Snowboarding Tricks: 5-O Grinds : Snowboarding: Heel Side 5-0 Handrail Grind Common Mistakes

In this segment, we’re going to talk a little
bit about some of the mistakes that I see when people approach a Five-O on their heelside.
Basically, speed is the biggest factor. If you’re going too fast, you’re just going to
fly, uncontrolled, off of the lip. If you’re going too slow, you’re not going to have enough
pop, enough ollie. And you might clip your nose on the rail itself. Another mistake that
I find is that people try to put their Five-O down before they’ve reached the height that
their ollie. It’s a little harder on your heelside to judge where the rail is or when
you should put it down. It’s only experience that can tell you. You might fall a couple
of times, but don’t get discouraged. Just keep trying it. We all fall. The common mistake
I see the most is when people put their back foot down before they reach the height of
their ollie. This causes you to either barely catch the rail and come off of it early or
just completely miss it altogether. In which case, you might send yourself on a trajectory
towards the rail, or you might send yourself off careening onto your face. Just be sure
that once you ollie, you wait until the height of your ollie to try and put that Five-O down.
Only experience can tell you when, but it will come. Another mistake that I see is people
that don’t commit and don’t ollie enough. This happens when you’re a little bit scared
or nervous or questioning yourself. Remember, just have confidence when you’re going in.
If you don’t pop into the ollie, if you don’t pop enough, you could clip underneath the
rail. This will send you flying backwards, over the rail. If it’s a bigger feature, it
could cause injury to you. Just remember that you need to ollie into the Five-O. You can’t
just ride onto the handrail. You actually have to pop on. Just be sure that you know
that you have the height, once you ollie. If you want to test it out, if it’s a tall
feature, you can ollie off the side, close to the rail. It’ll give you an idea. And that’s
the conclusion of some of the mistakes that I see some people doing when they’re attempting
this trick, a Five-O from your heelside. Just easy-style it, take your time, build into
the trick. And before you try any trick on a handrail, you should try a 50/50 first.

Antonio Breitenberg

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