Snowboarding Switzerland

Snowboarding Switzerland

Ski holidays We can leave We shall do this! The bus drives to Eindhoven
and we have to board the other bus there That’s good Hi
Hey I’ve already hurt myself We’re on our way Hello What’s up? Not to much stress? No no no no Hey!
Sssh not so loud hi What time is it? 1 a.m.?
1.15 a.m.? It’s 1.15 a.m. I’ve slept a little on the path between seats and you on the seat and it’s snowing really hard I think were in the middle of Germany
I don’t really know for sure and it’s snowing super hard Goodmorning how are you doing? a bit stiff
– a bit stiff? – Just a little bit Are you coming downstairs with me? We’re going for breakfast Hi
How did it go? Tiring
I’m exhausted How are you doing? I’m exhausted Now we’re having food. It’s 1.40 p.m. and we have done one slope since 10.40 a.m. Fell down a lot Longest slope ever We made a little shortcut
It was fun, wasn’t it? Deepest powder I’ve ever came across I’m going to kill you How deep was it? Hi! Oh sssh
Hey Tell a little about today I hurt my knee but back then I almost went down a slope all by myself Cool
I’m super happy That went well Completely solo down the slope
on you second day of snowboarding You helped me a little bit You did help me A little bit
That was all by yourself Yes but the feeling that you got me when
I fall reassures me It’s just to get rid of the fear but
tomorrow you’re going to do it all by yourself It’s gonna be alright She did very well! What did I have to see?
Just the outside It’s beautiful isn’t it? Ooh it’s cold
Chilly Tomorrow I’m going to try and take this camera too And then the GoPro on my helmet until the battery is dead Huh? Both cameras on me Pay attention to not drop them
otherwise they’ll break I know They’ll break Imagine them broke
I won’t drop them No you only skied against me
and I fell on my bottom It was hard My ass hurts

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Snowboarding Switzerland

  1. Mr. Degelin says:

    Finally managed to finish my first video ! Hope you enjoy

  2. Charlie Franczyk says:

    She did good job for first time. I wish I could have been there, conditions looked great!

  3. viktor c says:

    Loved your video! What resort were you at? I'm trying to teach my girlfriend too

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