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100 thoughts on “SNOWBOARDING MASTER CHIEF | Living With Chief Ep.04

  1. Sam Jolly says:

    I love you every video

  2. Sam Jolly says:

    Sorry I didn’t mean to say that I meant to say I watch all your videos and it makes me πŸ˜‚

  3. The Ist Vistor Ist says:


  4. Jhun Dacanay says:

    How dose chiefs head look like

  5. Erika Stewart says:

    Why do you never let us see his face?

  6. Mitchell Gills says:


  7. the gaming knight Cheadle says:

    I want to see chefs face or ill demonitas youπŸ‘Œ

  8. Darlene Tilley says:

    Can Chife go on double black diamonds

  9. Saisha Busz says:

    What does chief look like without a mask

  10. Sylvan Jamieson says:


  11. Mr Dweet-Dweet says:

    They did not edit in the face blur, that's just a cloaking device Chief wears on his skin

  12. Suzanna Burgan says:

    Chief is really a person

  13. Pamela Jordan-Nutt says:

    do a face reavel vid

  14. Donna Franger says:

    Master Chief actually looks like a Spartan

  15. Thomas Bastys says:

    Do a face reveal on chief

  16. Maicol Audon says:

    I wanna see his face 😒

  17. Nine tailed fox says:

    I love chief

  18. Micro Wonder says:


  19. Sagaycps Policestation says:

    did someone See there was a Hole in Chiefs Pants

  20. lorelle french says:

    Du bist cool

  21. lorelle french says:


  22. Ray Jones says:


  23. Hexik Izz says:

    You said punt beside punch so he can go snowmobileing with you

  24. Caibry Dunn says:

    Lol πŸ˜‚

  25. Ennard and foxy Gameing says:

    Relax chief

  26. Jose Garza says:

    Who are you Chief

  27. YOINK YOINK says:

    SHOW MASTER CHIEFS FACE! (dont blur it!!!)

  28. Pam Doerr says:

    please do master chiefs face reveal!

  29. No Cap says:

    Chief is good at snowboarding

  30. Nobody need to know Lol says:


  31. Drake finklea says:

    Chief vs trashcans πŸ˜€

  32. Itshaxerboi says:

    This is it chief

  33. koreyholland30 says:

    Why do you not show us Chief's face

  34. Lisa Smith says:

    His mask went flying

  35. Blue James says:

    I just saw something fall off like MASTER CHIEF armor fell in 1:29

  36. Forgetful Ninja says:

    Chief kicked the trash can not punch it

  37. Gayle Barnett says:

    make a video where chief reveal s his true identity and my name is Trent barnett

  38. Kurtis Fajardo says:

    Do face reviel

  39. NWA GANG says:

    At 1:24 to 1:34 lightning McQueen crash

  40. Didn't Laugh Not Funny says:

    1:33 ONI must be the one blurred it

  41. Brazen_Pig0322 says:

    Dude! The snowboarding level was my favorite!

  42. SwiftmusicYT says:

    Winter contingency

  43. The 8 Track Master says:

    I like how they put Beethovens 9th on this video!

  44. Cam Warner says:

    Chief,at the terrain zone you epically failed

  45. Adria Wong says:


  46. Sumo R says:

    Was this in colorodo if it was then I’ve been there

  47. Willybob Gaming says:

    Little do they know, snowboarding is a mandatory spartan training program

  48. bald pigeon muffin says:

    Hey chef 1 outta 1000 how strong are you

  49. confirmeddough says:

    if u get to 3 mil will u reveal master cheifs face

  50. Leslie Ishihara says:

    can you make the videos longer with chief

  51. WindowLicker 290 says:

    I love how his helmet flew off when he stacked

  52. jonathansplayz jp13 says:

    Show us chief face

  53. Natanael Warokka says:

    I wanna see you real face chief

  54. samuraiwarrior 96 says:

    nani ? the demon are hear run

  55. Kevin Choong says:

    Why did you blur out the god damn Face I hate you guys

  56. Diogo Queiroga says:

    What master chief does on his vacation?

  57. Mackenzie McIntyre says:

    So does the visr act as a ski mast

  58. Leftward Sum7525 says:

    Chief can survive to thousands of covenant but he cant sonowboard

  59. Ars M says:

    I like hayabusa armor

  60. Natchomkorn Sengsouvanh says:

    Why can’t you show master chiefs face?

  61. Llam_elo says:


    Chief face reveal?

  62. Dee Hooton says:

    What does master chief look like

  63. 1000 Caras says:

    Y… se fue el bello momento de poder ver su rostro.[?????]

  64. Dominik Funn says:

    I think I went snowboarding there

  65. Teagan Ramirez says:

    Chief is cool

  66. Joyce Bloore says:

    You lied to a million people

  67. qt Shadow says:

    What is the background music when they were driving (intro)

  68. pexton says:

    If you ever get the suit back you should do a face reveal in ep 100

  69. Carmen Vallejo says:


  70. Shaun Quinn says:

    So his fas for as vans

  71. REEE SAUS says:

    halo 6's snow level's looking great

  72. Pro Games says:

    can we buy a masterchief suit ?!?!?!

  73. Games Adamy says:


  74. Bat Lobster gameplays says:

    I love master chef

  75. Parker Nolte says:

    Chief is misCHIEFious

  76. Matthew DeFord says:


  77. Cecil De Guzman says:

    Please don't blur the face of master chief because we don't now who is the actor

  78. Gracie Armenta says:


  79. Gamer gilchrist says:

    Do a master chief face reviel

  80. Manga Manga says:

    one question
    why your video so short

  81. Insanity Suck says:

    at how many subs u making face revial ? to chief.

  82. DeCloud Gaming Enders says:

    Yea Y cant u show is face for once

  83. Desmond Bailey jr says:

    Whywecantseethegfacr πŸ˜•

  84. Vince Gruss says:

    Can we see chiefs face

  85. Santino Miguel says:

    Show chief helment some day plss

  86. Llegaremosa150,000 suscriptoressinsubirningunvideo? says:

    Alguien que hable espaΓ±ol??

    Psdt: No leas mi nombre

  87. Kristine Santos says:

    Why is there a voice insdie that sweaty masj!!!!!???

  88. Kristine Santos says:


  89. Alan Whaley says:

    I love de vids of master chief

  90. ShadowWolfHunter says:

    In 7 Years I Want To Know If You Can Do A Liveing With A Solder?

  91. Manuchiin says:

    Oh men this is guud

  92. ε’©ηš„εΌ•θƒŽθ¬ says:


  93. Leyton Nonis says:

    do a face reveal wheat Master Chief

  94. Roselia Romero says:

    Can you make me one size 8

  95. Jonah Harter says:

    You should make me a Spartan suit i would pay U PLZ

  96. quela wayment says:

    Face revel with chief

  97. Shane Jameson says:

    Do a face review

  98. Robert Rincon says:

    dude chief is not having enough fun do it some more

  99. Darcy Castillo says:

    Buen maestro chiste es que Marvin vio que es Face

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