Snowboarding Tricks: 5-O Grinds : What Is a Snowboard 5-0 Box Grind?

Snowboarding Tricks: 5-O Grinds : What Is a Snowboard 5-0 Box Grind?

In this segment, we’re going to be talking
about what a 5-O is. A 5-O is the next step you want to learn after a 50/50. Remember
how to butter. All you have to do is when you ollie into your 50/50, you want to shift
the weight of your hips over your back foot. So your board will be sliding the box only
on your back foot, and you’ll have some space between your front foot and the box. To do
this, you want to not only lean back, but try and put your hips, the weight of your
center, over your back foot. You’ll feel your front foot start to lift up, and once you
feel that, go ahead and give it a little pull. Put your shoulders back, and you’ll feel it.
And that’s how you 5-O on a box.

Antonio Breitenberg

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12 thoughts on “Snowboarding Tricks: 5-O Grinds : What Is a Snowboard 5-0 Box Grind?

  1. Jake Schneider says:

    how many boards does she have? like a different one per video

  2. shoobwally says:

    why are you hatting on her dude?
    its pretty cool of her to be willing to teach
    people whats up on a board.

    its not like 5-0's and boardslides are all she can throw down.

  3. Joe Sarnese says:

    called a tailpress spor

  4. rcboy5 says:

    i like the park there

  5. Jake Okeife says:

    im thinkin she should get a lower flex rated board to get better press, anyone agree? fair play to make a vid though

  6. J C says:

    then what the hek r u supposed to call it

  7. xXGEN3000KBMXx says:

    do you have to blance?

  8. MajorOPayne says:

    @xXGEN3000KBMXx not as much on a box

  9. konrad damrath says:

    well if you dont balance you wont be able to keep your front foot up so you go back to 50/50 🙂 try leaning back and like stomp your rear foot down then pull the front foot up 😀

    good luck boi 🙂

  10. Joe kata says:

    isnt that a tailpress?

  11. ev13wt says:

    Chick needs bigger goggles, those are too small.

  12. xXGEN3000KBMXx says:

    STFU! get back in ur whole ya prickstop hating on girlz !

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