Snowboarding Tip on Binding Angles

Snowboarding Tip on Binding Angles

This is the baseplate of my board right here, and the angles are in increments of three. Here’s a little arrow right here, and I looked at it. So my front angle right here is set at 18 degrees And my back foot is it negative 12. And it really shouldn’t go more than that because if it goes past that then it’s more than 30 degrees in difference. So you can do a little bit of math there, so if I’m at 21 degrees in the front what do you think I should be at the back? Negative nine is the most I want to go, so the more the degree is up here the difference in the back should be not more than 30 degrees. Now I’ve gone out and rode my board with my angles really more than that and I feel a lot of stress on my hips and my knees, so it’s a really good idea for safety and for durability of your body to not have your angles split out more than the front and back equaling 30 degrees, so negative 15 in the back the most of one in the front would be 15. This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at

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  5. mpix00 says:

    Im -18 & +18 and those angles are amazing for me. I do have 3 degree canted bindings though, which i think takes that -3 degrees on each side..I tried -15&+15 last week and it really tightened up the tendon that runs down the back of my buttocks to the back of my leg.. Though my back foot felt okay, but I just didn't have the control riding switch that I do with the -18..

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