Snowboard’mu daha zor Kayak mı? Ne dersiniz? I SPXTV

Snowboard’mu daha zor Kayak mı? Ne dersiniz? I SPXTV

Hello, I’m Orkun Which one is more difficult, skiing or snowboarding? What do you think? Okay. one of the most frequently asked question is That I hear the most in years
both from my relatives and stores are; Should I start skiing or snowboarding? or, I’m a skier but should I switch to snowboarding? Can I switch, it seems so hard. I should start my child skiing not snowboarding, right? Those are the most frequent questions I get I’ll try to answer all of these questions. I’ll put it this way, if you compare skiing and snowboarding to eachother, Naturally it’s compared a lot They are the most common and popular snow sports. There is also other snow sports of course
like cross country snowboarding, Very common in the Scandinavian peninsula.
It’s even a mode of transportation. Or there is sledge. Or something we called bicycle that
you stand in the back and has a ski in front of it. or there is snowmobiling
which is a motorbike build for the snow. But the most common and popular sports in
our country are snowboarding and skiing. When we compare these two to eachother,
which one is harder or risky? Which one is easier to start? Which one is easier or harder to proceed.
Let’s talk about that. First of all. In my opinion, if you ask me. Which one is harder without the details. Skiing is harder. I’ll explain the reason why skiing is a harder sport. It’s harder to proceed and reach to a certain point. Snowboard is easier but our perception is the opposite. People usually think that snowboarding is harder. I’ll explain why this is not true. And another question is that
which one is riskier? That will be the opposite, snowboard is riskier. We’ll get into the reasons and details later. Let’s explain why skiing is harder. Actually, people’s perception that snowboard is harder
comes from here As you can see front of me, there is two pieces in skiing. you are not connecting your feet to one
piece of wood like in snowboard You connect them to two seperate pieces of woods. and that makes people psychologically
feel more comfortable That’s a natural instinct. but if you compare starting snowboarding to skiing For instance, this week
I’m starting to learn how to skii for the first time in my life The skill I’ll achieve at the end of the first week if compared to snowboarding, You would achieve a lower level with skiing. You can achieve a higher level with snowboarding. When skiing, it’s easier to get on it for the first time. Cause your feet are seperated that instinct makes
you feel right You can put on the skiis and stand up. They even push you down a bit to show you
how to do a snow plough You make your feet snow plough and you stand. If you manage to lean to the left, you would turn. That’s the hardest part in snowboard. Standing up for the first time on a single wood. Imagine you can’t separate your feet from eachother.
Like they are stucked to eachother. At the beggining, sliding down in that situation and stopping At first that’ll feel like hell,
at least in the beggining as psychologically. But, when you conquer that scary part. Which is different for every person. I saw a lot of people conquering that fear in an hour For me to conquer my fear took one and a half hour. When I first tried snowboarding in 95. I’ve seen people who has snow fears and
conquered their fear in a week It usually takes a day, at the end of the day Especially when you are a kid. You can get on the snowboard and start skiing. Next thing to learn is to learn to turn right and left. and start to slalom. but in skiing, you need to spend some serious time
with the snowplough To control the skiis, you need to close the snowplow slowly And shift to the parallel position. After that, you’ll start the turnings with parallel movements. Then you will gradually have a process to close your skis. And then you’ll pass to the parallel skiing. After that, in the further levels you start doing slalom This is a process that lasts at least a few years. But in snowboard, the minute you start you can do slalom. I’m not going to tell about extremes like jumping, hopping, backflips, 360 degree turning. I’m not going to get into that. that way it’s a more equal comparison, it’s so hard to say which one is harder snowboard or skiing, It depends on the person’s interest and talent. What I’m saying is the kind of level that you’ll achieve in a week, and where you’ll get to in 2 years. I’ll give an example for the second year,
let’s take two people who has the same talent if the two year experienced skier and snowboarder
slides towards down you might think the snowboarder has been
doing it for ten years but I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t think the skier
is doing it for ten years. Except some talents. I guarantee you, if he looks like he has been sking for two years,
he has been sking for two years. I’m talking about the same amount of time for both. But in snowboarder, you might think he’s been doing
snowboard for years. That’s why the snowboard is so much popular. I’m talking about Burton’s analysis, what
they did at their meetings. Because it’s easy. That’s why the snowboard is popular. Half of the snowboard equipment’s brand are Jake Burten’s. Jake Burton discovered the snowboard. He personally always tells in his meetings,
introductions and presentations that best part of snowboard is very easy. Snowboard is seriosly easy, don’t intimitate by it. You can easily start to snowboard and process in no time. I’ll explain the risks. It’s the opposite in skiing, like I said before In snowboard, your first moment is harder but the rest is easy. As risk, skiing is less risky but snowboard is riskier. And the reason is very easy.
Look at the boards, I stepped in it, I’m sliding down. Which way my falling would be? Right and left. When I’m falling at right,
I’ll fall on my right shoulder. Or left, same. And where am I falling to? on the snow. I had some very bad falling with extreme speed. If you have your full equipments such as your glasses,
helmet, nothing would happen. You just roll over on the snow and get up.
If you have some experience. But in snowboard, the fallings are different. Because your feet stands like this,
you would fall either on your face and the worst one is on your back. Even when you fall on snow, In year 95, I seriously bruised my bum on an icy surface. it was my first, it was a very icy day in 95. I remember how my bum and around become purple. I don’t remember something like that in skiing. I haven’t experienced and I’ve never seen on someone else. Fallings are rightward and leftward. At the same time, one of the other risk in snowboarding, For an example there is something
what we called protection gloves which protects our wrists when we fall, gloves which stables the wrist. Fallings down into your hands, If you fall back you try to hold with your hands. That’s why the wrists are one of the damaged joints. one of the might get damaged joints. That’s why, for the begginers we suggest the gloves
with wrist support. Because of the fallings are front or back, We can say snowboarding, partly more risky than skiing. but like I said before, these risks are very minimal. If you’re playing football, it’s way more dangerous. If you’re going out to walk in Istanbul. That’s a bigger risk. If you’re driving a car, I can’t even compare that risk. I don’t think it’s worthy to talk
about risks about the snowboarding. But I wanted to compare the two cause all of the questions. I hope I answered the questions. I tried to tell the details as much as possible. See you in the other videos. Subscribe Now!

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