’re running on the wings, basically you have the longest
sprints in the game because when It’s a transition, you’re making 60, 70, 80-yard sprints down
the field to get open, to get a crossed ball. So again, you need to know what position you’re
going to be playing and then kind of train according to that. Not necessarily like everybody
trains the same and then just call it a day. It has to be a little bit different for what
specific position you’re playing. There are however common conditioning drills
that you want to do. One of them I want to show you is called the wheel drill which was
taught to me by one of my professional coaches and It’s a way to get everybody a little bit
of a rest. I usually don’t like soccer drills or anything that have lines but when It’s
conditioning, It’s good for you because you actually want to be able to catch your breath
a little bit but not all the way before you start getting into it. So again, we have two, four, six and we have
an octagon here and basically start at one end and you have your center cone. So have
a couple of guys here. Everybody can be starting on the same cone or on a different cone if
you want but basically you’re sprinting and you’re hitting right in front of the cone
and then you’re going back. So again, what you want to do is when you
first start out, you go to the front and then you work your way to your next cone. So you
work your way back and then you go back in and then work your way to the next cone and
then back in and you’re working your way all the way around. So again, you would be going
this way. You would be going all the way around. You want to do that as fast as you can. Take
a minute rest. A minute rest is generally the rule of thumb with anything. Obviously if you’re doing full field suicides
where you go six-yard box, 18, half field, the other 18, the other 6, that’s one of the
best drills that you can do but again a minute rest is not going to be enough for that. you’re
going to need a little bit longer. So again, I just want to kind of explain that
when you’re a defender, you got t to think about the type of sprints or the type or running
you’re going to be doing. Sure, It’s going to be a little bit conditioning but in soccer
you’re never going to need to run more than two miles. So you don’t need to go running
four, five, six miles down the road. Really two miles max is good but you really want
to intersperse that with a lot of short sprints. A lot of interval training is the best way
you can do things. So whether you set cones up all the way along the field and you do
walk, jog, spring, walk, jog, sprint, anything like that would be great because again if
you’re a center-mid, you’re going to be doing more all-around jogging at about 60, 70 percent
and then take off in short sprints to kind of get open. Hopefully if you have a really good offense,
there won’t be a whole lot of running but still you’re going to want to always kind
of be jogging, getting into place especially if you’re swinging the ball or you’re having
to cover and everybody is having to shift over. It’s going to be quick sprints and the
same with forwards. If you play striker or anything like that, you really want to work
on doing your sprints that are anywhere from goal line to 18 consistently. You should be able to do 10 or 15 of those
with hardly any break in between. So work on that as well and I tell people all the
time I wasn’t always a great player. I was a pretty average player and I found a systematic
approach to how to train and how to maximize my time on the field and how to maximize it
when I got to a game because they always translate over. You want to practice like It’s a game. That
way you’re always getting in the right mindset, always getting in the right habits. So again,
if you want to check out kind of how I did that, I made a video below that you could
check out the link right down here. Also don’t forget to subscribe and leave some comments.
I will come by and answer any questions you might have and I will see you guys again in
the next video. Hope you enjoyed. Bye.

Antonio Breitenberg

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