Our first day in Australia… It’s pretty cold here. Around 10° C. But anyway – it’s winter here. We’ll ride this wheel now. We’re about to buy a ticket now. Let’s check the prices… I just bought a kid’s-ticket. She believed me that I’m under 14 years old. So that means I look like 14 yo? That’s pretty cool, cuz it’s half price… You can see the downtown of Melbourne from up here. On the 88th floor of this tower is a view-point. But we’re not going there. There’s probably too many tourists. We’re right now in an art-district in Melbourne. The walls are painted by different street-artists. As you can see: Very colourful! It reminds me USA. These roads… And it’s hard to find a parking here. Palms, sun, but very cold. Good that I have my balaclava here. The sunset is really early here. At 6pm it’s sunset. Southern Ocean! Somebody’s swimming there. I’m wondering, if the water is cold. Oh, the water is so cold. Like on the south pole… They have a sauna here… Like Russians… They use to swim in the cold water after sauna. The city of Melbourne. As you already see: They use to drive on the left side of the road and the wheel is on the right side. At first it was not really comfortable. But after a time you get into it…. We decided not to stay in Melbourne too long, because we have a long way to the mountains. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the famous spot called “12 apostels”. Because it’s actually not on the way… The weather forecast is saying that it will be sunny only next 2 days. Next week they’re announcing snow. Good morning! The weather is perfect. We’re going snowboarding… Here’s no snow, but up there…. Let’s check it out! Skiresort “Perisher” is inside the National Park. For getting there you need to pay $29. I hope we won’t have to pay that daily. $29! Terrible. It’s pretty nice that the park is so close to the parking lots. You just have to park, and you can already go riding… Today I’m gonna ride my new board. Arbor! It has the new technology. Grip Tech! It’s giving you a better contact with the snow – right there where the bindings are. Rocker shape! Perfect for the park. Let’s go and check it out! We arrived to the skiresort “Perisher”. A very famous place! Here the best snowboarders come to train. One of the best places, where you can snowboard in our summer-season. Cuz actually it’s winter here… The price per day is $128 per person. And $70 for children under 15 years. Good that we don’t have to pay that. We have the season pass, which we also used in the USA. It’s called “Epic Pass”. It costs $800 and you can use it worldwide. Not on all the skiresorts, but on many skiresorts worldwide… Some in the USA, Europe and in Australia at the “Perisher”-resort… Here’s a map of the skiresort. The mountains are not really high. The highest slope here starts on almost 2.000 m altitude. The park is located down here as you can also see… We’re about to snowboard there now. The park is not that big, but pretty interesting. A lot of different features and a line with 3 big jumps are here. After 5 months without riding, it’s pretty hard to start with this… We’ll see, if the weather will be fine next days… Besides the line with the big features, here’s also a medium line. That’s where I will ride today. Let’s go. And the helmet is a must-have… First up, last down… Everything is closing right now. And we’re still going up… That’s how we ride… And after riding you can chill at this nice lake here… The weather is changing really fast. The wind is very strong. That’s why we’re doing only the small jumps today. They’re announcing a storm for tomorrow. And I hope it will not only bring rain, but also snow. That would be cool! The day was very cool after all – even if the weather wasn’t… And even if the wind was really strong. And even if the clouds looked like it’s gonna rain… The weather is changing really fast. They’re announcing a lot of fresh snow for the next days. It’s already cold. But that also means that we’ll have some powder-days.

Antonio Breitenberg

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