Soccer Broadcast – SNL

Soccer Broadcast – SNL

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Soccer Broadcast – SNL

  1. Thom Hardcastle says:

    The black guy's accent is great. The others' accents are awful. The writing is atrocious.

  2. Sergiu says:


  3. Mizuno Dori says:

    "Yeah it's injured in it." Why do I find that so funny.

  4. Francesco Monaldi says:

    If Idris wasn’t willing to do that they could have at least asked someone about football terminology and really just British slang and pronunciations. Hearing ‘Premiere League’, ‘defense’, ‘diaper’, ‘trade’, ‘field’ was cringe.

  5. Brian Sounalath says:

    english accents. horrid

  6. Brian Sounalath says:

    go ahead and "pop that beanie back on"

  7. Fil Am says:

    Great delivery, but predictable jokes…

  8. M Chas says:

    Awful Brit dialects.

  9. John says:

    I'd smash that and her mom.

  10. Maxym Habarov says:

    Awful accents!

  11. kevin Garcia says:

    Now do one on AFTV

  12. Chicken Permission says:

    They really couldn’t have picked a better person for this sketch! I love Idris SO much!!

  13. Brett h says:

    He doesn't strike me as dumb as much as an ass.

  14. Tupdike says:

    While their accents went to shit after the first few lines, I was actually impressed that they correctly referred to Arsenal as "The Arsenal." I wonder if Idris educated them on that, seeing as how he's an Arsenal supporter

  15. Fifthcell says:

    1:41 what sound was that lmao

  16. Dima Gass says:

    Just went to Manchester vs Chicago Fire on Saturday!

  17. Prince Chibub says:

    The one qualm is that he said diaper instead of nappy

  18. BlueAversion says:

    8 seconds in and can already tell this is Americans trying (and failing) to understand football. First, they call it soccer and they show the game as Man Utd v Arsenal and say Arsenal are at home. That isn't how the Premier League does it. Man Utd would be at home in that scenario.

  19. PM's Far-Out Grooviness says:

    I think it wasn't shown in tonight's rebroadcast

  20. Rockets #1 says:

    David must have a hard time memorizing those lines.

  21. Kyle Richards says:

    Monty python did this skit better 40 years ago

  22. WTF John says:

    David’s keeping it real, to stupid to lie

  23. Heinz Ketchup says:

    Manchester United at Arsenal? Poor realism SNL!

  24. Christopher Prince says:

    Funny, but they needed an English consultant. It's "pitch," not "field." It's "transferred," not "traded." It's Arsenal "have" not Arsenal "has" and so on.

  25. Warehouse TheWoodman says:

    It feels a bit gay! Don’tcha miss when you were able to say what you really felt?

  26. TheLegendAX 99 says:

    Idris Elba and soccer? Why’d Jim duck?

  27. 401topher says:

    Idris looks like Donovan Mitchell in that wig

  28. James Martin says:

    Reminds me of an old Python sketch. "I hit the ball in the goal Brian."

  29. MusicalElitist1 says:

    This is incredibly accurate!

  30. Tyler Keller says:

    This is what drives me insane about soccer (ahem….. Excuse me, "Futbol") because everything that is usually the same in every other fucking sport, has to have a different name. It's not a uniform, it's a kit. It's not a field, it's a pitch. It's not a game, it's a match. I fucking HATE it. Not only all that, it's BOOOOOOOOOORING!!!!!! Let's watch two team (ahem, excuse me, "clubs") run back and forth for three hours to only have the fucking GAME end in a tie (if it's even called that 😒)

  31. James Martin says:

    Kudos to the wig person.

  32. Liliam Pumpernickel says:


  33. Kenneth Calden says:

    1:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Jon Brooks says:

    Finally a show that exposes how dumb soccer players are. I mean why wouldn't they be I mean you just kick the ball into the net. In the NFL u can't be that dumb. Comparing the two sports it's like the difference between playing Tic-Tac-Toe and playing chess. I can't even say Checkers because soccer can't even match up to that. I think soccer is a great game to teach young boys and girls in America as a great beginner's game to introduce into competition and to teach then sportsmanship. And I'm going to get a little bit older they could graduate to a more complicated sport like dodge ball. English people are slowly but surly learning. 4 nfl games are being played three sold out in 4 hrs. Cheerio to you all and God bless the queens the princes and the dukes of London.

  35. 2 Chainz says:

    Good bird, FAITHFUL

  36. Slanted Frames Productions says:

    Manchester United at Arsenal, but the graphic clearly shows united as the home side

  37. Tyler Durden says:

    I liked this sketch better when Monty Python did it FIFTY YEARS AGO.

  38. Arceus Lord of Creation says:

    “You’re too small”

    …….to play Soccer??🤷‍♀️

  39. Giedrius Grudzinskas says:

    idris is down to earth bloke,I meet him years ago

  40. Hot Gunner says:

    They actually got a lifelong Arsenal fan Idris Elba to be part on this! Arsenal for life!

  41. XXXDeathByFartsXXX says:

    Every time I see these two, I just see Don jr and Eric.

  42. Hooman Vakil says:

    So no ones going to ask as to why "Manchester United vs Arsenal" was played at the "Emirates Stadium"?

  43. Aaron Rock says:

    Decent British accents

  44. D Pollard says:

    SNL sure has gone down hill over the years.

