Snowboarding Nose & Tail Rolls : Keeping a Flat Base on a Snowboard

Snowboarding Nose & Tail Rolls : Keeping a Flat Base on a Snowboard

While doing nose rolls down the mountain you
want to keep your base flat. If you don’t keep your base flat and you’re on an edge
you’re very likely that you’re going to catch your edge. Which means that your board is
going to stick to whatever edge you catch and you’re going down that way facing either
the snow with your stomach or facing the snow with your back. So you want to stay away from
the edge catching and keep your base flat. Flat to the snow. That helps out with your
knees if your knees are bent and your weight is centered. You shouldn’t have a problem
with catching your edge but if you’re off balance and your feet are just moving around
and you don’t have board control you’re very likely to catch your edge. When doing front
side nose rolls and back side nose rolls you want to keep your base flat. So this is a
base flat. This is good, good material for completing what you want to do. If you’re
going to go and you’re going to catch your edge that means going and you’re spinning
and you’re going catch your edge. This is heal side catch your edging. So when your
spinning if you catch your edge too much you’re going to fall backwards because that’s your
heal edge. When you’re going if you catch your toe edge this way you’re going to fall
forward because you’re falling forward. So if you keep your base flat and most likely
with any snowboarding or any aspect of snowboarding when you are snowboarding you want to focus
on keeping your base flat and then when you do those different tricks you slide off your
180’s and nose presses and what not, you’ll get the feel for where you have to push to
complete your trick.

Antonio Breitenberg

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11 thoughts on “Snowboarding Nose & Tail Rolls : Keeping a Flat Base on a Snowboard

  1. bignest says:

    this way you're gonna fall forward cos…….you're……falling forward?

  2. Rival39 says:

    This is honestly the most useless snowboarding video I've ever seen. All you do is find 5 different ways to describe how catching an edge is bad. Which anyone who's touched a snowboard already knows. Word of advice: Please use brain before uploading.

  3. AJ Does says:

    wow…. this is dumb.

  4. Project Morpheus says:

    "This is heelside catch your edging"


  5. JohnPaul Music UK says:

    ermmm…… what!?!

    Did you take a Bong hit before videoing this?

    It is just a woman(?) rambling about edges… which most people know after about a first hours lesson! nose and tail rolls….? NO!

  6. straightkickinitmain says:

    This should be titled "how to catch an edge" She explained how to catch your edge 4 times. I was hoping for an explanation in a foreign language after the 3rd time……

    Your intentions were good but it turned out bad. We love you anways………..

  7. optionaxis says:

    expert village sucks at everything. noobs can't teach noobs.

    For the most part just try it out see what works. If your getting into the park ask kids for tips. As long as your not being a gaper and getting in the way all the time most people are cool with helping you out.

    As for "expert" village they aren't helping anyone. You can't teach snowboarding if you can't snowboard

  8. Flyin' Hawaiian says:

    lemme guess. you're shaun white

  9. hackebeil20 says:

    "keeping your base flat" – is exactly WRONG and you WILL catch that edge if you do that!!! don't listen to the vid!!
    correct would be: always put your weight on the edge that faces uphill. that is, if you do what this girl calls "nose rolls" (fs 180 on the ground), you have to switch the edge. if you do 360s on the ground you have to switch again and so forth. it comes in naturally after a while (and a few bites 😉

  10. WestCoast Wobbles says:

    "this is heelside catch your edging" lol

  11. barrywhite21 says:

    I just don't get it, she is far from a noob, read in description: Won 2 comps in 2007 and decent comps not shit ones. I don't get how she can feel good about herself spitting this drivel out. She should know better which makes this shit even worse!

    My arse is more expert then these suckers

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