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  1. Mary Brounscheidel says:

    Loved the lil edits

  2. Chana says:

    Right my fatass wants to snowboard STAT

  3. Mia The Yeemo says:

    Today is my 11 th birthday 😊

  4. Chana says:

    Oh hello there!!!! Lol

  5. akilhawk says:

    Was that a moose or elk?

  6. A-aron Yi says:

    The greatest show man is my fab movie now and I'm 13

  7. Tyler Clayton says:

    Life is awesome because you are awesome @shonduras

  8. kyson hildebrand says:

    That’s literally the street I live on😂 max hicken must have hooked you up!!!

  9. NDF Jace says:

    oh my gosh thats my street

  10. Luke Fendley says:

    I have been waiting all day for to watch some snowboarding! It looks like so much fun!

  11. Zachtube says:

    my mom said that if i get 500 likes i get my own computer

  12. Zachtube says:

    i love you shaun you are my fav

  13. Nifty Jay says:

    No snow for me :/ socal

  14. Abby’s Adventures says:

    Shaun ur so awesome

  15. Owen Guilliams says:

    I can't stop listening to the soundtrack for the greatest showman. Great songs and movie!

  16. Silas Tupper says:

    Got home from snowboarding at my local mountain to watch this

  17. Kirks vlogs says:

    I wish Pennsylvania was like this

  18. Sam Hicks says:

    You should have done chelse drive

  19. Cheyush Singhania says:

    part 2: please snowboard in the streets in daylight with some cool drone shots!

  20. This Doesn't Exist says:

    Great vlog today! Looked really fun to go snowboarding. Can’t wait for Spacestation 2.0!!!

  21. Timothy Raimy says:

    The edits, the memes 😂 Too good: Great/10

  22. Free Range MTB says:

    First, I'm so very glad you changed the music to this from what I saw on Twitter. Second, it seems that snowboarding through people's yards might not be the best idea to maintain good neighbor relations. But I live in southern AZ, so what do I know?

  23. Ben Ziebarth says:

    shaun do that in bountiful streets. those are super steep. don't know about the snow tho but next time you should do a snowboarding the streets 2 in bountiful.

  24. Cameron Heim says:

    When I was growing up I lived at the bottom of a really long hill and I snowboarded in I.t a s a teenager all the time when it snowed

  25. Sam Beckmeier says:

    what does ur snowboard base look like after doing that😬😂😂

  26. Eggs Benedict says:

    The tree is staring into space wondering when it can make a YouTube channel 6:11

  27. Jose Cuerda says:

    This video made me wanna know how to snowboard

  28. Colt Easterling says:

    Cars in the road at 30 mph who cares it’s snowboarding season! LETS GO

  29. Andrew Seibel says:

    Baby name suggestion- Fredrick

  30. Colt says:

    The greatest showman was the greatest movie I've seen lately

  31. NMDA says:

    Quality vlog

  32. Michael Jackson says:

    Shaun I grew up in mountains of upstate NY….15 ft of snow a year average….skiing was awesome (1970s) and one thing we would do was grab a bumper on a car (back then we had actual bumpers) and ski behind the car! That or behind a snowmobile! Love winter sports!

  33. mikah oldham says:

    You need to do more will it shred

  34. Benjamin Holt says:

    I wish I lived somewhere where it snowed…

    4:04 Best part. XD

  35. cineMaverick says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! That end clip was funny like always : )

  36. Strizzle Dizzle says:

    See I should be writing my English essay or I could wast all my time watching these, in I chose to watch these

  37. Keith Walker2005 says:

    that look like so much fun to snowboard

  38. Asher Kauk says:

    SNOW BOARDING LOOKS SO FUN!!! too bad I live in a place with no snow =(

  39. Nightshark says:

    This vlog should be called The Darkest hour cause I can't see poop

  40. Nightshark says:

    Garlik should've put R2 D2 scream 5:36

  41. whatever1210 says:

    never been snowboarding. skiid once when i was little but would love to go. have always wanted to go snowboarding. I plan to do it once i have the money to do it.

  42. Mason Love says:

    Killin it

  43. crispy_almost says:

    What is that version of Cha Cha Slide that you guys used?!?! I must find this!

  44. crispy_almost says:

    Now use mummy pig!

