Snowboarding Nose & Tail Rolls : Snowboarding Backside Nose Roll

Snowboarding Nose & Tail Rolls : Snowboarding Backside Nose Roll

Backside nose rolls are very similar to front
side nose rolls. You’re just doing the same thing except spinning the opposite way. Just
as if front side 180’s your spinning opening frontwards, backside 180’s your spinning backwards.
Same exact thing except you’re not popping off the snow. You’re just sticking on the
snow and you’re going to be doing a back side nose roll. So you’re going to be coming up
on the back. This is going down the mountain right here. Here is my front foot. My whole
weight is centered like always. In all, any contest, anything you want to always just
be centered up with your body and squared off in any tricks that you do. So backside
nose rolls you are going down and you’re going to be doing your 180 on the ground without
any pop is pretty much what all it is. You’re going to put all your weight on your toe side
edge on your front foot. You’re going to be lifting up your back foot and your back foot
is going to come around and work as that backside 180 and you’re going to come around like this
and you’re going to ride away switch. So it is a backside 180 on the snow without any
pop or anything. You’re just rolling right off your nose and continuing to ride switch.

Antonio Breitenberg

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11 thoughts on “Snowboarding Nose & Tail Rolls : Snowboarding Backside Nose Roll

  1. simonvg says:

    great summary. But your own bs noseroll was actually pretty bad. Your board should be lifted more!

  2. kasnerc says:

    I thought that was called revert

  3. JibMasterFlex says:

    that was terrible

  4. A GUY FROM SPAIN says:

    this girl just wants to explain and does it very well, however 80% of people who comment on their videos are a retarded, who probably have never gone on a snowboard, a 10 for it and keep it up! to see if we are on track! @Expertvillage, love ya 😉

  5. Anthony Rispoli says:

    that was also frontside
    its opposite

  6. opi360 says:

    this presentation at the end sucks

  7. FriendlyC0w says:

    uhhhhh this isnt even a trick.

  8. brad1091 says:

    @MusIimExtremist i had to watch this horrible vid 2 times to see it but the 2nd time i laughed the whole time hahaha

  9. waelthassan says:

    @MusIimExtremist LOL!!!

  10. Tomasz Maliński trener personalny says:

    yyy where is tail and nose roll on this film? 🙂 I see only shit roll…

  11. imgeisfuckingugly says:

    wow i wasnt paying attention to a word she said

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