Snowboarding in Gala Yuzawa | Tokyo Vlog

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow. Look at all the snow! Ok, I am completely wrapped up and looking like I am afraid of the cold. Which I am. And I’m going to show you how I got here. So this is where you exit from the station. You come in through here and then right when you walk in you’re gonna find where you will rent your passes for the day So if you have the JR Wide Tokyo pass So if you have the JR Wide Tokyo pass then you present it to them and you get a special rate. That’s what we did. And over here are booths where you have to fill up a form. Think of it as an ala carte menu type thing of everything that you plan to rent. Unless you have your own gear of course. You have a list of how much everything is going to cost. Then you fill up the form. You have a height guide, and they have samples of all the rubber boots and things like that so you know your size. And when you’re done… You can go line up over here to pick up your gear. You take your snowboard and you leave it here, be sure to remember the serial number that comes with your snowboard so you know which one is yours. And you walk all the way over here, to the end and that’s where the locker rooms are. You see this little machine in the corner there, that’s where you get your locker tickets. This is not going to end well. I don’t know why I’m doing this. Please don’t hit anyone. Please don’t fall down, please don’t fall down. I’m up, I’m up! I’m up, I’m balancing. Ok, once you are done with your little adventure, you line up here. If you do like we did and borrow it for two days cause it’s just more economical to do it that way, then you just tell them and give them the little order form you filled up earlier and they’ll know that you can come back and pick it up tomorrow. We came to this park because we heard that there were cherry blossoms even though it wasn’t in season. Hello! Haha! And we’ve come a long way, and we paid for the entrance fee which wasn’t a lot, to be fair. But we found it! Can I flip this camera? No, you can’t. Oh my goodness, that is so random. Do you see him? It’s a snail. Are you going to eat it? Is it good? Taste like, rubber. Yeah! Rubber. Rubber? I don’t want one. You wanna try? No, it tastes like rubber, why would I want to try? I don’t wanna do this. Arrgh it’s crawling up on me! it’s not bad. It’s not bad. It just looks gross. So this is hapenning. Yep. Bromance! Meanwhile, I’ll just wait over here. It’s so cold. Who’s turn is it? Mine! Ok, point at somebody and say you, me, left, or right! The first person goes: Takenoko, takenoko, no ki ki And then you go like this, right? But then you just start saying your number. But we don’t know all the numbers! We only go up to three! Trial round, you guys! Trial round. So we get that you’re talking about. What did you just do?!

Antonio Breitenberg

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