Snowboarding Tips : How to J-Turn on a Snowboard

Snowboarding Tips : How to J-Turn on a Snowboard

So, now that you know how to straight line
another way to maneuver around the mountain is J-Turning. J-Turns are just maneuvering
through people on your edges of having one foot strapped in still, but being on your
edges. When you lift your toe up you’re going to be on your heel edge. When you put your
toe down you’re going to be on your toe edge. So, when you maneuver through people throughout
the base of the mountain you can get where you need to go by turning on what direction
you need to turn on. So, as if I’m going to go this way. I want to go to my right. I am
going to turn on my heel side edge. That is going to make me turn this way, go right,
so I’m going this way. As if I was doing a J-Peg turn on my toes I would put my toe down
and that is going to make me turn to the left, because I’m on my toe side edge pushing going
towards the opposite direction. Another thing, J-Turns have nothing to do with your upper
body. It’s all about just your edges on your snowboard and being able to push and go and
push and go and be flat based and then jay turned, be flat based and J-Turn and maneuver
in and out of people and get to where you need to be.

Antonio Breitenberg

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55 thoughts on “Snowboarding Tips : How to J-Turn on a Snowboard

  1. Thomas Dale says:

    This video may aswell have been 10 seconds long. " If you want to turn right, move to your heel edge, left toe edge, depending on whether your goofy or not. "

  2. Croytech says:

    It hurts so much in the butt when try to learn snowboarding… And wtf is she saying at 0:03?

  3. 16VENDETTA16 says:

    she said: another way to maneuver around the run

  4. dougiefresh1313 says:

    1 quick question how should u be standing when you turn? should u lean into the turn or stand still or lean away or what?

  5. Julian Froschmeier says:


  6. Holnak says:


  7. IFreakingEatPeople says:

    hahahaha "now that you know how to asdshfgnberjekjnwfnlllollsdfn"

  8. BMWg84 says:

    I like to "manuever aryanyanung…" lolz

  9. clossonchris says:

    "maneuver arownthamontane"

  10. asimplewasteman says:

    omg LOL

  11. GuitarMan216 says:

    I'll take snowboarding lessons if you promise to take speaking lessons.

  12. Bey0ndKha0s1825 says:


  13. unrealharry says:

    american assets make me lol

  14. sinetwo says:

    hahahah i love shit like that in videos

  15. boardwithme says:

    lol i was thinking the same thing. That and her saying toe tedge.

  16. Fisch03688 says:

    what the heck is she talking about รดo

  17. Phobzi says:

    LMFAO this looks difficult as shit, i think the tutorial needs to be longer : P

  18. bhorsham says:

    She can't speak English. Surely the ability to articulate is a prerequisite for an instructor? I pity her (English speaking) students.

  19. Goggles Tigerkhan says:

    is this for goofy only? she's talking like it…

  20. Jon Brockway says:

    If you have snowboarded even once, you realize how useless these expertvillage videos are

  21. itsjohn says:

    thumbs up if you think expert village sucks balls

  22. Kevin Hamusek says:

    She moans

  23. Jer says:

    lol at 0:03 omonomnom j turning

  24. rshenster says:

    Beanies and Bikinis in 2007. hawt

  25. Cailey Dawn says:

    I snowboarded for the first time last year and the slopes are opening this week.. i always had a problem with speed though.. it's hard for me to control my edges when i'm going down, i want to learn how to glide down and be able to switch sides instead of bringing my left foot forward to stop myself without falling. any tips?

  26. charlieRobinson says:

    @yinzx7 Let me translate for you, "another way to maneuver ramannam is J turning."

  27. TheSteffan1980 says:

    toe tedge

  28. BGTOCAK says:

    0:23 lol

  29. Scott Smith says:

    At 0:42 wth is a JPEG turn?

  30. Junder R says:

    So whats a J-turn??

  31. Guy Godric says:

    Omg i thought this was a tutorial, turned out to be a comedy xD

  32. Red1676 says:

    i like the random butter, buddie just sneaks it in on perfect time hahaha!

  33. semajgnik says:

    LOL jpeg turn!

  34. boo6r says:

    @yinzx7 what

  35. Nyosh says:

    or you could pick up your foot and point it that way?

  36. The6O says:

    @jon1151 dont you have anything better to do than make fun of youtube accounts or whatever it is.You know what I mean

  37. WhatsTheTruthMatt says:

    Toe tedge?

  38. THESNOWBOARDER113 says:

    @yinzx7 what the hell did she say?

  39. Michael Todd says:

    wow.. if u need youtube to learn how to steer when ur unstrapped i dont want you on the slopes, thats pathetic.

  40. TheOzirok says:

    hold 6

  41. HybridRxn says:

    another way to manouver araraun is j turning

  42. dylan van acker says:

    im a beginner so my problem is that i get to much speed and that i mostly just get thrown away if i try j turning or just slide around so how could u slow down a lil bit and not stop and not being throw away

  43. SkateAndBakee says:

    @spidie50 carve

  44. SimenMagnussen says:

    it IS easy but they make it sound hard…

  45. Chase Meyermann says:


  46. Steven Chingling says:

    What did she say at 0:41? " As if I was to do a J-peck turn" ?

  47. Guru says:

    thank you

  48. gjbsaxman94 says:

    0:24 hahahahahah random kid failing at doin a butter behind her lol

  49. Snowspin says:

    If a girl like her would talk to me for 1 minute I would already become insane enough to SLAP HER SILLY! MANNNN she's annoying

  50. Jazfonz says:

    Jpeg turns are way easier than bitmap turns faaark

  51. Seth Iverson says:

    She's riding goofy which won't help most begginer's.

  52. Anthony DiChiara says:

    holy shit kill her

  53. gossmckeen says:

    JPEG turns, hahahha, She makes me want to give up snowboarding

  54. Trenton Cottrell says:


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