  45. crispy_almost says:

    sweet making that bail look smooth Adley

  46. fromthawell says:

    Good stuff. Also two words: night vision. Or just put your brightness and contrast to highest and then dial back the brightness so you have a true black and it will help a little with the night time stuff. Always enjoy watching ya'll's stuff. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  47. bella lauren says:

    Me: Gets encouraged to do tricks on snowboards
    Me 1 minute later: Realizes Shonduras has had way more practice and I’m going to fall

  48. I FINNA GO PRO says:

    Is that powder mountain?! All that fresh pow pow

  49. Snow Blind says:

    Yay boarding vlog

  50. Snow Blind says:

    Wish u could double like now

  51. Snow Blind says:

    LOve the boarding vlog shon

  52. Diane Koehler says:

    Great edit and music Brandon!

  53. CaptainGreyboots says:

    In the words of Family Guy, The Simpsons (Casey) already did it! 😉

  54. Matthias Bentley says:

    I really like that hoodie

  55. Kathy T says:

    Noice powder 🌨☃️❄️

  56. CyoUNxtTuesdayy says:

    That does it, I want to be a professional fun-haver. Time for a career change??? Hmm…

  57. Diederick Speck says:

    I am so excited for more snowboarding videos

  58. Aimon Polidano says:

    Omg that music got me movin and dancin. This was fun hahaha

  59. Curtis Smids says:

    Who else saw the eye at 6:10

  60. The Macaroon Princess says:

    You should not eat snow. To form, it has to use a piece of dust or dirt.

  61. Ellen Fan Forever says:


  62. Travis M Thompson says:

    Awesome! You guys rock. Great vid.

  63. Xx GRACE xX says:

    I knew this was an awesome vlog from the hype start clip

  64. Smikiuslt says:

    A week more and 2 years of best day ever

  65. Trevor Smith says:

    Sick shots of snowboarding!!!
    You should do a give away of a snowboard with Shonduras!!!!!!!!!

  66. Cecilia Marti says:

    That snow looked amazing!

  67. canadain boy21 -graeme Graeme says:

    Wow amazing video u guys lol

  68. Juicy Jamal says:

    I watched the movie

  69. Jacki_ Star_storm says:

    i love you so much so dose that mean you gonna make a room for the baby boy like you did for Adley

  70. Adam Hoke says:

    thumbs up for spa music and Ellen Degeneres

  71. Q1 Choi says:

    I watched the greatest showman
    it was amazing

  72. MrMizter says:

    Shounduras I love your vlogs <3
    They make me want to do these things I just love your vlogs!
    And your the only vlog I watch lol 😉

  73. MrMizter says:

    6:47 That made my mouth have a shiver lol.

  74. Aaron Ramirez says:

    More snowboarding videos please.

  75. roloalex 123 says:


  76. The Leighty Life says:

    Lots of fun? ..can confirm. Slightly jealous? ..can confirm. Looking up pictures of Ellen DeGeneres late at night while spa music is playing? ..priceless.

  77. Inessa P says:

    The greatest showman is my favorite movie of all time

  78. Harry Thompson says:

    That whole vlog looked like so much fun!!!

  79. Phoebe Jeebies says:

    When you got stuck. That's a big mood right there

  80. Chase Mcneill says:

    My big bro works at hughess

  81. Greta finz says:


  82. Looksthatcure norad says:

    probly the worst most boring street boarding video ive ever seen……sean….take hints from other youtubers do something that is ACTUALLY worth watching

  83. Pason Gage says:

    Shaun you should go snowboarding in red lodge Mt they have some good hills

  84. Toby Nichols says:

    Awesome vlog shaun

  85. Demetrios Robles says:

    Where did you go for the snow boarding resort?

  86. HAC422 says:

    High five

  87. Kaghen Burns says:

    Shaun because of you I want to learn how to snowboard I already know how to ski but snowboarding seems more fun thanks keep up the good work P.S. my name is Kaghen

  88. Garrison Goth says:

    More snowboarding videos please

  89. Floris Fiedeldij Dop says:

    Vlog enjoyed.. NEXT ONE

  90. Cassidy Eilts says:

    🎶THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW and it’s colored in all the colored lights and the runaways are running the night impossible comes true it’s taken over you OH THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW🎶

  91. The Faceless Gamer says:

    you brought Spooky along WHATTTTTTT!!!

  92. The Faceless Gamer says:


  93. The Faceless Gamer says:


  94. Floppy Florps Productions says:

    I have the perfect hill to do this but I get no snow 🙁

  95. HellBeneath Us says:

    A metal gear reference! Dude, I love you.

  96. El says:

    By the way be careful when you take adley sledding a 6 year old girl died up here for sledding

  97. Jlittlelife says:

    cool to do snowboarding in the actual street

  98. A.W comic publications says:

    Ewe you ait the snow lol 😁

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