soccer boi’s basic warm-up training drills with cones in 10 MIN (stretching&coordination)

soccer boi’s basic warm-up training drills with cones in 10 MIN (stretching&coordination)

Hello, everyone. 안녕하세요, 여러분 축구동자,
soccer boi, Nathan Today, we’re going to show you how to get ready for the training, warming up and stretching, basic stuff sets for coordination that you can use before the soccer (match) or any kind of training so, let’s do it stretching usually, you should start with the bigger size muscles when you do the stretch just put your feet wide open try to straight your back, so that you can have the most stretch from your hamstring chest to your knee STRAIGHT YOUR BACK it doesn’t have to be same order every time but try to stretch every part of your body so that you don’t get hurt (injured) shoulders it’s one of the most important part that you need to stretch (lat) basically, try to warm up every part, every joints of your body and we’re good to go we are kind of warmed up and we’re going to move on to the coordination. So. focus on how I warm(ing) up myself MUST INCLUDE SPRINT to THE LAST CONE if you feel struggle, try three steps in between then, this is the tempo hoop tadada hoop tadada like this Tadada then step forward no, this foot should go forward not that one over then tadada it’s up, put forward down tadada, yeah like that see that it seems it’s not working, but if you go fast enough panting quite many people they forget how to use their hands when they do the side step, it’s more like staking some people do like this (better than no hands!) skating from here jump to here jump back here focus on stabilizing your ankles it’s almost the last set mix it up straight up then high knee jump right away good (who is..?) keep on tip toeing (important)

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