  45. Stefan Schuette says:

    It's a shame when Arsenal players get traded.

  46. Nate Harris says:


  47. Dual Shock says:

    The shocked response only because Elba said "it feels gay", words can't describe how much I hate this oversensitive society, in the end it will be the death of comedy

  48. Emily Replogle says:

    Feels a bit gay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Lisa says:

    Football and yet it’s still titled ‘soccer’

  50. Lisa says:

    ‘ Old man’s diaper’ if we being British here, it would be ‘nappy’

  51. Shonok Rohan says:

    david is british Chad

  52. Ironninja1116’s old channel says:

    don’t say that

  53. Mateo Correa says:

    😂 this skit is 10x funnier when you actually watch sky sports every week after watching prem games

  54. patrick dwyer says:

    Wow I forgot about pizza express I had to eat that on group trips to Europe it sucked

  55. brodemonz says:

    This is stupid.

  56. David Pumpkins Jr. says:

    We definitely need to see Idris Elba play more meat-headed lads.

  57. Lidija Cullen says:

    Hey, did they use a sharpie?!?

  58. Hamish Munroe says:

    I keep clicking on SNL vids hoping they'll be funny. Not found one yet

  59. MLC DJT says:

    This is very accurate good one Idris!

  60. Kion Kion says:


  61. Irokun says:

    Twinings sponsoring the player to watch 😂

  62. C Sellars says:

    Clinton Morrison is that you?

  63. Kevin Ferrari says:

    My team Arsenal mentioned on a skit on SNL!!!!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUUUUCK!!!!! LOOOOOVE it lol

  64. Chibz92 says:

    Is it me or does that dude sound like a mix of Ian Darke and Derek Rae?

  65. Tony Marshall says:

    The said premier the American way it’s prem—ee—air

  66. Tommy OneTee says:

    terrible sketch.

  67. A Hussein says:

    Loved it, hey idris is a gooner too

  68. caracasaltavista says:

    That's was great!!

  69. VAP0R99 says:

    “I have to trade you” Haha who’s doing trades in the Premier?

  70. DARTH JAR JAR says:

    Premeer league?

  71. FighterCK says:

    I kinda feel that they used "trade" and "coach" instead of "transfer" and "manager" so that American audiences would understand the jokes without having to Google bc Idris certainly knew the correct terminology. Interestingly enough baseball uses the term "manager" instead of head coach as well so I always wonder why it's substituted when talking about this sport as though the concept is entirely foreign…

  72. Sean Kennedy says:

    Exactly what it's like now with Keane sounness and mourinho on all together 😂

  73. mack mcentire says:

    Hahaha great

  74. mack mcentire says:

    …..yea I’d smash that too

  75. Dan Jones says:

    Couple of phrases Brits wouldn't say such as "trade you" would be "sell you" and "old man's diaper" would be "old man's nappy". I do understand that's it for American audiences though…

    Other than those phrases, it's pretty much spot on!

  76. Andrew Bloy says:

    Wow, Idris Elba does a great Rio Ferdinand impression here. Maybe a little too coherent though

  77. Philip Light says:

    “Man United of course, quite a tough squad to beat”

    Me: Lol ok

  78. Andrés González says:

    It’s funny that Americans think the whole world orders their teams as visitor and home.

    Here it would be Arsenal visiting Manchester United. . .

  79. Alex Odusanya says:

    The funniest joke in this sketch is that a black footballer would actually have a black wife

  80. Jeri Lee says:

    This is kind of a reworking of he Celebrity Jeopardy skits where the celeb is an idiot and Sean Connery keeps saying dirty old man things to Alex Trebek.😂

  81. Hannah Hassall says:

    the only thing that was inaccurate was the word 'announcing'. us brits say 'commentating'

  82. FbaGaming says:

    What commentator would say trade?

  83. Jay Torr says:

    I think there isn't anything that the snl actors like more than doing British accents.

  84. Rufus 45 says:

    You can’t trade people and it’s called the manager not the coach

  85. Kapa Pi says:

    The best video ever!

  86. Luke Bannon says:

    Ouch they said preMIER instead of PREMier.

  87. Vasco Apolonio says:

    David got a small knob for a black bloke, but thats ok , i guess she loves him for real…so, good man David, good man…

  88. Cianisboss says:

    This is terrible. We don't say at for the home team and we don't have injury reports like the NFL

  89. Jon Crowe says:

    Idris Elba is an Arsenal fan, isn't he?

  90. Twitting On Trender says:

    "Manchester United at Arsenal". We don't say that here. Home side comes first.

  91. Aaron Tolbert says:

    That guy sounds like KSI

  92. Aziz Raza says:

    Don't say that 😂

  93. Bingo says:

    Prem ear league football

  94. Angel Canez says:

    Good for him man. LoL

  95. Ross says:

    Did they say emirates

  96. trufiend138 says:

    I don’t think he’s dumb. He just has no filter or pretense. And he’s not mean spirited nor sarcastic.

    Refreshing!! 🍹🍹🍹

  97. Dangrg says:

    I'd smash that

  98. Lokesh Jyotula says:


  99. ga11ythegreat says:

    Well this was painful to watch like most SNL sketches. Ted lasso number one at bringing the football's together

  100. KingDomofSkeough says:

    Just a note that's not how English people say "defence" or "Premier"

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