I’m trying to figure out how much snow there is the best way is to jump there and that means that I’m gonna jump headfirst three [Music] let’s try to get to know the Japanese culture and meet some new people can I taste big in Japan why do I speak what there’s Tiffany’s people I hope you hope you put on each okay let’s go follow me are we going where do we go we go there you go here we go here oh we go back okay okay okay Oh Oh our part we walk to the airport airport oh yeah no no no Morioka station Oh Mario station okay my feet ah okay Oh [Music] good you are ritual and I help you with the money hey Oh temple is money so this is what somebody’s money is good no no no okay oh she’s gonna open it you’re gonna see the money okay that’s money [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] arigato gonna try I get out back to the slopes [Music] alright let me introduce these guys are running a camp here it is actually X Games gold medalist snowboarding legend the first guy who ever did a double backside rodeo 1080 yeah so that’s 2006 these guys are legend snowboarding what an amazing place Chapman and all of a sudden you meet these things here yes no boarding is all about having fun with your friends that’s it [Music] [Music] oh I’ll feel so good yeah it’s like the best thing ever the best thing that I know that you can actually do with your pants on right powder feels like we’re swimming in the powder that’s a toe ducky trees though these are all the people who are here I’ve been discovering cat [Music] girl how much snow there is the best way is to jump there and dive in I can take a really close look and that means that I’m gonna jump headfirst and actually that sounds like a really good idea what’s the best part we actually have an audience here people from mentors who are riding with us it sure has been great to enjoy the snow devine through the Japan I have been really happy here in Japan so may you be happy today as well so you will be happy today and thank you so much for watching my adventures and my previous video is here so click there – what’s that and if you like these videos please subscribe to the channel by clicking here so see you again next week bye

Antonio Breitenberg

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