Snowboarding : Skidded Snowboarding Turns

Snowboarding : Skidded Snowboarding Turns

Hi I’m Aaron. What you’re going to learn from
me today is dynamic skited turns and that is nice and slow turn, make sure you slid
all the way through. You can really hear it slide and feel it as it going through on each
heal edge and toe edge. Just feel it slip. Like you hear it, kind of a “sss” through
the turn. So now on those dynamic turns what you really
want to do is focus on your feet and their movement. So you want one foot to come up
and the other foot to go back in opposite directions. So we start off with our heel
edge like this. You want it to slide. Drop that front foot and pull up the back one so
that the board comes through. You should hear that sliding all the around to, again, your
toe edge. Then pull your toe up, front toe up, back toe down. Kind of opposite motions
like this and the board will come through again this way sliding the entire time until
it gets to stop here. Complete S is one full turn.

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Snowboarding : Skidded Snowboarding Turns

  1. Chase Bushman says:

    at 14-15 that was so gay

  2. xXGEN3000KBMXx says:

    @imthemoab1 AGREED! but whatever he teaches well REPLY!

  3. monez14 says:


  4. george clooney says:

    what a rubbish . hahahaha

  5. b wooten says:

    My knees hurt just watching this!

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